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The Muv-Luv Team

Box Signatures

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All Collector's Boxes will be made in the US, and all TSF Boxes will be shipped directly to the US as soon as they're completed as well. Because of this, the Muv-Luv Japanese team can only sign clear stickers which will be included in the boxes.

The options for $150 and above Collector's Boxes are:

  1. Printed Signature of Yoshimune-san on a Mini-Shikishi.
  2. Hand-Signed Clear Sticker by anyone from the Muv-Luv Team in Japan.

While all $300 and above TSF Boxes namely Raptor, Takemikazuchi, MiG Balalaika, Cheburashka, Aligatori and A-10 will have either a signed sticker OR pin badge:

  1. Takemikazuchi Chibi Pin Badge
  2. Hand-Signed Clear Sticker by anyone from the Core Members of the Muv-Luv Team in Japan. (Yoshimune-san, Baka-Ouji Persia, Kichikujin Tamuー and Spin Drill) 
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