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  1. So this is the only thing I've ever Kickstarted so I followed along with the progress by email after pledging $35 and I think upgrading to $60 pledge when I saw it gave the Vita versions of the game. Am I wrong in thinking that higher pledge amounts come with everything in the lower pledges? For reference my BackerKit link says I'm entitled to the Muv Luv Vita digital copy and the Alternative digital vita version. I understand the Vita version will come after the PC one but I was kind of hoping to have the steam ones to tide me over till then and I haven't had any email from BackerKit regarding a steam key. Just checking if I am actually entitled to one or if I'm misunderstanding. Sorry if this is common knowledge or anything and I'm happy to concede that I may have understood some parts of Kickstarter wrong.
  2. Ok, good to know and thanks for the response.