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  1. PC-98 translations patreon

    https://www.patreon.com/nana_vs_nana If you want to see more ancient eroge translated, now's your chance. And by ancient, I mean older than a lot of the people here.
  2. They gave nutaku Brave Soul and Bazooka Cafe, so I don't think JAST is all in yet. Mangagamer seems more enthusiastic about it, giving them some Overdrive games and Princess Evangile. Sekai/Denpa also seem willing to give some of their more prominent titles as well.
  3. Kyrieru games are pretty fun at least. I'm not sure what else is on there though. And to be fair, it's better than DLsite on the good:bad game ratio. I might use it once the nutaku and kimochi stuff is fully merged, but I'm already used to buying stuff directly from Mangagamer/JAST/Denpasoft.
  4. Steam Charts

    The problem with comparing Muv Luv to those VNs is that it's comparing a hardcore VN to casual VNs. A better comparison would be to Ame no Marginal and Planetarian, cheap VNs that nonetheless appeal to the hardcore crowd primarily. How did they sell?
  5. Steam Charts

    I can't help it. Normalfags, the lot of them. Obsessed about one thing one moment, only to ditch it in a few months. Like say, Pokemon Go, probably. I think it's fair to ignore the mainstream when pricing a niche title. Muv Luv MIGHT appeal to (more) normal Steam users to justify a price decrease to increase sales(like the otaku JRPG fanbase), but that's still a risky gamble. It certainly won't appeal to the FPS or even the Witcher fanbase though.
  6. Steam Charts

    Considering how the KS attracted many Muv Luv fans to back for it, it's not surprising how not as many people would buy it afterwards. Also, people are likely to be waiting for Alternative before trying Extra/Unlimited since they don't have to wait to get to the conclusion of the trilogy. I would have a sale for the original when Alternative comes out. While they aren't likely to go under $25 to avoid controversy with the people who backed it, I personally wouldn't mind if they go lower as it would have been a few months by then anyways. Maybe put both games in a $70 (compared to the original KS price of $60)bundle or something. Many or possibly most of the Muv Luv franchise sales post-KS will come through non-Photon side material and spin offs, such as Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken. And The Day After when that's done. That title might do pretty well as an episodic installment of $10 per episode, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I personally have no problem with forking over $30-$50for lengthy VNs as I understand that the consumer base I am part of is willing to pay that price and that the smallness of the consumer base necesitates such a high price to make a profit. Lowering the price drastically would increase sales, but not enough new people would pay to justify the cost decrease. Not to mention that I don't buy what more normal people buy for entertainment (like Netflix, theater, or alcohol), so I have more than enough money for niche things. Most people who complain about the price don't understand what it means to be a part of a niche fanbase, and some think that Muv Luv may be a mainstream enough VN to gather enough sales to justify a significant cost reduction. The latter is a risky assumption, one I would not expect Degica to wager on beyond the occasional Steam sale.
  7. Changed ost

    I don't blame them for changing the OST. Lawsuits from record companies are extremely likely, and if someone is arrested due to piracy, it's usually for music. It would be nice for there to be an unofficial steam mod or something though, but until then, I can deal with it.
  8. Other Notable VNs

    Mangagamer teamed up with Alicesoft, but Rance isn't guaranteed quite yet. It might depend on Beat Blades Haruka sells, but I wouldn't worry about it as sex heavy games tend to do well on Mangagamer.
  9. Other Notable VNs

    I sort of want Root Double to succeed because it seems really interesting and highly rated in Japan, but I can't bring myself to give money to Sekai Project. In any case, I recently played Gahkthun, and if you're a WAB fan, then there's no reason to avoid it. It's my favorite out of the three translated into English because of the main characters, even if the atmosphere is a bit less good. Also, Beat Blades Haruka is coming out soon at the surprisingly low price of $35 ($31ish with the preorder discount). I'll probably buy it since I'm a Rance fan,but I'm seeing how much a different game costs before deciding to preorder or wait til later.
  10. Cost Breakdown Update

    He's not that bad as far as VN translators go (considering that some are extremely awful and slow while Ixrec ends up being okay but fast), but his speedleads to numerous mistakes. In addition, many of the things he tackles are difficult to translate in the first place. This doesn't apply to Muv-Luv that much, but it applies to Cross Channel, the WAB series, and maybe Rewrite depending on who you ask.
  11. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    Not earth-shatterring news as Type-MOON side games have made it to the West before (CCC nver ;_;), but http://arcsystemworksu.com/arc-system-works-releasing-5-titles-on-steam-by-summer-2016/ MELTY BLOOD IN STEAM!
  12. Libra of the Vampire Princess KS prefundia

    That doesn't seem to be quite the case. Since 30% of the funds is for paying Leminsca, I assume they did all of the translation, editing, and TLC for free and are now selling the translation to Sekai Project.
  13. Libra of the Vampire Princess KS prefundia

    I'm just hoping Mikandi Japan doesn't overuse Kickstarter like Sekai Project. It's fine for the first few games, but you should start funding things in house at some point. That said, I'll be tempted to pledgefor Root Double...
  14. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    Son of American immigrants here. Which means I can only speak English fluently. I don't hate my parent's culture, but at the same time, I don't have any pride in it either. Also, Filipino isn't that useful worldwide. I'd rather spend effort learning Spanish or Japanese instead.
  15. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    I understand how you feel. I thought the same thing when I saw this thread. Anyways, I would probably only pay for the base game if it was Fate Stay Night or Mahoutsukai, but if it was the Tsukihime remake, I'd declare bankruptcy. FSN is better than Tsukihime (because of technical aspects more than story), but there's been way too much Fate pandering lately.