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  1. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier What is Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier? Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier (MLSF for short) is a browser game based on Muv Luv that be played on It was released in September 2016 and new content is still added every week. Unfortunately there is no new English version. In this game, you collect characters and TSFs of the Muv Luv universe, represented by cards, and you use them to fight the BETA or human forces. Besides the gameplay, there is a main story as well as dedicated stories for each SR and SSR characters. The video bellow gives a concrete overview of the gameplay : Is there any English translation available? Unfortunately, not really. Very few English-speaking players know this game and even less can read Japanese and are willing to translate it. So far, I’m mostly the only translator. Even so, not much is done. There is an outdated wikia that still contains very useful information about the game here : By reading it, you should know enough to play the game. I’m planing to improve it but…I’m alone and I prefer to translate the main story first. Anyways, if you ask a question here, I’m sure someone will answer very quickly. What are the characters and TSFs in the game? As of January 2017, almost all of the major characters and TSFs from Muv Luv Alternative, Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse and Muv Luv Unlimted The Day After are released. What about the story? The game has a main story that you unlock part by part as you clear the main quests. In the main story, you, the player, is a high school student in Yokohama. And one day, you and your childhood friend Shirakawa Minori are pulled into Muv Luv Alternative , some days after the beginning of Muv Luv Alternative. I will let you discover the rest by yourself. Besides the main story, the event story (related to the main story), each SR and SSR has a character story. In the R18+ version of the game, that character story is a hentai scene with the character. In the all-age version of the game, it’s instead a chapter about the character. The character stories don’t have any relation with the main story. They are like omakes. Is the game fun? The game is like Kantai Collection. The graphics are 3D but limited and the quests are very shorts (3 minutes max). The game was made to be played on smartphone. If you like collection and Muv-Luv, you will surely like it. One thing that will surely bother you is that you can’t play as much as you want. There is a stamina system. When you play a quest, your stamina is used and when your stamina is completely depleted, you have to wait several hours to refill it. You can refill immediately with special items ( one of them can be bought with money). The gameplay looks promising but unfortunately the game is unbalanced. Quests are at high level too easy (especially with SSR cards). However, major changes are going to happen soon. For example, a multiplayer mode will be added. There are new events every week. Is the game free? Like many DMM games, it’s a free-to-play but pay-to-be-the-best. In this game, the most powerful characters and TSFs (rarity SSR) can mostly only be gotten through money. BUT it’s perfectly possible to clear any quest with only free characters/TSFs. Since there is no pvp, it’s not really a pay-to-win. Even without paying, it’s possible to get all the cards in the game but it’s incredibly difficult. Many cards are only available through events so it's important to play every week if you don't want to miss anything. OK it looks interesting so how do I begin? Please read the wikia : and then You need a VPN or live in Japan to play the all-age version. You don’t need a VPN to play the R18+ version. Note that the game progress is synchronized on all versions of the game. For example, you can play the all-age version then the R18+ version and then the smartphone version. Useful links: The wikia : The reddit : The all-game version of the game : Previous thread : Some pictures of the game: Information about the current event 2017/03/22- 2017/03/30 "信念の刃/鋼鉄の翼~ 忠義と忠誠 " The Blade Of Conviction VS The Steel Wing~ Devotion and Loyalty New characters and TSFs : SSR "The Blade Of Conviction" Naoya Sagiri Skill : Temporary reduce the damage of the enemy attack skills by 50%. Can only be gotten through the event shop. SSR "The Light Of The Destiny" Koubuin Yuuhi Skill : 30% of chance of resurrecting one destroyed TSF. Can only be gotten through the gacha. SSR "Unreachable Feeling" Ayamine Kei Skill : Cancel all buffs of the enemies around you and reduce the damages done to your squad members around you by 40%. Can only be gotten through the gacha. SR Komaki Sayoko Skill : Heal 60% of the HP of your allies whose HP is less than you. SSR Type-94 Shiranui (Imperial Japanese Army Color), Technique-type, Sword XM3 skill : When attacking normally, 30% chance of cancelling the target buff Can only be gotten through the gacha. SRType-94 Shiranui ( 1st Tactical Armor Regiment Color ), Technique-type, Sword XM3 skill : When the enemy uses their skill, your attack is increased by +50% for 5 seconds. Can only be gotten through the gacha. Event quests: There are 5 event quests : beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme, ultimate. All enemies are speed-type so bringing technique-type is greatly recommended. The enemy is weak to sword and shield weapons. The enemies are Gekishin and Shiranui of the Imperial Army. This event is the sequel of the previous event. During the last quest, the boss will spawn after you kill a certain TSF on the top-right part of the map. The boss will always aim for the leader. After you kill the boss, you will get Gold, Silver and Bronze Emblems. You can trade them for items and SSR Sagiri Naoya. If you squad is alive at the end of the quest, the number of emblems obtained is increased by 25%. If you S-rank the quest, the number of emblems obtained is increased by 25%. Story: The chapter 16 of the main story is released. It's about the second part of the Coup d'État. There is an event chapter that you unlock by playing the event quests. It's also about the Coup d'État but from the point of view of Sagiri and Walken. Important Event missions: Clear the beginner quest 50 times > Reward : 1 R-ticket Clear the intermediate quest 50 times > Reward : 2 R-ticket Clear the advanced quest 50 times > Reward : 1 HR-ticket Clear the extreme quest 50 times > Reward : 2 HR-ticket Clear the ultimate quest 50 times > Reward : 1 SR-ticket Multiplayer: See the wikia page : Gacha: The first gacha is the half-year anniversary of the release of MLSF. For 1 G-Ore, you get a HR card or higher. The rate of SSR is multiplied by 3. The second gacha is a box-type gacha. The SSR inside are the new SSR Yuuhi, SSR Kei, SSR Shiranui, SR Shiranui and SR Sayoko. Others: Some bugs were fixed. Stamina cost of all quests divided by 4. There is a birthday daily login bonus (gives you 50 G-Ores in total).