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  1. Character height chart?

    Anyone know where I could find a height chart for the cast? Specifically the core group (valkyries, Marimo, Yuuko, Kasumi, and Sumika)
  2. Fan-Games?

    Ahhh gotcha man, well good luck and nice work so far! =)
  3. Fan-Games?

    Ooooh nice, say wait a sec. Aren't you that guy what was writing that one Providence fic or something?
  4. Backerkit closing a little early?

    Oh dang yeah I was hoping to see if I could add the Vita version to my add ons but seems like that's over now. Show me to wait for the last second lol.
  5. Are You Going To Upgrade Your Tier?

    Oh it is completely evil, she's known about Muv Luv and its emotional meatgrinder for years now due to her other friends and swore off playing it as a result. I managed to whip up a plan in which she can't escape from playing it however~ (its currently well into its 2nd phase at the point of no return and she is cursing my very existence)
  6. Attention Admirals! We have shipgirls!

    Ahhhhh good ol' Kancolle, tried to figure out how to play it and eventually just gave up before switiching to Kan-clone (AKA Warship Girls) at the very least the anime was cute for the most part though.
  7. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    English and Spanish, know a bit of French and German too but not anything too much to be useful really.
  8. Are You Going To Upgrade Your Tier?

    Upgraded from the 800 type-c tier to the kitchen sink tier with an add-on for another collector's edition and another copy of photonflowers/melodies. (The extra CE and sidestories are going to end up gifted to my bestie, after which I shall eagerly await for the trilogy to completely ruin her feels.)
  9. [RESOLVED] Backerkit/KS/Paypal problem

    Yeah just got mine as well. Pretty happy overall. Looks like we can't upgrade past the 500 dollar level tho. Shame, wanted to try upgrading to Kitchen sink.
  10. [RESOLVED] Backerkit/KS/Paypal problem

    Oh I guess I must have skimmed over that. Well I'm fine then.
  11. [RESOLVED] Backerkit/KS/Paypal problem

    Certainly I remember it being said that the paypal backers of would have to be added manually. I guess I assumed they'd have done that over the course of the past few weeks. I'll attempt to get in contact while waiting a few days as well.
  12. Okay so just got the backerkit and realized there's a problem with the pledge amount that's kinda my fault as well but for now I'll just lay out the situation. Back when the Kickstarter was running I'd originally pledged for the superior type-c collection, (with an 80 dollar surplus in order to acquire a vita collectors edition for my friend as well) after the option to pledge through Paypal cropped up however I switched my pledge over to there and lowered my KS pledge to 1$ in order to keep up with the updates and comment on the KS. Which brings us to today as the backerkit I got only takes into account the amount I pledged through KS and not the amount I pledged through Paypal. Anyways I'd really appreciate some help on this matter as its got me rather worried about the fact that I may have screwed up with the fact of pledging through both venues.
  13. Fan-Games?

    Hooooh, nice work man.
  14. The Waifu War Front Lines

    Broken link is broken, you must commit honorable sudoku now ;P