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  1. @haloff1welp, already feel too lazy to play for the damn xm3 broken unit lol, already got the regular version via exchange tho πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ And my dream unit is still at gacha, namely, typhoon Daaaaamn, i only need that to pair with my harutopkeks
  2. Tfw i even just realized it has the xm3 ver directly Guess i'll try my luck
  3. Well, if its like that, i got a better wishlist. A black takemikazuchi 00c, dual wields, swords type, held it upside down. Guess the pilot
  4. Basically this thing is luck tho, judging from previous event such as purple takemi where i just got 2 of it (including the mission) and sagiri x walken gay combo where just once, all with same effort and stuff with this one, i could say this one is pretty good since the last f22 infinities event back then, heck, for the idol one got worse too. Maybe this is the devotion meter? Dont know, but getting my first hand haruko in one strike is good tbh. Btw, each event, we dont need to get more of it if we cant, just one is enough, material options to LB always available
  5. Keep spamming on 30 stamina and before i realize it, got 20 Almost none, but maybe around 1/10 runs i used one gem to continue the timing. Please refer to my team and tricks on earlier comments And of course some consumables, this event is generous enough to give you consumables as well. Other than that, pure luck
  6. Sitrep The new update is just adding the difficulty and tbh, im already feel kinda lazy to play higher stages, especially when i just tried n dead, well. Thankfully, have just enough points to exchange (i just exchanged it to tickets before, not mech) and exchanged it with the IJA Shiranui. Tfw rifle type and the hell with this mess, dat health lol, well. My haruko ssr is perfect when using rifle type yet i'm unsure about this, judging by its stats. Should i force myself through the 40stamina, or just let it and use another TSF? So far for power i put her in red takemi sword xm3. Also. For rafale, well, i got my 20th earlier.
  7. Well, i could say that my luck in this game are pretty much good, other than my waifu ssr at the first try, 12 ssr chara and 17 ssr mech are good for me to assemble the team to take down most enemies, well, should be grateful tho (and why tf my luck isnt at other game as well) Sitrep on event, right now im just spamming on 30 max to rise my gems, grind my r stuffs
  8. meanwhile from my SSR adventure 14 HR tickets results: as you can see on the right part and i'll be an ungrateful duck by saying WHY NO TYPHOON
  9. Yes generally machinegun tsf attack power is higher, but not forget that its shared through the enemy, it would make the enemy hp lower each time but still alive to attack you, that is why i prefer the single target sword one, the one that matter for me since im lacking on defense stuff cz not much awakening/xm3, my main priority is to reduce the number of enemy as soon as possible.
  10. Yes, the great sword, black typhoon used by bootleg sephiroth potato guy, it would surely use gacha. While it has the typhoon with the axe at gacha, maybe they could make one with the same weapon just in different variation, maybe the pure white sieglinde version or the crimson will. A. Zeppeli custom. Cz mostly the free ssr mechs are using guns which i personally not too preferable, as Meiya said about the gun x sword philosophy, their damage is also low, yes for the new players at early quest would still preferable, but for handling the events, swords are very useful That is also why i did not want to make a full rafale squad
  11. @Reishopefully they will release typhoon on free section, by free i mean from drops or exchange, and a sword type maybe, i really like sword type since it got good speed and damage, the most basic type out there, with the rifle being least, even though it has more range and damage but it's slow af. And the rafale now it has the gacha and free ver, need love for typhoon, moreover hopefully it's Tech one, i really dont want to use the ultra faggot ver TSF lol
  12. Probably just let it into 2 lv90, i do not have plan to make full squadron since i need variations at the team, save it for better plan later if the dev create a new system. And since now we could assemble full xm3, and if i put full rafale how am i gonna do with the f22 emd from last event πŸ˜‚ i prefer it over rafale tbh. But if they put free typhoon later, who knows, especially if they make it sword type. Destroyer is already hell and it add a grappler as well, damn But no worry, 30 still friendly
  13. @haloff1well the proto takemi, i actually have two of it, because at that time i was too busy to play so i did not have much time to play, same story with aligatori which is just one here Rafale drop is pretty high considering i just do the 30, i got 10 so far afaik. Yes sometimes i kill the destroyer too, thankfully its still docile enough compared to the one at 40
  14. Test, damn i hate this bug @haloff1as per your request, this is my lineups for this event Note that i keep doing the 30 stamina one with this and i must keep an eye on it, plus specify some friends, mostly i took the guy with lise or kirke, no consumables. At first i use golden takemi, but after strengthening the rafale, replaced it. The trick is i need to take care of the heavy lasers first, ignoring the smol grappler and destroyers, then right after the boss emerges, kill it directly without paying attention to the big destroyer. As for 40, havent S it yet, but i could manage it just one dead and some hospital consumable, only did once tho And by 30 only and sacrificing some crystals, i got 6 of rafale so far and lazy to count the falcons since i will never use those Time to XM3
  15. So, this event seems asking me to resign in one day 2nd time playing stamina 30, not even touched 40 yet Both appeared
  16. indeed it does come with lower quantity, but never forget that mostly they change it midway tho
  17. a very good news for all of us they do lower the difficulty by lowering i mean, on 30 stamina, you could get the Rafale drop which is this event's main prize so if you are still dont have the combo to handle 40 and above, spamming on 30 is a bright choice a pretty easy too, it just have 4 bothersome heavy laser class, a docile big destroyer and a hammerhead class as the boss
  18. FINALLY FREE EUROPEAN MADE TSF YEAH! and the whole forum unites to cheer the only yuzuka groupie here, COME ON! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!
  19. sitrep have got all three wota tsfs maxed out, none XM3, the highest 40 yields XM3 (sometimes) but aint gonna bother with it anymore. out of gems, drinks, consumables, ain't gonna bother with this event anymore since the drop prizes are pretty much done, well it indeed strengthen my T team without considering the "aesthetic" of course. me right now to developer
  20. So 104 still 86, still less than what i need, damn, and 120 looks painful Okay, time to become masochist
  21. Btw, curious Right now im at lv 99 with 84 cost. How much cost you have? Especially you guys who already at bigger level I think i need at least 87 costs to put 2 XM3 mechs there, i just dont know the cost growth rate
  22. Seems like its got deleted because the fact we are not japanese which actually only japanese should be playing this game. Most probably. But anyway, you really a big help for this community broπŸ‘Œ And i just realized they put another 40hell difficulty thus making the 40 variants into 3, damn. Also, trying the new gacha since it has meiya, well, im not saying i really hoped for it tho since haruko on my palm, so i guess easy to get, easy to lose. And got HR...... With one sR haruko..... Welp
  23. I just hope if they do re-run, it would be still held for both playstpre and dmm ver, so of thet held minori again. We all get as well