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  1. Live Action Muv-Luv

    I madea joke about a Live Action Adaptation ofSchwarzesmarken filmed in Germany not too long ago but it got me thinking.... Since Muv-Luv has Spin-Offs of the Expanded Universe in Games, Light Novels, and Anime then coulda Live Action Spin-Off havepotential? Whether it be Fan Made or Official? Now I know lot of people would be against the idea right off the bat but if you stop and think about it the general setting ofAliensattacking Earth has been done in Television and Films plenty of times! Hypothetically itdoesn't even have to be a direct Adaptation of a story from Muv-Luv and can be a new story thatjust happens to be in the same Universe! SoI'm genuinelycurious to see what other people have to say about this. Do you think anything made in Live Action at all is doomed to fail or do you think we can get something awesome out of it? Personally if there ever was anything made in Live Action I'd hope for a Starship Troopers Homage and make things go full circle