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  1. Light Novels

    Highschool dxd is ny next favorite to SAO, the only universe where angels and devils have fistfights with dragons, vampires, olympian gods, hindu gods, norse gods and Son goku. If you liked muvluv i believe you will like it as well .
  2. Muv Luv X Super Robot War

    Actually there already is one, although only meiya is on it, she is good friends with ibis and is considered a student of zanger zonvolt she brings with her the takemikazuchi 00r
  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    I would love a meiya figure or a shiranui model kit. but im still hoping for a kimi zono translation so that we could know the full story of the A-01 members
  4. International Eishi Roster Soldiers we need to know how many we have on which front, place your self in this map (made by one of our communication officers) We need this done before the beta from the moon retaliate from having 7 digits losses
  5. International Eishi Roster

    Storm Phillipines To kill beta and tell people the story of the Valkyries games and extravagances for the next 2 months!
  6. Thanks!!!

    Reporting from the philippines, Awesome work on operation ouka, awaitingfor next operation deployment ready and waiting to kill beta
  7. How much did you guys pledge?

    320 takemi tier plus shipping,all for the codex :)
  8. Similar to the others, sawfsn anime ,read through fsn vn, though "damm vns get us deeper than animes ever could", saw fsn ranked 8 at curious who took the top spot, read through extra touched, unlimited teary eyed and alternative completely blown away !!! Always felt bad i missed its original release with all the hype, Godbless the kick starter for bringing one of my dreams to life