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  1. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    Well, they are working on multiple projects right now. Also, trying to stay a float while being a small company.
  2. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    Ah, I just remember it was advertised at the end of Faust. But, never came out. So it just had my hopes kind of declined. @encrypted12345 I'm glad Melty Blood is finally get a legitimate release.
  3. Thanks, Aurelia-moon.
  4. Okay, after reading the faq I apologize about this post. You can close this thread. Edit: Also, this post clears up the rest.
  5. My first physical VN was Choose your own adventures. But, discounting those my first was maybe Dangan Ronpa 1/2 & Virtue's Last Reward. (Small snippet:I love running into Takeshi Abo's music when playing a VN. He conveys atmosphere real well.) I'm slowing getting into VN & LN. I heard this Game was a great place to start. So I'm really interestedto see where this might go.
  6. Light Novels

    I apologize if this is considered a dead post revival. I'm new to LNs. I've mostly read mainstream ones everyone else is reading such as... Shield Hero Webnovel CH. 309 LN. 2 (I loved the MC starting out and the new take of exploring a world as a support seems fun.) Sword Art Online LN Vol.2 (Feels like relieving the old online era boom. Plus it's fun. Skipping Fairy Arc & Gun) Spice & Wolf (starting soon) Dangan Ronpa Zero & If Kara no Kyoukai (the summaries. Back in the Beast Lair'sForum days.) Edit: 12/6 Forgot one Sword Art Online ProgressiveLNVol. 2 (If you would like to talk to me about any of those series. I would like to talk IMor through pm) I hopeto read these when or if they are released Maoyu Maou Yusha(Manga was nice), Jobless Reincarnation (First volume of the manga was great), & Overlord (I've heard good things about it). After hearing everyone else suggestion. I hope to try a Certain Magical index &Mahouka. (If I go this route I feel I'll end up buying Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax: Ignition) Heres a drawing of Shield hero.
  7. International Eishi Roster

    Arvs USA To see the unveiling of the darkness. Give up some trade and time. To see what some call a masterpiece. This was one of my favorite introduction posts in a while. I love your energy and enthusiasm.
  8. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    I would like to read Tsukihime especially with the remake on it's own way.. But, typemoon is kind of... Look how they delayed Melty blood for so long... Even though another studio was working on it... (But, I don't much about the situation. So it's hard to say.) But, I'm glad to read his works. (Didn't Kara no Kyoukai LN get cancelled in the west as well?
  9. I was wondering how long do we have until it's too late to change a order? I was hoping to add small amounts monthly until I was able to pay for a higher tier. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't on a time cycle near soon and I wouldn't have the tier I would like yet. Once again I want to thank the staff and everyone for all there great generosity and help.