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  1. Well, i finally got him after "several" runs he looks dead while carrying American hopes and dreams for White Day lol anyway, it's nice to have a new character SSR, by the way, what's his skill?
  2. Some additional info They reset the exchange number except the shiranuis, thankfully i already exchanged it into those sr tickets, so in total i could salvage 6 of it And they remove the xm3 stuff from the exchange and they put the awakening materials instead And the hell with that gacha This developer...... What in the world are you thinking
  3. It seems this event led us all to sorrow
  4. Lol you got me, yes i almost never bought a power up item, for some reason im still building up my team with the best base stats, welp lol And i just realize it The current exchanging period is just until march 3rd.... Time to spam some more to prepare for the next exchange
  5. Actually, i did, i did assemble my team with the most attack buff and of course the highest stats, but it seems it's still not that strong, i did survive though, just mine is not strong enough, and i always bring those who have multiple targets hits especially for the missile type, my skills are charged pretty quickly too Yet it seems i still need to limit break all of my team members
  6. The hardest stamina so far is not that friendly to me, my tech team is weak af even though i aced the previous events, i cant survive 30 within the tineframe, thus, wasting crystals to buy the time again. So far only 80 golds, i planned to spam in 24, and a shiranui is already fine for me Damn the heck they did to this game
  7. Bruh, i even havent got any single gold medals
  8. Okay, the new event is back to medal gathering, the gold-silver-bronze And now you need to get S rank to get the crystal, dammit, that 30 stamina is way too much Swarms, snipers and machine gunners, bring healers, and how the world it's time out, to S rank you need to finish it within 120seconds I need the tricks for this And the drop for gold medals so far not good, i haven't get any from around 3x 30, and there's a SSR Shiranui Phase2 with the price around 1000 gold medals Help
  9. lots of ssr cards with situational arts have multiple characters on it, a common practice in gacha world so i wouldnt mind with her being with kasumi, i just need the skill.... dude, all up 50%, this this goes straight to the top most wanted list
  10. done the masochistic 100x30 today, got 4 takemi rifle in total, finally a sight of SSR fullteam for my speed department. now im ready for the next thing they'll add sitrep I WANT YUUKO CP SSR and i wasted 10 ores for 2x solo orz
  11. yep, i decided to resign my life into this event since i only got one SSR for Speed, thus i need more, 2 of it was a perfect gift for me, and with another 2 missiles, my Speed team will be invicible, woohoo. that's my other reason too, i need to get the most of this "first batch" gifts before things turns out more hectic with new gifts midway later on
  12. been a while since last time i'm here, damn my reporter job, damn you Trump, damn my worsening body condition. Okay, Schwarzesmarken event ended today, which still left me sad since Pham is not added in regular permanent gacha dammit...... And this new event, got new BETA, Trebuchet class, Speed team required and my speed team is the weakest among all, but its easy enough tho, that BETA got low defense so yeah it's pretty fragile. And SSR Drop again, nice seems won't use that Intruder with that stats, same with the Wadatsumi's back then got my second SSR drop, yes!!! Oh, and for the last SM event, i got Aligatori SSR and only one Thunderbolt, which disappoints me since that A-10 not using its GAU
  13. Noooo, my luck here is fallen down 😂😂
  14. Oh fukh and now i regret why i spent all my crystals yesterday hopefully they will stay in the gacha forever and not event exclusive