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  2. Anime Central 2019

    We have two Muv-Luv related events on the schedule for Anime Central 2019: Cosplay Gathering - Friday, 2:15 PM- 2:40 PM Panel - Sunday 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Hope to see you there.
  3. This thread is for reporting bugs, typos, and submitting feedback regarding photonflowers BETA release. When reporting an bug, please include the following: 1. Full description of the bug 2. Steps to reproduce the bug 3. Screenshots (if applicable) 4. Your system specs (OS, Processor, Memory, Graphics Card) For typos and grammatical errors, simply send us a screenshot, or a brief description of the scene and which side story it occurred. Feedback and criticisms are very welcome. Please keep the discussionscivil and try to read other member's posts before submitting anything.
  4. Besides, you as developer/company gets a share for every transaction made for any card or emote or profile purchase done in the steam market place. Its a 3-5% each transaction, so I don't see a lose for you to implement other than just financially win for you and win for fans and collectors of this game on steam.
  5. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    funny thing i got into muv luv after i saw the trading cards in someone's inventory in steam (the moment it went non trade-able already) and I was not aware that the new version on steam didn't include so i bought it
  6. there is a reason... people can craft boosters, and I am also one of the persons who wants to buy the old version just to craft boosters so I can get the cards, unless the trading cards gets introduced back in the new version. Is there by the way a reason why the cards have not been reintroduced along with the new version? like what is holding this back? (some say certain steam requirement, but no one knows except the devs and steam for sure)
  7. My Vita Shipment

    You're lucky I got no notification at all and I've emailed numerous times and gotten no replies. I feel seriously scammed. Really bad management to not even pretend to help me instead of not even responding.
  8. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I have not received any shipping notice or my VITA games. No one will respond to my emails. I'm very unhappy with your support help. Can someone finally contact me?
  9. [Idea] Muv-Luv 4: Nemesis

    ''When a story ends, a new one begins! After Love......and's time for Hatred!'' "物語が終わると、新しい物語が始まります! 愛と絶望の後、憎しみの時です!'' @The Muv-Luv Team Since the day Muv-Luv Alternative came to an epic end, I always thought that the adventures of Shirogane Takeru are far from over, and this idea of mine, Muv-Luv Nemesis, is the kind of sequel I wish to see for this amazing visual novel series; now allow me to show some of the elements of this project: -A return to the origins, but without forgetting the elements of past games. As I can tell, Nemesis is focused on the original world of Shirogane Takeru with all the new characters from the Unlimited timeline but don't let the appeareances fool you, because the mechs also will make a return with a new total way. -An international tournament about mechs?! Since in the whole world there is the passion for Gunpla, I thought it would be nice to add it on a Muv-Luv story. The story of Nemesis take place precisely after the events of Muv-Luv Alternative, where all the characters from the Unlimited suddenly appear on the school of Takeru, turning his life upside down, but few days later across the entire globe is launched the Valger-On 2.0, an upgrade version of its predecessor that allows players to use their own customized GR minifigure. To celebrate its huge success, an international tournament has been made, sponsored by two of the biggest corporations of the world, the Mitsurugi Zaibatsu and the New-Gen Corporation, and the Hakuryou High School has been chosen to represent Asia due to the high presence of skilled Valgern-On players. Once again, Takeru and his company of friends must face another challenge, but they will soon learn that this tournament is not what it seems and a dangerous battle awaits. -A cast of new characters awaits, as well a tough group of villains. On the International Valger-On Tournament, a lot of opponents will stand in the way of Takeru; some of them might be arrogant, some friendly, but one thing they have in common: every one of them want a piece of him and the group of girls who stand at his side. The Bulldozer Team: the team that represents North America and will fight the team of Takeru on the quarter finals; their GRs are heavily modified for close-combat as their earned their nickname for their brutal attacks and force tactics. (it represents Strength) The Squadron Team: the team that represents Europe and will fight the team of Takeru on the semi finals; it is the most variegated team, as every single member comes from a different country like Italy, Russia andGermany and different personalities; it is the only team who respects Takeru and his friends; their GRs are customized for different type of tactics, making them more dangerous as their work as a team. (it represents Unity) The V.O.R.T.E.X. Unit: the team that represents the New-Gen and will fight the team of Takeru at the finals. This team is well known for their advanced training and to have never been defeated by another team and for their black red theme of their GRs; they will be the main rivals of Takeru and his friends. The team's name comes from the initials of every single member. (it represents Rivalry) Valder (The Rival): if Takeru is the Yin, Valder is definetely the Yang; Selfish, cruel and strong, Valder is the opposite of our main protagonist, although his face remains hidden on his red mask. Trained since childhood to be the best fighter of Valger-On and answering directly the orders of the Chairman of the New-Gen, Valder is a force to reckoned with. Since he took command of the V.O.R.T.E.X. Unit, he never lost in his life, claiming the title of the ''Unbeatable Emperor'', until the day he will come face to face with Takeru. Oberon (The Brain): Chief tactician of the team and a cunning mind, Oberon is smart as he is unstable, dreaming every possible torture to inflict and laugh maniacally behind his gas mask. Rose (The Beauty) As much as she is known for her beauty, Rose is a manipulative young woman and the only femal member of the team; she loves to play with her opponents with her sniper skills and no one liked to been caught in her crosshairs. She has developed a bitter rivalry with Sumika. Tank (The Shield): The enforcer of the team due to his incredible size and strength, Tank is the less talkative of the team, limiting to answer with growls and obeying every command of the other members; itseems he has developed an antipathy towards Miki. Ether (The Ninja): Fast as lightning, Ether is the eyes and the ears of the V.O.R.T.E.X. Unit; he prefer to attack his opponents with fast attack and then finish them off with one finishing blow;his skills with the sword are second only to his leader and at the same level of Meiya. Xenon (The Alchemist): A sneaky Valger-On player who loves to use underhanded tactics in order to achieve victory and also the weapon tester of the team. The Chairman: The mysterious man who controls the New-Gen Corporation; a cunning man who it seems have old grudges with theMitsurugi Zaibatsu and who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, including putting Takeru's love (the girl who he will choose) almost at the final battle; he consider the V.O.R.T.E.X. Unit his personal instrument and see Takeru and his group of girls (especially due to his connection with Meiya) as an obstacle to be removed. -A mysterious project. As the story progress, Takeru notice that the New-Gen is up to something not good and involves the whole tournament, but only two words are found: Project Genesis. But what is Project Genesis? Whatthe New-Gen is planning? Discover it on a epic story of love, friendship, tragedy and hatred; this is Muv-Luv Nemesis. Thank you for your support and I hope one day this idea will reachthe father of Muv-Luv Franchise, Koki Yoshimune, and the rest of theâge company so that a new chapter of the main storyline can blossom! ''Never give up on your dream!'' ''夢をあきらめるな!''
  10. No. As I said before, there's no reason anyway.
  11. Unfortunately, I was late with the purchase of the old version and at the moment I have only a new one. Is it possible to buy or otherwise acquire the old version of the Muv-Luv game?
  12. Greetings ! If you've claimed the old Steam keys and played before the rights transfer, you should still have the games in yourlibrary. However, you'll no longer be able to get Steam trading cards so there's no reason to play the old version of the Steam release over the new one.
  13. My Vita Shipment

