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  1. Has there been any word as to a proposed release date for this? I understand the game just came out on Steam and so the devs want to test it out to work out any last bugs before vita cartridge production. I just have not seen anywhere that indicates when we might expect to see the game, or at least a little bit of a time frame.
  2. Uncensored or All ages?

    I am guessing there is no way to patch the Vita version, correct?
  3. Basically what the title says. I just found out about this now, which was waaay too late. But it seems like I could still get the Vita physical copy. It seems like this is only open another 3 days and I just want to assume the team is swamped with emails since I have not heard back yet. I just wouldn't be so worried if I didn't goof this up and cut it so close to the end date. EDIT: Nevermind the email showed up. Thanks!