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  1. welp, i have no jpn vpn, tunnelbear is shows new jersey ip. waah
  2. idk what the new update's all about, but clicky clicky and here we go
  3. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll keep rolling. I keep getting no-bodies. One cool mech so far.
  4. Still rolling. I have no idea what's the point of it all though (yeah, ok, cards, characters, mechas... I get to use them in the game)... hopefully the BETA is baller. Someone please explain the page with the rolling and the cards...
  5. Welp, I give up. Let me know when the beta is ready.
  6. Fresh video.
  7. Sweet, thanks for your answer. I was just thinking how great a Muv-Luv video game would be and viola...
  8. I want donate but i can't

    Firstly, Connor, you suck. #InternetNazi #Censorship Secondly, the Kickstarter has closed down, so you cannot contribute.
  9. Yes. I'm guessing that's it? I cycled through the websites and pretty much clicked on everything possible (including what you just posted). Is there anything else that lets me know I've registered? (The game looks great. Is it free to play?)
  10. I just don't know what I'm doing. Spent about 40 minutes clicking on just about everything, and I think I'm registered, but I'm not sure. Hopefully it's not locked down like Kancolle.
  11. Edit: The game seems to be out now. I had Astrill, but that expired. Anyone know a free VPN? Tunnelbear shows a NJ IP when I choose Japan as a tunnel. the link doesn't work, google the title of this thread.) So I'm trying to register... anyone else try? I have a VPN and DMM account, but I can't tell if this button (see attached image) is the right one or not.