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  1. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    Nah sorry that wass my own fault, I accidently deleted it when I cleaned up the tons of invites that where still looming around. I edit my OP and posted it there as well. A working unlimited link: Hope to see you there
  2. Gaming group

    Thanks for the shoutout. Keep spreading the Luv everyone
  3. Hello everyone, I registered here to tell every Muv Luv fan that we created a Muv Luv related discord called Muv Luv Fans as a place where fans of Muv Luv and the related Age titles can chat with each other and discuss. As it is a fan channel its not official, and thus not directly related to age. I hope it is ok to post this here if not please feel free to move it or if it violates the rules even delete it. We are currently counting 30 people and growing slow but steadily. I hope I can welcome you all into our chat.