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  2. Rewards being sent?

    Hi, Maxima Alter's Gift here. My Backerkit order confirmation page does not match the list of items on the DHL package (still stuck at customs): - No price for the signed MLA manga volumes (declared $20) - 3 Sumika figmas instead of 1 listed in the OC page (3x$15) - What's the "ML Trilogy Physical Bundle - PS VIta (Omake)" game? (declared $20) - All signed stickers (e.g. on the TSFs) are not declared in the shipments, while they are in the Order Confirmation page (7 cases in all) The biggest one though is that the customs value does not match the total declared value (higher by $44); how to account for the latter? Thanks!
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  4. I'm wondering about this as well. Which patches should be applied and how? edit: Well, I tried all the available patches and some workarounds I thought of, but nothing worked. It seems like the patches are specifically made for the Steam version and cannot be used with the physical one.
  5. yea i remember that, would be good to know, i´m still a little bit sad that i missed the physical codex and hoped for another chance there^^
  6. Last week
  7. Does such a thing exist? The install guide mentions "install on steam" as the first step and the various downloads (honestly, the digital rewards download page is kind of a mess) all pretend like I've never installed or started the game even once. I'm trying to patch the physical trilogy backer reward games that recently got sent out.
  8. Otakon 2018

    Nope, just me going on for an hour with slides and video clips and insights and jokes and stuff. Also, the Otakon schedule just went up. The Muv-Luv panel is scheduled for Friday night at 10:45. Panel 5 (WEWCC Room 151B) Muv-Luv: Eight (or More) Minutes of Death [F] The visual novel with the silly name, thousands of Kickstarter backers, and the #1 ranking on VNDB is finally available in English. This panel will help you make sense of the Muv-Luv franchise (including anime spinoffs Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken) and look at how it's growing in the West.
  9. Physical Rewards Leftovers?

    I heard whispers of rumors about this. If it is true, it would be nice the Backers have first dibs on these.
  10. Hi there, I'm a happy backer as I just received my physical reward, but I remember reading a thread some years ago where it was discussed the possibility to have a "store" of phyisical "leftovers" put up after the orders being sent out. Is it something that is still going to be? Was it discussed again and I lost track of it? Anyway, while I wait for an answer, I'll shamelessly admit that I actually dig a lot the PC Collector's Edition package of the game (my reward is the standard edition), so if anyone there is not that attached to it I'm willing to... discuss.
  11. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    With backers getting their rewards, we've seen a few people wanting to trade items in favor of others. To that end, we've added a newchannel to the community section. #muv-luv-trading Requests for any kind of Muv-Luv merchandise can be compiled here No public addresses, phone numbers or any kind of confidential information should be present If you're interested by a request, take the conversation to private messages with the one who posted the request Do not use this channel for discussions, questions/clarifications are fine though so think of this as a billboard If a request looks shady, please report it We reserve the right to take requests down if they're confirmed as shady and/or not genuine We cannot be held accountable for any issues, you should still be careful when dealing with such things
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  13. Rewards being sent?

    Now I can't change it because it went trough customs. I willget it probably today or monday. 300 PLN ~ 80 USD. Sure I could staywith the amount from invoice but I dont wanna risk a criminal case over aweebmerchandise. Now the whole case is dead. I willneed to pay it.
  14. digital extras kickstarter exclusive?

    I dunno, but I bet photonwhatevers would be up there as they are games.
  15. Rewards being sent?

    They shouldn't be able to tax you over a thing that isn't sent on the package (and that has been already taxed to make it worse).
  16. Rewards being sent?

    They presented me the ław upon whichthey based their opinion. It is article 70, paragraph 1 and 2 ofthe Union Customs Code. Anyway I had to change the declaration to full price that is 320 USD.
  17. Rewards being sent?

    They shouldn't, because it's taxed by BackerKit andKickstarter already. And even then, they are digital rewards paid under US jurisdiction. In the invoice sheet written on the package, no digital rewards are included as well, so they shouldn't be allowedto tax it. We also updated the decals so it's also declared $10,and addeda "+$1" for rewardswith the stickers so it matches the values. Please keep us posted about this.
  18. Rewards being sent?

    I can confirm my package got through customs and is on it's way to be delivered. I'm paying 94$ for 420$ pledge. Which is roughly correct if the tax is from full pledge value.
  19. Rewards being sent?

    Great. Now DHL suggests that digital should be taking into account. It appears they want to use that 300 or 300 plus shopping amount:
  20. Well shit, I haven't been around for a while and finding out the game was terminated is a shame... First the Muv-Luv Card Game and now Strike Frontier? I'm just gonna stay away from Muv-Luv mobile games for a while..
  21. Rewards being sent?

    BackerKit for physical items = 130 USD Invoice = 142 USD The difference is due the decal (10 USD) and stickers (2 USD) which are listed withouth any value because as you said "There are also physical rewards that's supposed to be combined with another item".
  22. Rewards being sent?

    That's an old post. What we have now is matching the invoice attachedwith the packages. Please do not change it. @jevitsjOkay, if customs decided a value and did not ask for the proof of payment... They still should've based it off the physical rewards total ($130) since the invoice attached with the packages should have the same declaration values. In which case, we still averted them from taxing the full pledge amount. If possible, can you ask them to send you the invoice sheet? We're quite curious as well how they made the computation.
  23. Rewards being sent?

    But what about the gift bag? It is listed as 15 usd but in this post it is listed as 16,5 usd.
  24. Rewards being sent?

    Yup, some digital rewards don't have values declared with them. There are also physical rewards that's supposed to be combined with another item, for example: Raptor American Style Decal is part of "TSF Raptor with signed sticker,"weseparated them because the warehouse staff requested it.
  25. Rewards being sent?

    Not for everything.
  26. Rewards being sent?

    DHL didn't ask for an invoice but I haveto payEUR 61.44 Advance Payment Fee (AV) € 17.54 DHL tax € 3.04 Import Taxes € 43.89 Seeing the declared price in the "Order Confirmation" I'm a little confused in the supposed declared value of the package. If I'm adding up everything I get $300 (which would mean € 53,24 in import taxes + € 20.58 DHL = € 84,04 ) And if I add up only the pysical items, I get $130 (which would mean only € 22,14 in import taxes + € 20.58 DHL = € 42,72 ) So I'm not sure where DHL gets its information from, because€ 61.44 is neither of those two. Even if Iadd shipping ($20) to my calculation, I still don't get the amount I have to pay DHL in order to receive my package...
  27. It's kinda obvious that all the physical goodies are kickstarter exclusive, but what about the digital stuff like the codex, soundtrack and photonmelodies/-flowers? Are those also exclusive or will they be for sale on steam (or somewhere else) in the future?
  28. Rewards being sent?

    Hi everyone, if DHL/customs needs a response asap, please show them the "Order Confirmation" page in your personal BackerKit link. It's the page with the full list of order details, and we've added the declared values recently to both physical and digital rewards. -Jason
  29. People having trouble signing up for the forums

    It now worked for me, thanks to FrozenTrout for posting and thanks to the nameless hero who fixed this
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