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  1. Yes! If you have pledged for a physical copy, you will also receive digital codes for Muv-Luv (Extra+Unlimited) and Muv-Luv Alternative for free. If you have pledged for a PC physical copy ($80 or $100 tier - NOT Add-On): Digital codes will be emailed to you as soon as the games are released in Steam. You will get a code for Muv-Luv (Extra+Unlimited) when it is completed around March, and another for Muv-Luv Alternative when it is finished in Summer 2016. The same digital codes can be used to activate the downloaded games from our website. Physical copies will be DRM free! If you have pledged for a PS Vita physical cartridge ($80 tier - NOT Add-On): We will provide you a choice between digital PC codes or Vita codes in the BackerKit survey. If you choose digital Vita codes: They may release a little later than Alternative (2nd game) PC's release date. Codes for both games will be available at the same time. Before we send out the Vita digital codes, we will send a verification email so that you can update your selected region. We'll be able to generate codes for regions outside of the U.S. The digital codes are region-locked andwill not conflict with the upcomingJapanese Vita release this January. If you have pledged for All Digital Tier ($125) orCollector's Box ($150): You will getdigital PC codes. You will get to choose between digital Android orVita.