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  1. okay got nice piece of information from all of u guys regarding this event's shenanigans, thankful for that sitrep able to reach 3000 golds again, yet no takeru, who cares lol, already got him, each run if i found myself with a friend who got boost, 130-150 golds, pretty neat. also, my current g ores, 2, will see how much it will raise with all those SRs i got and also, 85 HR tickets sitrep raises ores from 2 to 80 from all HR i got damn i love this event
  2. @haloff1as usual, it never shook me on how you are able to read the namek runes perfectly, thus, helping out this forum, hats off, so, current status now, i put 2 rinkas, one still lv70 no LB, and the other LB until 2 times, no resources left sadly. should i combine them into a single rinka, or just let it like that? and is they will be able to boost the drop for incoming events or no? since i dont plan to have two same characters on my list and btw, so far, with a help of boost from friend, i could gather at least 100 golds in a single 40 roll, d a m n
  3. my friends now 80/6 tho, try it again so, should i LB her?
  4. yes, i just check it via the team change and WOOOHHHHHH BRB CHANGE LEADER My id is Nexiva / 19620378 now imma check if if i put both rinkas on the team, would it add more drop HOLYSHIT 2 rinkas, 1 more rinkas from friend yields crates blue/silver/gold 13/16/10 MAAAAAAANNNNNNN meanwhile just one, yields 8/7/2 ok imma put those two
  5. brb add, approve me or riot just added you, btw minori boost drop rate?
  6. Got exact 50 gems, tfw why not What the helk with this result lmao
  7. lol summer and winter comes together, gg also, they lately brought some existing cards back, starting from sr isumi back then prepare for another sr hospital later
  8. Maintenance now Lets see what the dev got for us soon
  9. Ah the old times, when i could farm ores using n characters lol. Yet dont know about and keep selling them without realize you could farm them over and over again. Late to realize lol. And yes i did got SSR from hr ticket Another speed machinegun berkut. Dude, got 3 of them wtf give me typhoon Still 48 ores now, must get 50 before tomorrow
  10. also btw, tomorrow it says it will have maintenance do they gonna add midway prizes like what they ddid back then? oh please spare me, i dont have any ores right now
  11. holyshit, no wonder she's damn wanted here sadly, lost 250 ores, daaaammmmnnnnn
  12. what is rate up i'm blinded by the fact that akane makes your team yields more gold chests yet wasted 250 ores, 5x11 rolls got 2 SSR, Tsukuyomi and Shizuku welp..... okay, real life, see you later imma do my best to raise up to 250 ores again and no akane on my friend list whoever got akane, use her as leader please btw what is the new akane ssr's skill? is she boost all drops? or what? is it effective outside this event or not?
  13. Try to save up until 3000golds like me, and hopefully u'll get that womanizer
  14. @Imabot Damn this bug, sorry imabot Okay, so pretty much almost everyone here got the walking love nuclear, thats good. Right now my consent is just to gather as much munakata-touko-tsukiji as possible to farm g ores, i have a feeling next event's gaha would be good 250ish right now. Raise it to 500? Why not? But im not gonna play it relentlessly again i think
  15. @Imaboti think takeru will be usable in this kind of enemies. This is a reference as well tho since in this takeru. He is pretty much plot armor when dealing with multiple close range and several heavy lasers betas, i doubt he will be able to handle lost of small lasers or another mg-sniper tsf out there Swarm of long ranges could be difficult with him, takeru even confront it using xg-70 lol, and during coup he is just escaping
  16. 3000golds Lets see what will i got Yep, got him, only one tho, on 4/10 rolls, im officially done, thus, take it easy from now on And enough SR to raise the ores until that much
  17. @Kashiwagithey automatically filled one heart each time you fuses same sr-ssr character, still got the reward, check your mail Still no takeru yet, still on 1000 gold
  18. @m3nth0l yes, you limit break the SR and stuffs using the disks and medal, but it will just add an empty heart, not auto-filled if you uses the same character, that is what the heart item works, to fill that heart, in any occasion it will add 100% or one filled heart @Reis lol, but lets see hows this things turned out, right now because i flunked my 3rd gold roll, i planned to gather 3000 golds to do 10 rolls, hopefully i'll get takeru, only him remaining. Yes, thats what i want as well, i want mine black, or if i got the yaoi fighter version or walken's, of course i want it with their respective color, the suggested gimmick where they suddenly vanish and reappears could be a more rational choice since raptor itself at the muvluv universe works like that, where it moves so damn fast it creates an illusion where it would seems vanished, thus some says that you'll be dead already before you detect them on radar, will suggest that on their twitter. my current plan is while im gathering 3000golds, kept using the bronze and silver, get as many SRs as you can, first heart filled by the item, then use the same characters, maximize it to get 3 ores, keep doing that and i think i already earned around 20 ores just by doing that, will keep doing that until at least i got one takeru and will save the ores, approximately i planned to raise my ores up to 250 (currently 193) to prepare for the next event, if they suddenly put euro front, since munakata's six million euro boyfriend silvio is featured. and right now i just reached 600golds, i will ganbarimasu
  19. @Reisyes its my phonebrendering problem, when i tried browser and nox, its grayish, either way, i want mine black, come on. Remove this feature 😔 Well yes basically i do resign from the event, and just playing regularly after getting the prizes, namely just playing without exploiting thebstamina bugs and pretty much got those lol. Sitrep 3rd time gold roll, flunked, but at least got the 00c, now just takeru left Also SILVIO IS HEREEEE COME OOONNNN. EURO FRONT PLEASEEEEE @haloff1 is that another muvluv reference? Where akane loses an eye and cannot use her other hand after the hive base incident? Lmao the devs r playing with us
  20. Btw speaking about the skill when dead I think it has something damage 0 or like that for the shiranui xm3 skills, hows that?
  21. @m3nth0l yes, at my phone is pink, its whole body is pink, i dont know about the other raptors, but mine is the dual machineguns, power type, raptor infinities from past events, but when i uses desktop browsers its grayish, i dont know if its my phone's rendering or what. but anyhow, i dont like it, bring back its original color, i want to look at my jet-black infinities current device, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, yes i know it might out of time, a fossil, but it packs quite better specs than my last Lenovo K4 note which are laggy, at least here i could enjoy their action in 45-60fps in hq
  22. rather than shitting around about the gacha rates which is always ridiculous in any game. when they will fix the Raptor's stealth feature, it is good, but.... MINE ITS PINK yes, for the computer use, the stealth ver shows as a gray-ish stuff, while at mobile app, it's pink i miss my black infinities already, every single time i'm looking at my Power team with that, feels gonna cry since it became kamen rider decade or it could be turned off? someone, help Sitrep After lots of shenanigans and intense getting oral-ed (tfw change my clock into oral, kazakhstan's time zone) managed to get enough for the big haul, namely 1x gold, 2x silver and 2x bronze And this is what i got, just need the takeru and 00c and i will resign from this event Note, the results are bronze-bronze-silver-silver-gold
  23. yes, the event will end at July 25, next week. ah yes, i noticed the small ching chong under the button, the gold sets yields the grand prize-3rd prize tier, and so on, just there still no percentages . And for the drop itself from 40 stamina Note, this is so far, the most i got, i repeat, the MOST amount i got, i havent checked about the existence of boost chara etc