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  1. Newest update with gacha And as usual Dmm points only
  2. pre registered using email account tho, i think they would be more into money stuff in play store ver, due to the easy access of PS. multiplayer? heck, who the fuck cares about that when they put event one after another without any rest, even idolmaster is giving several days for you to rest after an event to play the other song or just to have fun, this one? event event event
  3. some shitrep This event i think pretty much was good, bought and maxed out the white takerumikazuchi is highly welcomed, and with my kasumi cp, got both boosts needed, not bad. for the drops, i dont know if this thing tries to cheer me up after flunked 250 gems for nonexistant haruko, i got haruko shiranui roughly 12 units with one from store, while only one strike eagle drop so far. other items drops also well received, i already XM3ed almost all of my 63 TSF units so far (only 5 guard types left which i was unable due to low silver guard mats). not bad actually, but still, its sucks for not getting haruko UN coins now at 2288, if i could get 2500 from this event i'll buy that tsukuyomi, or maybe saved it up like hell until at least 5800 by the end of the year to anticipate for other new SSR, maybe haruko will be there, who knows. hopefully i'll get that new haruko soon after she's available in regular gacha, i only have 38 gems so far, ungrindable
  4. holy shit i just realized that the white takemikazuchi is a boost mech, so, whose unit is it?
  5. why must haruko got limited ssr just why what did i do wrong why no more rate up why just why
  6. Sitrep Tomorrow update, the next event, prepare your anus. Grinding my new Lise on the T quest, i noticed something, the ticket drop here is worse than the P quest even though i brought 2 boosts, at P i could get at least 100 while at T only around 30-50 even with two boosts. Got various stuff including T ticked, wasted it on beatrix, thats fine. AND MY HR TICKET GACHA GAVE ME THIS AAAAAA NOW I HAVE ALL OF HER FOR NOW
  7. ah so it seems its my miss, i checked again and yes, boss dead means game ends prematurely, my bad, i thought they changed it since it looks like that at the 15 stamina one, welp yes you got a point that only boss drop the ticket, but hey who knows who drops it since the gold chests are dropped by the others as well, and the ticket always appears last on the prize list, so who knows it's from who, since on several previous event, sometimes regular mobs is the one that dropped the rainbow chests. sitrep i am not playing it again, already got all the SSRs, and i think i have less intention to XM3 my remaining mechs, already awaken all character tho, but even if i wanted to XM3, this event doesnt drop that, so yeah its sucks, lets see how they will wrap it up later oh btw, the half stamina campaign will ends soon, watch your play, spam it
  8. I think no, killing the boss here wont end the game directly, i do kill the boss first then im even surprised i could still go on
  9. Sitrep This rerun hallowen is a bliss, they put another chara for boost means i have a chance, the gap is so wide, whe without any boost back then its just 20, now with meiya only i could get 120 Get 5000 And got this on 800th
  10. at the news section, until 21st, the gacha is until 28th
  11. yep, halloween rerun event is back and they convert your remaining prizes to the new ticket good news is, now they put the other boost character, just perfect i have meiya to get the boost ticket, i only need lise from power department, i also got mikoto as well
  12. just chill when doing that dude, we highly appreciated you since you went such lengths for that. too bad this game's texts are not copy-able
  13. this is why we need translation to understand this game ._. damn why there's no script about this not so evil sitrep bought each ssr ticket, wadatsumi, and raptor, with no drop at all i stop playing this due to shitty drop and no xm3 discs
  14. Well, thanks to @Reisexplanation, now i know more, yes my biggest problem actually my inability to read moonrunes, thus putting the strongest by testing it one by one, and i completely forgot about the bikini lise healing ability due to low attack she got, not im on a better run, but not the best yet with this team. Also sitrep, 35k golds and no single tsf drop lmao, bought the only wadatsumi and ssr ticket gave me rifle shiranui with moon background, not what i'm looking for tho but its better than duplicates
  15. @striker2521 straight line sniper ey, one of the best might be my waifu, Haruko, she's a perfect one for straight rifle type, but her attack is not that high, and she comes in somewhat balanced stats, i uses her always though even not as leader.
