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  1. Please make everything from Kickstarter such as physical bundles, accessories, pilot's collection box, That's my girl pillowcase, everything available for non-backers for free. I desperately want them. The reason I didn't contribute is because I wasn't sure. Please make the digital codes available for non-backers. If Degica, age, Kouki, anyone involved in Kickstarter doesn't do it, then non-backers will be very sad :( Non-backers are as human as backers! The fact they enjoy Muv-Luv, they both should get the same treatment. Is there anyway for me to contact Kouki? Before I do, can he speak and read English? NO BS btw


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    2. KJO


      I hope you're trolling cause what you're asking is blatantly outrageous.

    3. Vhk38a


      I'm NOT TROLLING! I'm just desperate. Did you back the kickstarter? If so, can you help me?

    4. KJO


      I did but I can't help you at all. From what I've read you're asking Degica to give you $200-400 rewards for free when backers paid for theirs?

      Also it was a KS. It had a long duration for people to pledge and they cut it off after countless delays too. That's how a KS works.. Again they mentioned there might be leftovers but take it as a grain of salt.

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