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  1. Muv Luv fanfiction by HitokiriOTD, where I found REALLY good writing. Also, a post-Alternative "continuation" where Takeru goes through another loop, but ends up doing things a bit differently... Only issue is that it hasn't been updated since 2014 and is stuck at about 75k words. by Heir of the Void on SB, where an SI is placed at the BETA Invasion of Japan with a better than average TSF, and a head full of pilot training. He attempts to change the course of history from that point on- and gets rather interesting in my opinion. Also included are a bunch of supplemental information posts that analyze some of the differences (and why they occurred as well as impact) of Muv-Luv Earth and our Earth. Also, technical information posts that analyze the mechanics of how some things work in Muv-Luv.
  2. Hi, I'm newbl, and I missed the kickstarter by a mile. Still deeply interested in grabbing stuff and willing to pay through the nose for them! ...I read lots of Muv-Luv fanfiction.
  3. So- I'm a huge fan of muv luv, having read the original trilogy in VN, manga (whatever there is that's translated anyways) and oodles of fanfiction. (I've tried my hand at making one myself.) I would've totally backed the kickstarter, save for the fact that I missed it entirely- my first notice of this project was the steam pre order. First things first- I'm not interested in any physical items. (Nor do I expect there to be any left by this late period.) What I'm interested in is any and all digital items. The trilogy is a given- but I'm also interested in the master OST collection, any artbooks, the muv luv codex, photon melodies & photon flowers, etc. Will all of these be available for sale? Essentially, I'm interested in everything from the Kickstarter $125 "All Digital Muv-Luv Bundle". Newbl,