  16. i couldnt say that i like this event, since so far i only see them as something shitty. Usual no step up gacha, who cares. Medal again? come on, this kind of event always shit, the most difficult quests only yields roughly 200 medals, 400 at most (gold), dammit. To make it worse, the old boosts cards are really bad. Yuuko is not too common back then, even if someone have it, they will not get any friend point since it's a damn CP. For Fikatsia, this is where the thing gets really damn shitty, her skill sacrifices 10% of her health for boosting up skill gauges, it does matter with this enemy boss but her stats is too damn weak for a leader, then what? put her as member? yeah and then she'll keep auto skill until her health gets blinking red and then dead by single hit, which means no all alive bonus, even though you have health 100% item, it'd be a waste of time, really. And the boss is trebuchet class, arguably the most annoying beta strain out there. Goddamn area attack, health as thicc as milf, and when you kill it always brought your team with it by secreting chemicals when died. Recommended use of sword and missile type tsf? go fuck yourself game, using missile means your missile will be dead by those lasers, and using swords will make your tsf close enough to get the worst damage from trebuchet. seriously wtf
  17. Well, don't quote me as always, but even an old geezer like me also found it difficult to finish the hardest mission, but with that being said, i'm able to get A-S sometimes. Here's my current team that i uses, before the past several events, i blindly assembled it which leads to wasted gems and health resources, but after looking at the recommended stuff, i couldnt say i could aced it but yes, my resource usage reduces patiently. My trick is first, never use auto, auto will only attack the nearest enemy without even considering their health, so sometimes your team could leave the enemy while their health in red because there are other nearest enemy. Manually control over your team. Recommended weapon for this is machine gun, but it wont be wise to put all machine guns due to snipers enemies, i brought along some snipers as well only to spread enemies' aim, sometimes the enemies are distracted not towards you and it would hit your team, and by manning your machine gun in the position to put lots of enemies in range, boom, elements attack. Well and of course, boosts and power ups everytime you see its getting wild, recommended power ups for sniper type enemies are speed up, though you should get it tho, but no fret since they put it at mid-leveled quest several events ago. Not bringing sword type here especially as leader, let alone missile, but if you dont have anything more, well put 360 skill there. My suggestion is, if your team still damn low, just exploit the stamina bug to play as much mid tier event as possible to gain points, doesnt matter if its 3500, you just need to play it like 1000 times, i've faced hell even worse before namely aligatori and kyoko event, that was insanely shit. Even though my team is like this, but its not perfect yet, since i just modified the tsf from the autoselect, the most important thing is to know what your character and tsf do, yes you who could speak languages from wakaliwood would understand that more, since i've seen numerous times at twitter that they could finish the most difficult stuff just by using SR and some hR. Spam it, at least to get one tsf, one ffrom each quest, eventually you'll have the full team to take on the future events to get more stuff.
  18. Ultra epic and high appreciation for @Universal98thanks to you we all know what's happening in the gamefor the start. From what i saw not too long ago at dmm forum, with the help of shitty technology called google translate and bing, this past events, the character. Is pretty welcomed by new players because it gives them an option to strengthen their team without needed to have all SSR, but its from the some that i saw though
  19. Indeed the one that gets attacked and damaged are the TSF, so having P pilots is one of choice. But correct me if im wrong and dont quote me on this, i ever read around twitter that if you put the scenario like that (P pilots in T TSF against S enemy) some says that it increases your vulnerability in getting critical damage from enemy and reduces your maximum special move damage towards enemies. Yes P CP would still gives double effect and buffs still there. But again, please correct me if im wrong since i never done that due to my team stuff, and for common sense to not putting the weaker elements inside, but yes as long your tsf is the stronger element, its the safest option, at least if you put T tsf it would still protect the P pilots' vulnerabilities by certain degree. The thing i am still never heard about is how big exactly is the critical damage by elements, i mean how many percents, does it inflicts 150%? 200? Still have no idea for that since i rarely paid attention to the damage numbers lol Spartans at the events are not bad though, if you need 1.000 runs, then just play it 1.000 times, especially with the discounted stamina. It makes me remember my first hell event, which was SSR Aligatoru or Kyoko, my team are still somewhat weak and i wasted lots of resources including crystals, done runs like hell without even sleeping much, and got one drop from the long week. As Michael Bay Witwicky said, no sacrifice, no SSR. It helped me a lot for future events though, and they gives us stuffs with decent stats, remember the overly shit stats TSF from various older events that leaning extremely in only one aspect like attack but comes with toilet paper armor
