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  2. Have you received any response from them? Same problem here, I'm located in Russia, just returned from a long vacation and discovered that they've shipped my package via DHL. Of course it was returned to USA, just filled customers form + emailed tanaka but comments section on kickstarter doesn't look very encouraging, many ppl are not receiving any response at all
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  4. Muv Luv future in Us media

    But Altered Fable and Supplement are a part of Phonflowers and Photonmelodies you know.
  5. Otakon 2018

    Here's a video where I re-recorded my Otakon 2018 presentation back at home. It also has two slides of new developments since Otakon, namely the little bit of material from Exogularity 2 that people have scanned and posted online.
  6. I hope you enjoy it. Anyone else have pics/vids of their TSFs?
  7. I tried to contact support by Customer support page and by e-mail and get no answer( Arethere some other backers from Russia I wonder.
  8. There was a mistake with my rewards order and I dont seem t be the only one but that doesnt seem to be the worse problem. With my order wrong, I found the Customer Support page with a form and filled it out earlier. Continuing to read the page, i looked at the comments and found a few others are missing items. I would stop there but others are filling out forms for customer service and not even getting the bare minimum response that their issue is acknowledge, let alone, that their problem is being fixed. Something needs to be done about this. I for one, after 3 years, have grown weary of this Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign started that we would be done within about a year but, it has almost been 3 times as long. I understand things have been chaotic with the starting over on MLA again, English localization passing hands, and the restructuring of the Ixtl., things beyond the Kickstarter's organizer's hands, but there is one mistake that has been prevalent of all this, a lack transparency. A lot of the problems that this kickstarter has had is that there has been an absence of formal notification what exactly is happening. A few of the things I have listed I have discovered through word of mouth from forums across the internet and nonchalantly mentioned by prominent members of the Muv Luv community, who, largely have ties and connections to staff and former staff of this project. All I want is, and many others, to be in the know and have our problems addressed. As just a fan, I have grown frustrated over these long years but with this lack of response of items people have paid for, has finally angered me. The KS has been funded, items are being sent but now people are not getting what they were promised and paid for and filing complaints however, nothing is coming from those complaints. What is happening now? Out of all the things that needs to be discussed, where are people's paid items and what can be done about this is perhaps the most vital question to be asked and responded so far in this campaign. You probably cant answer that question now, but simplying responding and reassuring the issue will be resolved, like what should have happened through out the entire time, can go a long way with your patient and dedicated fans.
  9. I only ask because while the art within is great (some of which being wallpaper-worthy)and shows off the waifus, but the quality of the paper used is pretty abysmal to me. It feels like I could tear it easily, and on some pages you can see through to the other side. That and it's just plain small like the rest of the Kickstarter CE IMHO. (This is my first post, so if it doesn't belong then I apologize.)
  10. Missing part from reward

    Go here: and find out what to do. If you get no response in the next few days contact the person below.
  11. Hi, I wrote for 2 problems that I had with my order and sent a e-mail at without a response. -one of the 2Sumika'sfigma were missing, I have discovered that I had1of them for Collector's box and i have 2 Box. - one of the two collectors have arrived to me with the damaged box. a new one: - the first MuvLuv CD of the soudtrack(the first game) is missing(i opened only one Collector's Box). Something could be done at least for the missing figma and CD. excuse for the delay but I had problems to job. if someone knows an e-mail address that I can use gives it to me.
  12. As soon as I saw the size of the box, and because it feels like it's been forever since the campaign started,I made an unboxing video for my YouTube channel. Check it out if that's your thing, and I'll have another video of the Takemikazuchi build sometime next week probably. o7
  13. It looks like we may be in for another wait for a director's cut patch that works with the physical edition. Besides that, it looks like the physical edition also isn't as up-to-date as the Steamversion and will need an update regardless.
  14. Rewards being sent?

    Are the rewards still in the process of being sent? I was asked to confirm my address on July 25th, which I did immediately and I still have not received any single message about my stuff being prepared or anything...
  15. Off-Steam Director's Cut patch

    I'm also interested in this. I've tried all the patches but none of them work with the physical copy. I'm surprised they haven't addressed this yet.
  16. Hello, DHL just informed me that my rewards will be sent to a wrong address. How can we proceed to fix this? Will I have to wait until it is returned?

    Plz respond ;-;

  17. I just got an e-mail from DHL saying that my things where being deliverered but the address is completely wrong, Its not even close to my address. What do I do to correct this problem?
  18. I would like to third this. I even tried the patch directly from the Denpasoft website.
  19. Otakon 2018

    Update: they moved us back 30 minutes. The Muv-Luv panel is now scheduled for Friday night at 11:15 PM. Also, Guidebook is now available for Otakon 2018. Here the page for the panel:
  20. International Eishi Roster

    DeathFromShadow! Romania! To eliminate the BETA threat once and for all! My time, my sanity, and my honor!
  21. Rewards being sent?

    I have the same question, last update states shipment will stop in the middle of August. It is almost end of July but I didn't receive any shipping confirmation for my Vita copy. Any update would be appreciated, I am okay with delay, as long as I didn't get skipped.
  22. I just got an email saying that the warehouse had a problem sending me my goodies, asking for my address, etc. I don't know why this happened my address in BackerKit is exactly the same as I just sent it through email. Im just alarmed because you didn't specify what the problem with my adress was, just that there was a problem. How do I know what went wrong if you don't tell me.
  23. Rewards being sent?

    Are you still sending the rewards? I have not received any email or notification about mine....
  24. Digital Downloads Missing?

    Heya, just needing some clarification. I backed the $150 tier and I was wondering if they digital downloads such as the soundtrack, art book and CODEX are available yet. I've already received my physicalrewards, but none of the digital ones aside from the games and the patches are listed on my digital downloads. Thanks!
  25. Rewards being sent?

    Hi, Maxima Alter's Gift here. My Backerkit order confirmation page does not match the list of items on the DHL package (still stuck at customs): - No price for the signed MLA manga volumes (declared $20) - 3 Sumika figmas instead of 1 listed in the OC page (3x$15) - What's the "ML Trilogy Physical Bundle - PS VIta (Omake)" game? (declared $20) - All signed stickers (e.g. on the TSFs) are not declared in the shipments, while they are in the Order Confirmation page (7 cases in all) The biggest one though is that the customs value does not match the total declared value (higher by $44); how to account for the latter? Thanks!
  26. I'm wondering about this as well. Which patches should be applied and how? edit: Well, I tried all the available patches and some workarounds I thought of, but nothing worked. It seems like the patches are specifically made for the Steam version and cannot be used with the physical one.
  27. yea i remember that, would be good to know, i´m still a little bit sad that i missed the physical codex and hoped for another chance there^^
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