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  1. Vote-rigging for fun and light novels

    @DrunkMitsukiwas right: rigging polls is fun. Vertical, which publishes manga and light novels in English, is running one of their semi-annual polls. The usual stuff: how old are you, what do you buy, hey is Barnes & Noble still in business…that kind of thing. The third and final page has an open-response section for requesting manga and light novels they could license. You know, like all the Muv-Luvprinted stuff we don't have here. Hint hint. Caveat: their guidance says not to request manga over 10 volumes, which knocks out the Muv-Luv Alternative manga (already on vol 15, and only just starting Operation Cherry Blossom).However, the light novels of Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken are only 6 and 7 volumes, respectively, and they're not from a publisher that's off-limits to Vertical's licensing, so it seems like they're fair game. Y'know, like, if all of us wanted to see how Total Eclipsereally ended, or wanted a non-rushed version of Schwarzesmarken. One tip: the light novel textbox only has room for one entry, and it must be under 30 characters. So pick one or the other, and if you want TE, keep in mind that"Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse" is 35 characters, so figure out how to abbreviate it.
  2. Not much to say. Today the VN opening for Schwarzesmarken's first part has been released. Personally I think that choosing fripside for the song was a mistake, specially as everything I've heard put Schwarzesmarken as even darker than Alternative and the Day After, and even the OP leaves that much clear. It's not bad, but it could be better. Still, the rest looks as amazing as ever. Probably one of the things I'm looking forward to the most. Hopefully we can have it without having to wait 5 years.