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  1. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    Awesome unless there's some other Paul Gaston that's me!!!
  2. Collector's Corner

    Got my Meiya figma! Trying to think to a cool pose for her.
  3. Favorite Muv Luv Opening

    Original Alternative OP but the PS3 is also really good.
  4. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore.
  5. Best route

    Meiya is the best route and best girl but I have a place in my heart for Ayamine after I did her route. I want to hangout and eat yakisoba bread with her!
  6. Collector's Corner

    Looks like I'm going to survive off of instant cups of ramen this month! Being serious, when I recover from this month I'm happy it wont break my wallet to get more Muv Luv figures.
  7. Collector's Corner

    Thank you I was able to fix mine!
  8. Collector's Corner

    Hahahahahahahaha I'll make sure that one doesn't come out at a weird angle! Also your collection is awesome I'm very jealous!
  9. Collector's Corner

    I flipped out when I found her at a con last year! I've got the Meiya figma coming on Tuesday.
  10. How much did you guys pledge?

    I'm currently at $300 but if I like the Meiya pillow design I might go for another $100!
  11. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    I heard it was about cute girls in mechs on a forum, and after reading it I fell in love.