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  1. Dakimakuras

    I'm looking into getting some pillows for my dakimakura, since I'm assuming it's just pillowcases. What size are they going to be?
  2. Collector's Corner

    Well, all my models are mixed together, it's missing this pic is missing my Black Widow II because I had a bunch of BETA in the lid. I took this picture to show a friend what was here at my boyfriend's place, I won't be able to build what isn't finished for about 9 mos because he's about to get stationed somewhere else, so I won't be coming back out to Japan and he might not come home to CA before getting stationed where ever he's going to be next. As far as what's here, about half is Muv-Luv, the other half is mostly Gundam, but I've also got some models at home, if I include those, about 1/3 of my collection is Muv-Luv, 1/3 is EVA and the rest is kind of just other stuff. Hoping to get good at the stickers and decals before my package from Kickstarter comes. ^That's at my boyfriend's place, I brought 3 boxes home, the red Takemikaduchi, Arcadia and Rinascita, the Takemikaduchi's mostly built so the 3 EVAs were added to that box. This is at mom's house:
  3. Building models (practice)

    Well, guess I just need Sachielthen, since 10's just a remolding of 08. What happens when your parents get you into puzzles, huh?
  4. Building models (practice)

    Thanks so much! I thought my astigmatism was messing with me and I was missing something. Have any suggestions for stands? I noticed some of my models don't come with one. I have gathered a few more model kits, these things are addictive! but, I've always liked puzzles and puzzle games for some reason. Now I have Space Battleship Arcadia, EVA-01 Test Type (01), EVA-00 Prototype (04), EVA-03 (05), Bardiel: 13th Angel/Eva-03 (06), EVA-01 Test Type (07), EVA-05 (08)and EVA-04 (09), I wanted to find all of them, there's at least 12, but I haven't found 10+ anywhere. It kinda makes me wonder what the EEGs say about me when I go in for them, got a question as soon as one was over once if I did a lot of reading because apparently the squiggles on the paper told him that the last time I had one.
  5. Building models (practice)

    Building the Takemikaduchi, but I also have a Black Widow II finished. I've taken to using a nail file to get rid of the little nibs from cutting them out, butI thought I'd ask everyone what you guys do for certain problems and I'm kind of confused by one piece. There's a sheer plastic piece that I've been wanting to figure out, if anyone's built the Type-00F Takemikaduchi Tsukuyomi Mana Ki... Where the hell does piece N-1 go? haha it's confusing the hell out of me, I've looked through the directions 3 different times and I don't see it. Nothing like putting a puzzle together and having an extra piece in the box, huh? I figured before my models come from what I did on Kickstarter, thought I'd do a dry run, that way I won't mess up the ones I'l be getting. I've also go a Type-00F Takemikaduchi Takamura Yui Kiand aType-00C Takemikaduchiand I know all 3 will be built the same way, so the extra piece will be there for all of them. For any of the people on here who like models in general, I'd love to be able to build other models, which ones were fun? In my "other anime/game stack" is aRX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Destroy Mode) 1/144 scale,G-Gundam GF13-050NSW Nobell Gundam 1/144 scaleas well as its Berserker Mode, an Eva-00 Prototype and an Eva-02 Production Modeland a Zone of Enders Dolores model.
  6. My SN's enkelidesigns if anyone would want to add me. Just make sure you let me know you're from here so I know you're not some weirdo.
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    So... as far as the add ons, are we going to get another BackerKit link to choose if you want a signature or the print out? ... and when're we going to see the art for all the dakimakura? I know I liked what I saw of the character I chose, but I'm still curious about others (I also might add a couple on if I like them enough... if it's not too late haha)
  8. 300k $ surplus theories

    Omg where is that?
  9. 300k $ surplus theories

    Let's see if we find anything out by Valentine's Day, that'd be some fun timing!
  10. New Laptop/Accessories

    Doesn't it cause the computers to get hot too? I remember quite a few of the laptops I had that had disc drives got pretty hot when stuff was in.
  11. New Laptop/Accessories

    Hello everyone! Since some laptops now don't have CD/DVD drives like mine, I'd like to get an external drive of some sort so I can use the discs that will come for this and other games. To all my computer nerds, I'd like to know what external CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives you'd suggest I'd get. I have a HP Envy if that matters at all...I can't wait to see how these games get translated and how different it is from the version I played a while back!
  12. Favorite Minami Kuribayashi song

    It would have helped a lot if all the songs' links were available, and maybe the Japanese titles for some as well... I listened to some of them and totally went "Oh! (Insert Japanese title here)!" I wasn't able to find signs to listen to it though...
  13. New dakimakura?

    God, don't tempt me...
  14. New dakimakura?

    Will there be pictures/examples for the ones being designed?
  15. New dakimakura?

    I've tried a few times to sign in and look at everything, but it won't let me sign in or to make an account because the Kickstarter thing isn't still going.