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  1. Can't Drag Profile Cover Photo

    Will get this reported as a bug :)
  2. [RESOLVED] Double payment happened, help.

    Hi AfterShöcK, First off, I'm very sorry to hear you're having this issue. I imagine it's a pretty stressful situation. @The Muv-Luv Teamand/or @Mitchellshould be able to help sort this out for you soon! Cheers!
  3. Preview Post

    I understand your perspective, I just unfortunatelydon't think IPSwould write it into their softwarebecause from their perspective, their editor already does what the "preview post" of previous versions did. From a feature stand point, they just merged itinto the main post editor.
  4. Preview Post

    The editor here is a moretrueWhatYou SeeIsWhatYouGet (WYSIWYG)editor, meaning they've streamlined previewing posts and writing your posts into one function and got rid of previewing posts as it would be redundant.
  5. Spoilers in the Activity tab

    Yup, it's a software thing, unfortunately. The most I can do is ask IPS about it, hopefully they'll include spoiler tags in streams soon.
  6. Messages feature not working

    These are bugs in the forum software (I verified this by visiting Invision's official forums and replicating the problems), I'll notify IPS. I found a bug in the admin panelbefore the forums launched publicly. It took a couple of days to get a response from them, but they fixed it directly on our end and told me they would release a patch publicly in the next release. I also found another bug in the ACP just now (and with the gender profile setting) so I'll include this all in one go. Thanks for the heads up @Connor Krammerand @GreatP3nguin!
  7. Theme

    Yes, it does, I'll explore the idea and talk to @The Muv-Luv Teamabout it. :)
  8. Theme

    One is already in the works, we're just using the current theme temporarily.
  9. A shoutbox would be cool

    From my experience with running many other communities, most people use the status update feature as a shoutbox. This version of the software even allows "statuses" to be branched into formatted conversations (fitting for outside forum topics) which is even better than a simple shoutbox (and cleaner). :)
  10. Favicon / SSL

    Yeah, I'll happily look into it at a later date. I don't see too many community forums serving over SSL generally, and especially very little with this software. Had I known it was such an important thing to members of the community, I would have ideally had it setup beforehand Searching into it, there's been lots of cases of random things breaking when using SSL with IP.Board, but then again, with this new version of the software... hopefully that won't be an issue. I'm not saying no to it, it's just something I need to look into/get around to/experiment with.
  11. Favicon / SSL

    Yup, they're a pretty cool company. It's easy information to find in the first place and they've been pretty solid (other than the Atlanta downtime yesterday) so no worries. They're probably the best company we've used (we've bounced between a few) so far.
  12. Favicon / SSL

    No, it's just a matter of convenience, really. I do much more than just server work for the company, and when we upgraded hardware I decided it was time to move away from headless so I can put more time to other projects As for the way it's installed... it's just installed regularly per the cPanel recommendations It could probably use some tweaks, which is part of what I am going to be doing within the next few days (in addition to other things like load balancing). I will get back to you on all of this when I'm done with my current workload (lots going on in the background) and let you know when I'm working on it
  13. Favicon / SSL

    Yeah, that's the instructions for a very old version of it. And even then, from what I read, it can cause issues with other things depending on how you want things set up. I'm happy to do it in the future if it looks like it isn't problematic anymore, but it's not a huge priority as there's a bunch of other things I have going on with server related things right now.I'll definitely look into it some more, especially since with the newest version of the software things are more friendly, but I don't have a definite ETA. And no, the server going down yesterday was due to a datacenter outage
  14. Favicon / SSL

    I'm moving this topic to the newly created Site Feedback forum. I really like this one! I will go ahead and add it shortly, assuming it scales down well. As far as SSL goes, it's something we can look into but it's not currently a huge priority/possible right now due to some server configurations. If enough people think this is important, I will gladly investigate getting it done. I do know that the forum software we use has been problematic with SSL in the past, but this may not be the case anymore. Cheers!