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  1. Please make everything from Kickstarter such as physical bundles, accessories, pilot's collection box, That's my girl pillowcase, everything available for non-backers for free. I desperately want them. The reason I didn't contribute is because I wasn't sure. Please make the digital codes available for non-backers. If Degica, age, Kouki, anyone involved in Kickstarter doesn't do it, then non-backers will be very sad :( Non-backers are as human as backers! The fact they enjoy Muv-Luv, they both should get the same treatment. Is there anyway for me to contact Kouki? Before I do, can he speak and read English? NO BS btw


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    2. Ikaruga


      I'm sensing secret squirrel trolling right now. Your proposition is riddled with logical fallacies and red herrings. Your stance itself is unreasonable. The way you ended it sounds like it came straight from an over-entitled child's mouth. 

      That, or your desperation knows no bounds. There are plenty of people who missed the KS just as you have but aren't having nuclear meltdowns like you are. At least they have the maturity to move on.

    3. KJO


      Well let's be considerate here. Non-Backers and Backers are both human beings so they should be treated alike. If Vhk38a does get his request fulfilled then it would only be fair if us backers were given the same treatment such as a full refund on our pledge + receiving the rewards for free. Again we are all human beings so we should be treated alike.

      How would the Muv-Luv Team complete the translation+other works on the games, make merchandise, and ship out the rewards is beyond me because I'm sure after returning all the money they made from the KS back to the pledgers, they'll pull the money out of their ass somehow. You know what? Everything in this world should just be given to us for free. We are all eager fans and as customers we are always right.. oh and we're all human beings, don't forget that.

    4. PulakK


      Dude, if you're a troll, good job. If you're not, stop embarrassing yourself. You're only going to piss people off by continuing to make such crazy demands. Honestly, if you can't pay for anything, pirate what you can and stop wasting everyone's time.