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  1. Haven't been playing for a while but they the nee Ayamine and I had to have my go forher. Well... First roll Boom!
  2. Alright so a new event and is this new gacha roll what I think it is?? If you have a total of 220 gems and buy all 5 of the sets, you get the exchange ticket where you can pick any character in the game released? Not sure what it is exactly but will have to wait for @haloff1 or someone who can translate japanese to confirm this.
  3. @haloff1I did because I had no idea what was going on/what to do on the map. I think on the third try I figured out what triggers what and got it down. Now I can consistently S rank it no problem.
  4. Likewise. I don't own Iyo but the final map isn't even that hard for me.
  5. Are Gold Medals really that hard to obtain?
  6. So for Stamina 30mission you're facing off against F22s. And you want to focus down the Black F22s (Infinity?) however the catch is they don't pop up on your map/radar and you have to manually find/target them.
  7. Oh what battle items are recommended/are you using?
  8. Question

    I think its way too late to be asking that. At the least you can email them and ask but I wouldn't count on it.
  9. Got 3SSR Tickets from the boxes. Rolled x1 SSR Takemikazuchi 00R S-Type And rolled the Scarlet Twins. Like literally lol
  10. Well from my knowledge the SSR Ticket and 5k Yen Exchange ticket are two different things. The Exchange Ticket can allow you to select any character released up to that date you use it whereas the SSR Ticket only rolls from the standard gacha pool.
  11. Well considering the event was about 3 weeks long with 3 phases, it makes sense. Could be because she's one of the least popular characters from Schwarzesmarken.
  12. So we have School Uniform Meiya as the new SSR and new event is a random chest system.