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  1. Muv-Luv Fanart Doodles

    That's a very realistic way of putting it, and I totally agree in that regard; bringing the the inorganic thing to life. As for the people and animals, it's those very standards which I compare my own drawings with, that make it quite a challenge for me It's like when I draw a gun or a building, there's no real set of standards (in the real world there are, obviously haha), and I can just be free! Regardless, thanks for your input! Are you a graphic designer by trade? Or did you study art making? For the thread: Here isa teaser of what I've got coming, yes, it looks more like a spider web of messy lines so far
  2. CMYK Squad

    I use Clip Studio Paint, and a wacom intuos pro - medium! I find I don't use long strokes (and thus, not all the active area), and a small probably would've been better for me.
  3. Muv-Luv Fanart Doodles

    Oh really? I find it a challenge to draw living things. I prefer drawing mecha/buildings/guns xD
  4. Collector's Corner

    Yeah sorry, it's something about the image being taken by a camera phone + jpg. I converted to a png. to fix it!
  5. Collector's Corner

    The Yui part of my collection I don't have much other MuvLuv merch other than artbooks and smaller bits!
  6. Muv-Luv Fanart Doodles

    Working on things this very moment EDIT: A quick Post-it-note sketch
  7. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    New Rations for the TSF Pilots!
  8. Hi there! Great to see another supporter from Australia ^_^

    1. Kanshisha13


      ^_^ another soul dreading the downwards trend of our currency?


      fingers crossed we don't get import charges!

    2. Yui Takamura

      Yui Takamura

      Yeah :S We'll get everything before the import charges are implemented, but I really hope the import-charges idea gets scrapped anyway. It just seems so economically disadvantageous for both consumers and the govt. Just imagine how much it'll cost them to process every package that comes in.

  9. International Eishi Roster

    Yui Takamura (Mickey) JAPAN (Australia) My pre-order for King of Knights Saber, but it is worth it... Looking forward to a new Daki cover :P
  10. How much did you guys pledge?

    Oh yeah?! They had me sold when they added Hayase to the list.
  11. How much did you guys pledge?

  12. How much did you guys pledge?

    $400 for the That's my Girl tier!
  13. Thanks!!!

    G'day from Australia! Great work everyone on Operation Cherry Blossom!
  14. Pledged $400 for the Muv-Luv kickstarter!

    Great work everyone on the 900k goal: Operation Cherry Blossom!