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  1. How come this scene doesn't show up in Extra Normal ending 1 route? And how come this scene doesn't show up in Extra Ayamine route? FYI I use Director's Cut Patch in Steam version. I seriously think this is a better way to reach someone who has the "most experience" in Muv-Luv community.



  2. Changing address

    Hi FaceEater, That's quite a problem indeed, thank youfor the heads up! You can update your delivery addressaroundMay/June if you have no physical PS Vita on yourlist ofrewards
  3. Hi everyone,

    We will be replying to emails regarding personal BackerKit URLs by Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

  4. I'm in the military I may be moving before the physical vita release is shipped out. Will there be an address confirmation before shipment? Thank you.

    1. The Muv-Luv Team

      The Muv-Luv Team

      Yes, we will be asking everyone to update their address in BackerKit :)

    2. rlranft


      Additionally, worst-case good ol' Uncle Sam will forward your mail to your next unit.  Unless, of course, you're in off-post housing, in which case you just file a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service and they'll handle it for you....

  5. can you please reply to my PM soon? thanks

    1. The Muv-Luv Team

      The Muv-Luv Team

      We replied to your message. Please let us know your backer email asap so we could process your request :)

  6. Director's Cut patchinstallation guide: Install Muv-Luv on Steam. Please make sure you are using the updated version (1.15). Start Muv-Luv once. If you are a backer and have download the patch in BackerKit -- please remove <uploads_*gibberish hexadecimal numbers*_2F> from the filename so that the two parts of the patch are named "" and "MuvLuv_DirectorsCut.z01", respectively. Extract the zip file, then run MuvLuv_DirectorsCut.exe to install the patch. P.S. If windows extractor and 7zip doesn't work, useWinRAR instead.
  7. The director's cut patch is under QA right now, we'll have an update hopefully before the month ends! >_<

  8. I missed the kickstarter, but am holding on to the hope that spare vita physicals will make it to the store. Will there be an announcement on the message boards or on the main muv luv page when that happens. I try to check back everyday but I really don't want to miss it as I have every Physical Us Released Vita title as well as almost all imports with an english localization from some market or another.

  9. PS Vita Status Report

    Hi Everyone, We're still fixing all thebugs onthe PC version of Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited, and once we're done, we'll start porting the first game toPS Vita. We have mentioned this plenty of times in our replies and previous updates. Please remember we're always here to answer all concerns -- whether it's about BackerKit, Kickstarter rewards, or verifying rumors (nothing spoilerish though!)
  10. Please make everything from Kickstarter such as physical bundles, accessories, pilot's collection box, That's my girl pillowcase, everything available for non-backers for free. I desperately want them. The reason I didn't contribute is because I wasn't sure. Please make the digital codes available for non-backers. If Degica, age, Kouki, anyone involved in Kickstarter doesn't do it, then non-backers will be very sad :( Non-backers are as human as backers! The fact they enjoy Muv-Luv, they both should get the same treatment. Is there anyway for me to contact Kouki? Before I do, can he speak and read English? NO BS btw


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    2. Ikaruga


      I'm sensing secret squirrel trolling right now. Your proposition is riddled with logical fallacies and red herrings. Your stance itself is unreasonable. The way you ended it sounds like it came straight from an over-entitled child's mouth. 

      That, or your desperation knows no bounds. There are plenty of people who missed the KS just as you have but aren't having nuclear meltdowns like you are. At least they have the maturity to move on.

    3. KJO


      Well let's be considerate here. Non-Backers and Backers are both human beings so they should be treated alike. If Vhk38a does get his request fulfilled then it would only be fair if us backers were given the same treatment such as a full refund on our pledge + receiving the rewards for free. Again we are all human beings so we should be treated alike.

      How would the Muv-Luv Team complete the translation+other works on the games, make merchandise, and ship out the rewards is beyond me because I'm sure after returning all the money they made from the KS back to the pledgers, they'll pull the money out of their ass somehow. You know what? Everything in this world should just be given to us for free. We are all eager fans and as customers we are always right.. oh and we're all human beings, don't forget that.

    4. PulakK


      Dude, if you're a troll, good job. If you're not, stop embarrassing yourself. You're only going to piss people off by continuing to make such crazy demands. Honestly, if you can't pay for anything, pirate what you can and stop wasting everyone's time.

