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  1. Collector's Corner

    @KJOI it was hard to set them up but I managed to come up with something reasonable for scales. @TyradraLooking nice! @Klashvorn Also here is mynew setup. Got myself an extra Detolf and and some other stuff.
  2. Collector's Corner

    Great collection my friend. Also you made me buy Sumika Figure by Koto. I reallyliked how they looked all together in you display.
  3. Collector's Corner

    Here is my new additions to my collection. Sorry if some of images are blurry. HOLY SHIT! 450$?! THAT IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN MY METAL GEAR REX!
  4. Collector's Corner

    UNF! You guys have great stuff. Here is me, started collecting big time 4 months ago. (and this not complete, I have bunch ofA3son the way and a Meiya 1/7 by Koto)(sorry tried rotationg some images didn't work.
  5. Muv-Luv Feedback

    So far cropped CG is my biggest concern. This has to be fixed as it is charring at points due to image being to close of some details not beingseen.