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Will I get digital codes for the games if my pledge includes a physical copy?

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Yes! If you have pledged for a physical copy, you will also receive digital codes for Muv-Luv (Extra+Unlimited) and Muv-Luv Alternative for free.

If you have pledged for a PC physical copy ($80 or $100 tier - NOT Add-On):

  • Digital codes will be emailed to you as soon as the games are released in Steam. You will get a code for Muv-Luv (Extra+Unlimited) when it is completed around March, and another for Muv-Luv Alternative when it is finished in Summer 2016.
  • The same digital codes can be used to activate the downloaded games from our website.
  • Physical copies will be DRM free! :)

If you have pledged for a PS Vita physical cartridge ($80 tier - NOT Add-On):

  • We will provide you a choice between digital PC codes or Vita codes in the BackerKit survey.
  • If you choose digital Vita codes:
    • They may release a little later than Alternative (2nd game) PC's release date. Codes for both games will be available at the same time.
    • Before we send out the Vita digital codes, we will send a verification email so that you can update your selected region. We'll be able to generate codes for regions outside of the U.S.
  • The digital codes are region-locked and will not conflict with the upcoming Japanese Vita release this January.

If you have pledged for All Digital Tier ($125) or Collector's Box ($150):

  • You will get digital PC codes.
  • You will get to choose between digital Android or Vita.
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