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    I made some music sheets, so go check them out. ^^ I am working with Sibelius and I think I could use those. Mind to share them? PM me please. Made some piano transcriptions and started a new thread where it belongs: An admin should close this one. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  2. So, I wanted to play some muv-luv music on the piano, but found no music sheets online. So I made my own. I had never done such a thing and it's probably not very well done. Nevertheless, I plan on continue doing these. I'll update this post as I make more of these. Please let me know what you think, if I should change anything, or whatever you want, can't stop you. On another note, I have yet to finish Muv-Luv Alternative. So please use the spoiler tag. ^^ Bonds Kokoro / こころ Shukumei / 宿命 Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited OP / マブラヴ Kokuhaku / 告白
  3. I've been wanting to play muv-luv music on the piano. I have tried to transcribe them myself but I'm no good at that. There are videos in Youtube of people playing them, but so far I haven't found any music sheets. I did find one for Alternative's OP Asu he no houkou, but it sounded kind of off. So I thought there was no better place than here to ask. Does anybody know if there's any official / fanmade transciptions of Muv-Luv's soundtrack for the piano?