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  1. TSF Forefront

    This news about "an indie game development team" doing a VR Muv-Luv game seems... connected to this topic. Who knows why I would think that, but it looks like we may finally be getting more information in the near future. It looks like I might have to buy a Vive sometime...
  2. I want Takeru to die at the end and do it all once more; not that I think it would make the storybetter (definitely worse). And thus, the OneTrueTakeru was born.
  3. Other Notable VNs

    @Anix Please realize that in Japan, these games sell for ~$80 dollars. Thirty dollars is already a ludicrously low price. Plus, the licensing for Seiyuu's is out the ass ridiculous. The VA doesn't even get most of the money either; it goes to their production company mostly... which means the production company (and their lawyers) are going to make sure you pay a shitton of money to use their actors work. Some of the biggest names nearly pull as much money as Hollywood names.
  4. Other Notable VNs

    I have no problem with this. Think of it this way, the full price is the voiced version. That's what they would have charged on release no matter what due to licensing costs. The voiceless option is circumventing those licensing fees for those who don't really care for them anyways. All this does is widen their audience by cutting some cost and reducing the price while those who want the original japanese audio are still able to purchase it legally. Also, @ShinygamiI'm reading through the routes of Da Capo's main heroines. It's not bad so far.
  5. Other Notable VNs

    @Shinygami I actually don't remember too much... I played through three of the side characters routes and was done with it. The routes that I went through were short and shallow; nothing remarkable. Of course, I didn't play through the routes of the two main heroines... so maybe I missed out, but they just weren't that interesting to me. It was kind of interesting from a game perspective though, as it was the first time I'd run across something involving a flag-like system. Basically there were different locations you could visit during a span of time and an event with a girl would occur. The problem was that you could run into them anywhere and had to play through a few times or save-scum and write down where the girls were at specific times in order to get on their route. I've been thinking about playing it again to get the cat-eared maid route that I didn't know about the first time I played it, but I haven't cared enough to actually do it. Maybe I'll play through a route tonight and give you a better answer later.
  6. Da Capo got the honor of first physical copy.
  7. Light Novels

    Silly silly, loli isn't awkward. Loli is cute. And you, quit holding out. Give in to your indulgences. Let your fatherly instincts flow through you.
  8. Other Notable VNs

    I fucking loved that game. I had just come off Aselia, so I felt like it was just gonna rip it off and be shit, but after getting into it, it turned out to be a nice surprise. Even the epitome of tsuntsun bitches became likable once she was forced into being honest. The only one I still hated at the end was the little sister, Mia the Retarded. That Rubinas though. Holy shit, her end was too sweet. I thought I was gonna die of happiness. Definitely. I still listen to the Kira*Kira album.
  9. Light Novels

    I actually kind of do. When I played through the first time I got Kotonoha's "best end". I was pretty proud of that. ...Even if the characters were shit.
  10. Light Novels

    ...I'll consider it.
  11. Light Novels

    I ain't falling for it. I've seen the anime and unless the LN has a happier ending, I don't wanna go through hell again.
  12. Light Novels

    No, I don't want to kill myself.
  13. Post (with spoilered content) editing difficulties

    Yeah, I had the issue and it's working properly now. Thanks, friend.
  14. 300k $ surplus theories

    While I think it's fine to reaffirm that what we ultimately want is more content, it's already been stated that, ...which is why we've primarily been focusing on merch ideas.They already know we want more stufftranslated;it's a given.
  15. Light Novels

    I was just reading The Guild's Cheat Receptionist, I liked it a good bit, but there're only two chapters translated and I'm not sure if there's even a second volume released. It was pretty shallow though. I can attest to what Kamigoroshi's said, he's listed some good stuff. One that he didn't mention that I like is Risou no Himo Seikatsu or Ideal Sponger Lifestyle; it makes me feel super comfortable. It's mostly a guy chilling with his wife in a medieval fantasy land. Oh, and she's the Queen; which means lots of political intrigue. After that is the objectively best LN ever: Ovallord, which follows the misadventures of John Sene in totally not Light Novel Fantasy Land. Expect all of the puppets to have their strings cut.