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  1. Sitrep update they added some kind of "Boss Rush" event stamina 20 bosses: 45 separated into 3 sections for P-S-T respectively, with each sections consisted of forts, hammerheads and trebuchets event type is kill them all until the time is up prize pretty amusing, XM3 disc, awakening bluey thing, skill 100% up upon checking, first try, you could get HR ticket as well from silver crate
  2. good move Age and stuff, information for new game, anime adaptation, and so on including the next SF event, they said tfw livestream only explains why schwarzesmarken name was used probably Typhon or Fenrir would come, and i just have 54 gems now, if Typhon comes out, i'm dead meat this mid event soon is giving me goosebumps
  3. sitrep pretty much LB'ed the niggamilf and golden eagle from the drops only, with twice LB'ed niggamilf the drops this time was pretty generous for me, compared to my shit before, which is only 2 typhoon from drop wtf dude. ssr ticket bought, got dupe raptor, damn
  4. from my 250, i got 2 ssr, both are new and same, i got new same card twice in a row lmao wtf dev
  5. black widow a rifle type too lmao, stamina 30 is all boss, the boss are the fubuki sentai from squad C along with freedom fighter a.k.a. murican eagle and neon A-10
  6. for the event, not yet play but it gives you free ssr berkut, which is nice, and niggamilf , the exchange rate seems same (havent played the quest) hey, a ssr ticket at the store, sitrep yep, thats it, my 250 gems pretty much "poof" no ishkur
  7. HOLYSHIT DUDE!!!! THAT MECH EVEN JUST FEATURED ON THE LAST COMIKET OI!!!!! DA HELL!!!!!! Edited. Yep IT'S A FUCKING ISHKUR HOLY SHIT DAT ISHKUR STAT DAMMIT THE HELL DEVS!!!!!!!!!! 250 gems, a.k.a. all my resources gone no ishkur lmao
  8. Just check it, find kyoko's kanji from the wiki and look at it. Btw, how much is the points cost in $
  9. Judging from the picture Its able to get limited ssr
  10. @striker2521 nah, it's not Zerberus's Typhoon, notice the lucky strike-ish logo on right shoulder armor, that's English army color, zerberus color would be black for sephiroth, crimson for zeppeli, slightly grayish-silverish with yellow lights accent for ilfriede and girls, cobalt for blau leader version, pure white limited kotobukiya would be for our best muvluv milf after marimo sigelinde, white-slightly greenish-silverish for british army, and the bluish mass produced is the one used regularly and by rain dancers. this one would be british, but still a part of euro front material, that is why. WE NEED MORE TYPHOON
  11. Thankfully my Harubro is so damn underrated and i hope she doesnt get any more SSR
  12. Btw, we got new login bonus, angket something, someone please translate these hierogliph, and fpr what purpose is it, i used my first one on a rafale yet it doesnt give me anything. Also, the mount pylons for rafale is different, dem details
  13. @Reis i think we'll got the update time at the same time though, you can see it by updating, i'll post some ss soon 40 stamina yields 29.998 points on my first try, no boost, cheapest typhoon cost 400.000 SPARTAAAAAAA btw, no more ssr ticket, doesnt matter, my typhoon has come but i still want that power typhoon lmao
  15. Sitrep Havent played this since several days Got 3 ssr tickets and 70k points, im not sure i'll able to pkay this event again due to cheapo drops, insane price (wtf 360k) and my civil servant test. GET THE FUCK OUT HERE TYPHOON DAMMIT
  16. sitrep first of all, this full stamina is killin' me, restarted my phone every 2-3 runs, i need to change my citizenship into Kazakh's lol already bought all the first 3 ssr tickets, meaning already 63k points achieved, and fuck this shit, this is the drawback of too many ssr, 2/3 i got duplicates, wtf, well, at least it would add the limit break since i'm so lazy to use the SSR from gacha because the SSRs from events are much promising. with the girls bought from the 21k points tier, i only need two more of minori and inia, and one more for kasumi to fully LB them. current points, 19.333 points, i must get 390k points to get the remaining 3 ssr tickets. gacha crystals, 144 gems, actually already spent 50 before yet fuck this shit, only 1 sr and i already had all, lmao rolling when no rate up btw, if you can survive with s rank by using someone who have the boost tsf, you could reach 1500-3000 points at 40 stamina. question, the previous event (1st SFGC) had their 50 stamina right? i wonder if they will have that one here as well.
  17. reminder to not speculate anything here due to muvluv's surprise nature it even could be some high-tier females for the next one i.e. Marimo btw, already got all three ssr characters, and 2 ssr tickets, sadly, one of them gave me duplicate shizuku, while the other, ssr fubuki 207, wtf la, give me typhoon total ssr count, 88 current points, excluding 42k already spent, 7300points, yes i do plan to play this thing until i got all 6 ssr tickets on 151k tier each. and this really surprised me, minori is on the top while inia being the least, i thought inia would be on top of the ranking. last event was beatrix which is an obvious choice, every cultured man would choose her tho
  18. okay, shitstorm on 40 stamina, no more harves 765 tickets 765 IF THIS SHIT DO AN IDOLM@STER COLLAB LATER I SHALL FORGET EVEN MY GIRLFRIEND
  19. new event soon, and i like how they become punctual lately, the game even already updated at dmm site edited again, maintenance not done yet lmao Lmao holyshit, this event would be a bloodbath now thay give you 2 ssr tickets from each characters to make it worse, each ssr cards are at 21k and 151k points tier each, so you need 151k points to get all ssr ticket not yet trying the quest
  20. Just spam at lower part tho, already got all 3 ssr tickets as well Still no ef2000
  21. Sutrep Already got all 3 charas Already bough ssr ticket from beatrix's side Havent bought anything from lislut And 7000credits for the SF girl whos the name i dunno Gonna farm until at least all ssr ticket bought The first ssr ticket yields iris's yaranaika WHY NOT TYPHOON