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  1. Ssr Harutopkeks already in regular gacha, doesnt matter, still got her first handed 👌 Also, burn your money @haloff1 👌👌👌👌👌
  2. Rule number 1, you cannot predict the developer's plan. Seems the developer is somehow following Cookie's way to not giving any spoilers or flags in what they made, just like Cookie's VNs this whole time since early 2000 Hopefully it's euro front tho, or an obtainable hospital chara
  3. Nice one mate Tfw now im on chill mode since i got pretty much the important stuffs on the exchange, notably the girls and sr tickets along with the power ups Cant wait the next event
  4. does SR Iyo same as the one in point exchange section? edit: my bad, i got her lol, im kinda confuse with the above mentioning rinka or misaki as drops, since i dont remember the original chara itself lol whats inside 40 a ramming destroyer fort grappler hammerhead trebuchet belkehead, the umbrella laser
  5. Lemme see which one is it Hopefully rinka is another hospital
  6. Havent play it more, but you said there is a chara drop, who is it? Same as the exchange one?
  7. What i want Euro Front need some love And another hospital-skill chara, same as rinka, so i could attract new players
  8. *Interviews So, tell he, how do you feel about the newest Inia gacha, the dev keep spamming her since beginning, have you considers putting real money here? *Push mic
  9. Collector's Corner

    New stuff here It might be just one but this special item is something my gf gave me as birthday present
  10. Well, do not blame me if you dont get what you want lol, but for now at least lately, here and in im@s, i got what i wanted by kissing the gacha button lol Then again, its luck But the Haruko really did a limited one, and nothing can make me happier Now im waiting for the mid-event update
  11. Tfw Kissing the gacha button From 6 sr ticket Got Pham neesan, yiss And...
  12. Very nice fam, what a luck you have 👌 I think i wont do any gacha again, i already got what i wanted and furthermore, she's limited edition 👌👌👌👌👌
  13. This event also comes in pretty docile in nature, yet with some weird stuff, bonus beta they say, but it's some J-8s Stella, why one of my waifus in limited again, well, doesnt really care about other characters again tho since i got Harukeks ssr lol, but it would be a nice collection. Shiranui second phase 2 Demonstration color.... Been a while since last time i wondering when it'll be here, and thankfully its here now via exchange points, woohoo, this baby is my favorite shiranui second variant, nice. Furthermore, it's a speed type, i only have Berkut and Takemikazuchi for the SSR one and this one is more than welcome. Doing the 30 stamina yields around 18-19k points, so by playing it roughly 20 times you already got one of it. And btw, i think i'll just save it for one shiranui for now, in case there'll be some new stuffs midway through as what happened in almost every events they had. The all-rounder stats for this shiranui is impressive 👌
  14. Indeed, the game devs are getting pretty good in making surprises for the fans lately, but i still hoping for more euro-oriented events since they are none so far, they need some love as well lol Actually, it just me who wants to get a free typhoon lol. Summary of this event, so far this is my favorite one, aside from getting the SSR waifu a.k.a. Harukeks, the event prize, F-22 EMD Phase Infinities, is by far my 2nd best tsf after the Typhoon series, heck, i even prefer the EMD phase than the other raptor variants i.e. Walken's and YF-22. Right until this time, one hour before the event ends and getting an update, i got a total of 7 Raptors, which i already limit break'ed one of them into the max cap, while the other two still singles, havent maximize their levels and XM3-ed them due to the lack of resources. For the F-16, i lost count of it, i keep sold'em and just left with one in max lv cap, not gonna use it though, i could put all SSR into every team so far. And hey, my harukeks just need her last love to find out if she's finally having it with Takeru since her 4th story she's having it with him, or its just another dream of her/his (note, so far Harukeks never really in a relationship/getting laid with Takeru or other man at least from reading the harukeks maniax, alt fable, or even her SR here) Tfw pure virgin waifu.