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  1. Is it too late?

    Well I don't agree with you. What you're saying is actually pretty stupid so you're definately a troll or if not then may the God have mercy on your soul.I was too late to back this project on kickstarter and didn't know that there still was a chance to pledge some money and get physical editions and so on here so yeah.... I am so angry with myself... Anyway - we all should be thanking backers because if not for them, there would be no translation or even more release of Muv-Luv series in the West. I would just dream about getting my hands on some of this stuff. I wish that there would be some way to buy this after its release. I mean physical editions of Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited, Alternative, photonflowers and photonmelodies and stuff like that.I would pay even more for it Does anybody know anything about this? Is there going to be that kind of sale? I would be really grateful for that kind of information.
  2. Changed ost

    Wow that escalated quickly I understand the need to remove that as unfortunate as it is. I just wanted to confirm the reason why. Thanks for all the answers and once again great job bringing Muv-Luv series back to life I honestly think that you have done a magnificent job
  3. Changed ost

    I've got a question for you. First of all I must confess that I did not finish the Muv-luv Extra on Steam yet. I am on my way to do this but I've noticed some changes. Most of them are really great like menu and other things. One thing didn't agree with me - I mean the music in the background. In the original there was a ost called Warudakumi. Here you go if you don't know it by name. It was played during the scene in which Meiya tells Takeru and Sumika about her pact with his dad and all and during Wraith Rangers scene during the date with Sumika (they were named 'Race Rangers' in the fan trasnaltion). What happened to that soundtrack? Was it deleted from the game? If that's the case then it's pretty sad because I loved it... Is there any chance of putting it back there? I know it may sound ridiculous but still I just want to hear some explanation from the dev team. And anyhow I am grateful to you for bringing Muv-Luv to Steam