    Hi there ! Yikes ! This is kinda late ! Was it the company which is taking care of the shipment that you ended up contacting? Have you tried using the email in this (now closed) form ? This could be a long shot but maybe someone will be able to track it down. I hope you'll get sorted out eventually…
  14. Hi, I have a new version of Muv-Luv game. Is there any possibility to restore an old version or purchase / download in any way old version? Version without cards doesn't satisfy me. Please help.
  15. I received an email that my shipment was on the way because the first batch was sent to the wrong address. THIS time they still got the wrong address. I live in the District of Columbia but the sent it to Washington state. I haven't heard a thing from them since I emailed them back. This is really stupid. I was looking forward to this too, but I don't think I will ever get my games that I PAID for.
  16. Unable to install the 18+ patch

    that's weird, it worked for me juz fine
  17. Hey all! I've Googled, I've browsed the forums, I've looked inside my heart, I've tried to ask Marimo under the cherry blossom trees, etc.

    It looks like Photonmelodies (the Photon with Altered Fable) is coming, but I can't see any clear or even vague "when" beyond a vague post or two from 2016 and another fuzzy post from early this year.

    Any updates on that project?

    Also, while I'm here, thank you all for your work on the main trilogy. I thought I had no interest in VNs and you all showed me I was very wrong. Thank you bringing us the Muv Luv magic.

    1. Klashvorn


      Yahallo~ !

      We were teased about progress on photonflowers last month on Twitter.

      I get the feeling it won't be too much longer before we have news. Just a little more patience, it'll pay off :mlheart:

    2. testskwrlz


      Thanks for sharing this! I wish they'd consolidate those updates to here. I remain excited. :)

  18. Unable to install the 18+ patch

    I have played the game for almost 5 hrs, there should not be such an notification which says I need to run it once... And afterwards I have also tried to run the game, exit then install, but still the same notification
  19. Unable to install the 18+ patch

    run game on steam, exit game, install patch. worked for me.
  20. Unable to install the 18+ patch

    exactly as the error says, u need to run the game on steam once 1st b4 u can install the 18+ patch. run game, exit game, install patch.
  21. Hello all, I have bought the Muv_Luv Directors Cut from Denpasoft, but I cannot install it, everytime I tried to install it prompt a window and says "Muv_Luv needs to be installed and initialized(run once) for the DLC to install properly". I have looked up many all instructions and I still cannot fix it. Has anyone encountered such an issue? How should I solve this?
  22. Hello all, I have bought the Muv_Luv Directors Cut from Denpasoft, but I cannot install it, everytime I tried to install it prompt a window and says "Muv_Luv needs to be installed and initialized(run once) for the DLC to install properly". I have looked up many all instructions and I still cannot fix it. Has anyone encountered such an issue? How should I solve this?
  23. Takemikazuchi Model Full Build Video

    Well, I do plan to build it... But while I'm generally good with manual stuff... I SUCK AT MODELS and I'm scared.. This was a great help
  24. I sadly have not received any of my kickstarter pledge rewards yet, or a notification from DHL that it has even been sent. Hoping to receive a response from the M-L team about it soon, though. So here's hoping!
  25. Have you received any response from them? Same problem here, I'm located in Russia, just returned from a long vacation and discovered that they've shipped my package via DHL. Of course it was returned to USA, just filled customers form + emailed tanaka but comments section on kickstarter doesn't look very encouraging, many ppl are not receiving any response at all
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