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  1. I can understand you being raised that way, but in this day and age, many would call you sexist or chauvinistic for that kind of thinking. I'm not saying I agree with that, but it's how things are now-a-days. My inner armchair-psychologist tells me that you feel that way because your sisters were younger - when you're an older brother, your role is to "protect" girls. That's not to say that anyone who's a younger brother is more predisposed to hitting a woman, I'm just saying it's probably particularly upsetting to you due to your role as an older brother. I also would like to clarify that I do not condone spousal abuse at all (regardless of gender), but the tone and context of Takeru and Sumika's bickering sufficiently justifytheir physical altercations. In the context of Muv-Luv specifically, as FaceEater mentioned above me, Takeru does not hit girls. He hits Sumika (and eventually Meiya, when she starts acting like Sumika). She's just another one of the dudes. It's not a conscious thought. He just doesn't think of her as a girl, she's just his friend. This fact is a pivotal point in Sumika's character development throughout Extra.He and his friend (who just happens to be a woman)hit each-other occasionally.If you're concerned for Sumika's well being, keep in mind that Yuukohit her with a carand she came out just fine. Extra is an intentionally exaggerated world. Him picking on her like that is a step-up from the playful flick on the forehead that we see in so many anime/manga. I think gender is fairly inconsequential here, as long as she's getting him back (usually significantly harder than he hit her), I don't see the issue. They both bicker like 5 year-olds, but he's definitely less mature than her, so the first 20-30 minutes of the game really makes Takeru quite unlikable. Past that, I was mostly fine with him. Except the usual dense MC nonsense (which is, of course, a parody of every other harem protagonist, so I can kinda see the merit in it).
  2. There's some sort of formatting nightmare going on here. I just see my post twice.
  3. Best route

    I realize this is a form of necromancy, but thought I'd chime in here anyway. I'm not exactly a huge fan of Meiya, but I think her route in Extra is a bit better than you make it out to be. But Sumika's got the best route in Extra, for sure. I'm not a huge fan of Extra Meiya, Tama's route is tolerable, Ayamine's and Chizuru's are borderline unplayable for me. At least they were the first time I played. Maybe if I go back to them now I'll have a newfound appreciation. Probably not. Mikoto wins in Unlimited though. Tomboy always wins!
  4. Personally, I kind of enjoyed this. For several reasons, actually. I think the biggest reason is that it really does give you an idea of what kind of person Takeru is, as well as show that Sumika and him get along in a way that they don't with other people. To me, this really sells the "Childhood Friend" in a way that most other stories don't. They didn't "grow up" between the two of them because they've never had to be apart. It shows that they're both immature brats, especially when dealing with the other of the pair. As far as what I would change, that's hard to say. I will say that I was quite surprised during the Extra Meiya/Sumika story: If not that, maybe in Alternative (major spoilers):
  5. [RESOLVED]Did I mess up?

    So after signing up, I got an influx of emails from Kickstarter in general, and didn't really look too hard at some of them. I just realized that backerkit was for more than just physical goods, so I never completed the survey that got sent my way. Instead of immediately giving up on it and resorting to purchasinga copy tomorrow, I figured I'd confirm it since it's all kinda confusing: Am Iout of luck if I never completed my Backerkit Survey? EDIT: I suppose I should clarify that I backed at the $60 digital only level, so I should only be receiving digital goods. Not sure if that helps my case at all or not. EDIT2: I was contacted by the staff with an applicable backerkit link. Not sure how they did it, or if it was on it's way already or not, but everything worked out. Thanks guys!
  6. Above $25 get Beta?

    My understanding is that people who backed the campaign get the game 1 day early (if this is still the case, we should be receiving codes today), and the purchase price was lower if you backed. As far as I'm aware, those are currently the only benefits to backers who backed at low tiers. Kind of a bummer, I know, but the main thing I wanted out of the campaign was the game itself, so I don't have much reason to be upset. We can only hope the goals they set with alternative are more realistic.
  7. This seems irrelevant at best.
  8. Any word on the Steam Beta?

    I understand they'retargetingearly April, and they're not sure when it's going to be done. But seeing as how "early April" is almost over, some sort of status update on the Beta would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's not going to be done in the estimated window, it'd be cool to have some idea of when it will be out or maybe even a reason as to why it's not ready yet. I'm not saying in any way that I think they should be rushing it out the door, I'm just curious as to whether we're dealing with "oh it'll be out in a few more days" or "somehow we have Chizuru's arc all out of order, so we need a few more weeks until we'll have a beta ready." After the performance of many infamous kickstarters with significant delays (no significant delays with Muv-Luv yet, thankfully), I find any lack of transparency to immediately be discomforting. With their Twitter silent for the past few days as well, I can only hope that this silence is simply coming from all those involved having their heads turned down towards their work, or something similar.