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  1. BackerKit Lock down Concerns

    We've closed down all backer surveys (without pillow case pledges/add-ons) last March 7 Japan time. Payments - I received a notice that my card was charged, and it failed.Am I no longer part of the Backers? If the card payment failed, we will trycharging you againin every 15th and 30th of the month. Our estimatedtime frame for closing BackerKit is15-30 daysafter all the pillowcase designs are finished--most likely by end of April orMay. 2. I've pledged for $1/emailed to be part of the campaign, butall physical tiers/add-onsare no longer available! We'll be getting thefinal minimum orders within thisweek or next,and we'll reopen a few physical goods likecollectors boxes,BETA limited add-ons by then. We'll keep you posted! 3. Order changes for locked down pledges This is pretty difficult, because it's been November since Kickstarter has ended. We may not be as strict as your nearby local stores, but we are dealing with plenty ofmanufacturerswhosincerely halted selling theirgoods/ stoppedprocessing a fairamount ofmaterials for the Kickstarterforsuch a long period of time. March 7's unfortunatelythe farthestextension given to us, otherwise our partnership with them may fall apart. We have sent alllocked down answers to the manufacturersalready so we could move aheadand get started with production ofgoods. Until we confirmed the minimum orders, we can't make any changes yet. Please bear with us.
  2. Hello, Sorry if this has already been asked before. I heard that the uncensored "patch" will be available on the official website when it launches, but either the website is extremely hard to find or I'm stupid. Can someone post the link to it for me? Also, since they extended the Backerkit lockdown date for a week, does that mean I have until 3/7 to make my final decision (I'm still debating on getting upgrades)? Thank you in advance.
  3. Sorry if this is somewhere, I just can't find it. Thank you!