  20. That Marimo SR is a 360 attack, i used her almost all the time when I just started playing this, try adding her and welp, when your army is still that much, i only could say welcome to hell my brother. One thing that you could use to strengthen your army, is to spam like hell at lower stamina, exploiting the stamina bug like no tomorrow, get at least 2 million points to buy each copy of TSF, luckily, lately they put all prizes at the store, rejoice for that, the most important thing here i think is the TSF since it's the one that do the damage, and considering the trends, they would put each type consecutively so from this one, you could strengthen your speed department to prepare for another hell later at P event. 2 millions, my friend, surrender your soul to the scumbagness of satan called DMM. Or add another 1,1 million if you need that SSR ticket, and hoping that you dont get the same Sucks thing is, for us especially for new players and you, they removed the crystals from normal cards and no more rate up for crystal gacha, ultimate sucks. Once I ever posted my account at some japanese players via twitter and messages, they even willing to pay me roughly $800 to buy my account, i did considered that though since i'm ultimately broke almost every single month, but i guess it was the right choice to not sell this since there were no more friendly systems, the story would change tho if they still gives us rate ups and crystals from normals. EVIL SITREP Already reaches 6,4 million points, bought all the mechs and SSR ticket. Terminator only need 1 more drop to complete LB, ACTV Eagle already done LB. SSR ticket luckily gives me bootleg Kaede Takagaki, forget her name, no care, directly LB max and awaken, no more unawakened chara in my collection. 40 TSFs already in XM3, Only 17 more TSFs to go, for XM3, but even if i got the XM3 discs, i still needs lots of swords and guards materials, only 4 more TSF that i could XM3 for this since they are rifle types. Needs around 1100 silver disks to completely LB all my TSF. Unleash the hell
  21. try to show us what's your "T" TSF lists and your "S" Characters lists as i ever mentioned before, the type during runs follows the TSF's type, but for the pilot it only affects if the CP has the same type as the pilots. "S" type is usable here though it won't give any critical effect, but for the character, you could still uses S type for their skills and T TSFs to inflict critical damages, and if your S pilots are better skilled than your T pilots, put the S CP to enhance them even more to make use of the CP's double effect. Use the pilots for their skills, use the TSFs to inflicts damage to the enemies. And for obvious reason do not put any P there except if you have P pilot with great AoE damage and probably you could put that character in a T missile type tsf and uses them as leader
  22. Tfw just flunked 50 gems for this gacha shit Oh well, time to stop gacha altogether Hopefully the next ssr ticket gives me something that i dont have SITREP Currently reaches 900k points, without the double boosts like previous events, it means i must work twice as hard to gather all the stuffs
  23. Event update. Another TE event. Another Tarisa and Cryska SSR everyday until you like it Plus thing. - Event similar as previous, neat, this time is for XM3 materials. - Still half stamina until the next 20 days. We could see it would be applied for other events. Shit thing - I dont have ANY of the boost characters among my 55 SSRs, fuck. - All common enemies are sniper type. - You think you would get a rotor blade terminator as this event's prize? Too bad, you got machine gun instead. - XM3 drops only speed and machine gun stuffs (mats n chips) but you could get the other from missions achievement. - 30k points in 20 stamina, with the terminator prize in 1,2m and ssr ticket at 1,1m, incoming spartans I guess they would have events for power and technique stuff after this, considering the half stamina campaign roughly covers 3 weeks, and they probably would increase the difficulty even more. So, if you got the boosts, please kindly put it at your first slot and give me your damn ID.
  24. So maintenance today, ETA 1 more hour. But its unusual, the game already updated to ver 1.3.0 at dmm store, the earliest so far, i wonder if the dev already planned the update long ago. Not that i hate it tho, i even prefer this rather than long extended maintenance. I hope it's something similar as before but this time for XM3, half of my TSF collections are not in xm3 yet lol