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  2. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Wooo the forum is back online.... Btw guys do you guys already in muvluv discord? You know if something happens to this forum again...
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  4. Collector's Corner

    Finally found this in Nakano Broadway
  5. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Most of the recent skills are built in permanently. like boost atk speed by X% or gives rage per hit etc. Only a few are timedlike dodge and get X% def in a set amount of time. But it lasts about 10 sec if the TSF is max LB-ed. Only feel like 3 sec if you have the game at 2x speed. active skill and increase atk by 60% or similar and lasts pretty long or as far as I remember never really stops since you always keep activating skills/killing things etc... I only find 1 SR that still works wells and its the missile TSF takami with 30% atk boost.
  6. Isn't muv luv altered fable basically extra's sequel?
  7. Last week
  8. Last event's rewards should have given everyone who farmed enough a decent amount to spend on the event shop, the infinite '30% Heall All' items should be useful (boughta few hundred). We'd get 3 SSR tickets overall from this event so its worth the effort. This is also the 1st time that I've ever had multiple units w/ Boosts that I'm actually enjoying havinga very decent reward loot & drops from chests to points, feels good man. (1st time ever I've had 5 rainbow chests drop in one go) @AbriaelBelieve me, I felt the same but I was noticing a pattern so I held back. @EdelweissIt is interesting how they're mixing in formerly exclusive character skills into XM3 passives. Though some are seemingly very useful, some of its effectshave apparently short active/use time (I think things like PWR or SPD boosts seem to only last around 1.5/2-3 seconds at most). Must frustrate them balancing out the needs of veterans & coming newbies. They can't back out now on constantly giving SSRs but they really need to make SRs still viable & usable again up to at least the 24ap or even 30ap event difficulty.. I really want the UN shop to stock up again on nice past SSRs. I still regret saving & notbuying certain ones.
  9. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    This event's shop can be cleared out fairly easily.
  10. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The rate weren't terrible on the last event, at least for me. But then I had decked 3 raptors and 2 shiranuis and have a constant supply of fdshiranui or raptors. Got 2 full yui but decided to max skill one instead of having 2. and 4 TSF... Macaroon ACTVeagle lols.. has the potential to be another takeru's shiranui if you find the right pilot for it. It also comes with the attraction skill so you don't need to fill the role with another pilot Damn Lize is slaughtering everything in one shot with skill :3
  11. I just sold the F-15 ACTV from last week's event by mistake. It really looked ugly, but I feel like a complete idiot.
  12. Latest contents doesn't seem that interesting, at least its back to simple event points & not 3 types. Buyable SR Rinka, multiple tickets (aside from SSR one ofcourse),AP staminadrinks, etc.etc.Aside from the high prices, its almost justlike the olddays when they didn't limit the goods to the extreme. Mm, already sold my old SR unitsw/ the boosts but I guess it could help newbieswho have them. Heh, fear my giant 'Merica Eagle w/ normal sized swords! As always, I like to play around the easier maps w/ older units just to be able to use them again more. I guess it is smarter to leave multiple copies of event SSRs & LB them manually for now sincethey usually give boosts on everyupcoming week's event. To ease up newbies too I guess. Got 4 rainbow chests so far already (1 character 3 TSFs)
  13. To make it worse The event exchange prices are damn high To make it eeeeven worse The prizes needs different items which are not that easy to obtain for the "silver" and "bronze"tier
  14. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Tsukuyomi only boosts number of drops. Which end up being stupid exp items. I ended up with 3 Yui's, no mechs. ~80000 gold event items. Drop rate is horrible, considering the amount of runs needed. Only a support Minori or Meiya will give runs with 2000+ gold event items consistently.
  15. I have a feeling that the Tsukiyomi and Shiranui's bonus is either really low or bugged.
  16. Well i only got 2 yuis and one tsf despite always brought 4 fully maxed bonus chara/tsf This event is shit, big time
  17. Is it me, or the percentage of drops for the white day TFS and pilot were really, really low? I used to come out with tons of copies in the past few ones, but this time I barely got one each.
  18. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I don't know, the AoT event was relatively easy with 300%+ atk up... I don't ever recall time being eaten considering Takeru's skill 4 hit + one skill from yui killed it in an instant... Either that or Eren's 3000% dmg usually will one hit it. The 2 giantsfrom the event are crap tho. Eren's giant mode is pretty nice with its stackable 10% atk up whenever it kills something. The Fubuki is OK. Minori is OK. The Takami and PAV is absolutely another God Tier TSF. In case you haven't notice, all the character and TSF were the highest voted forfrom the voting events earlier back. Guess i'll wait it out for the SSRs Some of the TSF from the recent event are pretty crap such as the valentine event TSFs. However if your new and have nothing else to use. They are good. If you compare them to the earliest SSR rank units. they are 2x stronger and cost less space as well You can use Lize without her custom TSF and it will work better. But her TSF have pretty nicestats when awakened. Even when it goes berserk, as long as her unit is not your leader unit. it will usually survive and do decent job at killing things randomly. most of the newer TSF gets higher % of effects from their passive skill when LB higher after awakening. older ones or certain TSFs do not. During event some also gets higher event bonus when LB-ed.
  19. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Likewise for the TSF, limit break to maximum for this event.
  20. Collector's Corner

    Nice! Yeah I got most of my TSFs from Akiba as well. Here is my new setup, got a French Rafal (next to Tornadoes)and Black IJN Fubuki (in front of MG Rex)
  21. Collector's Corner

    Pretty neat ! This is making me want to try and get a few things but I shouldn't right now (^~^;)ゞ
  22. There have been some news on Photonflowers pretty recently.
  23. Collector's Corner

    A few purchases from the past few days... and the view in a certain place in Akihabara. Left my heart there
  24. what about the machine does that get better bonus too?
  25. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    We use The game won't die anytime soon, they aren't the worst at DMM games rankings either. Free SSRs are decent, and also event bonus characters have better bonuses when limit broken to maximum.
  26. I cant wait any longer.. Finished the trilogy twices on a row, im probably going to start it again soon. Im kinda disappointed that so far we had 0 news about the Photon games. Please give us something Anything!
  27. The AoT event was fun though the extra steams upon Titan deaths can at times made game time even shorter, I think it ate extra memory or something. Though from the HOPE units, the only ones I really liked was Minori & the rifle Y-23 (gameplay wise, they're all fine). The HOPE & DESPAIR attributes reminds me of the EXTAClasses in FGO actually. Mmm, Haven't gotten any of Pre-reg SSRs yet as well but they did say the rewards were delayed,maybe the rest are after the next update? We did get most of the ores & tickets I think? Event's almost over again, I kinda' want the main story to continue again. EuroFront stuff should help vitalize our interests a bit maybe. Oh, reminds me how we've actually delved into The Day After stuff now (I want my Melvina). Such divergences could potentially lead to more interesting plot stuff. Been wondering if the the joke event TSFs are worth keeping since most ofthem are just "Meh" & eating space & using them w/ their odd looks is just weird mostly. Though certain ones w/ unique effects seems usable (like some of the Valentine ones w/ seemingly nice passive effects) but again...too weird. Oh! Is that Lize custom unit w/ the unique ability really go berserkafter some time? That seems "fun".
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