  11. BackerKit is not sending me any emails. What should I do?

    Please also check if you have pledged for "Muv-Luv Digital Copy", not "Muv-Luv Alternative Digital Copy". "Muv-Luv Alternative" is the final part of the trilogyand is also the second game to be released later this year. You have two options - you can ask us to upgrade your pledge and add "Muv-Luv" for $25 (backer price), or let us downgrade your pledge and switch it to "Muv-Luv", and then pay $25 later when Muv-Luv Alternative gets released. Muv-LuvPSVita Digital Copy isn't released yet. We'll keep everyone posted for the PSVita progress, andwhen the developers releasethe build on PSN Store.
  12. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    (Staff/Helroius): I'm curious where you got that 94.7% number. Some of the individual scripts had likeness ratings as low as 2% or 3%. If the script had needed less work, we would havereleased the game on schedule last March. Instead, we made the decision to delay, andchose to improvetranslationquality. The game has almost every line rewritten, 300+ images translated andedited to English, and the developers decided to add many features including image switching, even up tothe last minute. The engine was made to work with touchscreen tablets—nobody knew about this implementation at all until it was demo'ed on one of their weekly Fridaystreams.There were many bugs like unvoiced scenes, particular scenes not playing at all, UI/song translation debates, and more, all of which needed to be carefully found and fixed. There were many items whichtook a lot of passing back and forth in order to get approved, and thiscan be stressfulsometimes for the team. We really care about this game, and want it to be as good as possible. There arethousands of Skype chat logs in the main editing group conversation,and I witnessedhow thelines were carefully edited and discussed thoroughly. Have you fully read the Steam version?The team mentioned how Kei's personalityare like night and day in comparison to the fan translation, and more accurate to the intended characterization in the JP version. Nuance and clarity have been improved across the board, characterization is improved, and Extra is actually very funny, now—we've heard this multiple times from fans who were surprised, because they didn't remember Extra being so good in the original translation. Being delayed by months isn't something to be dismissed -- everyone, including the managers, needsto get paid, so going over schedule has huge implications. Say this game was meant to be released by March, and here we are, 4 months overdue. That means 4 more months where everyMuv-Luv team member needs to be paid, and that includesJapan staff from both ixtl and age-soft working on the project. What you said about "we could've done x" during Kickstarter—yes, there were many things we shouldn't have done becauseit just bloated the project scope and made the shipping, inventory management a lot expensive. But we can't cry over spilled milk, especially at this point,and can onlycarry on with the best of our abilities. The effect of getting a million dollars on Kickstarter isn't also as helpful as you think. Like you, most companies we negotiatewith tend to overcharge us forthe same reason—"You're the most funded Visual Novel so you should pay us max price!"If you wanted a straight answer if we made any money on Kickstarter, the answer is no. The "profits"are just enough for developing the game and to make sure everyone is paid, and the rest are going toward rewards fulfillment.
  13. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    We already forwarded a message to the developers asking ifwe will be removing orreplacing any of the OSTs from Alternative. I think it would be best for everyone to wait until we hear from them.
  14. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    We didactually ask ixtl about it. Gab specifically asked: "Also, the soundtrack 'Scandal' (the one like a parody of the Ricky Martin song) seems to have been totally replaced by a new soundtrack, can we confirm if this was supposed to be deliberate? While new songs are good, there will be fans who miss the old ones too (eg me ;_;)" Evan: "i think we should at least ask if there’s a reason why the song “Scandal!” isn’t being included though. i imagine for plagiarism concerns, but i think some people are gonna complain about it not being included, and the new song isn’t even in the same genre. it’s the first thing about the new version i’m kinda worried might be perceived as a negative change" Our communications and assistant manager, Nicolas said: "They removed Scandal because it haslicense troubles in Japan too." (did not elaborate further since he was answering a long list of questions from the tl team)
  15. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    Hi Euphoric, Thank you for the feedback. We did promise we're bringing new songs for the game. "Drama Bomb" may not be pleasing for everyone as a replacement for Warudakumi, but "A Matter of Pride" is pretty good, isn't it? Or did you not prefer having the new soundtrack at all? Nonetheless, we will confirm the OSTs in question and suggest not to replace anything at all. Also, around 50% of our fundingare actually going to production,shipping, and inventory maintenance. We are really walking on thin ice as we tread through Muv-Luv Alternative's localization. If the fanbase will be this merciless to us, then surely everyone'sefforts will fall apart. We are doing our best here.There were many worse issueswe managed to prevent before release (which took months, weeks to reach anagreement from all sides), and we do apologize for everything that seemed like we'veoverlooked. Again, we will try to listen to everyone's feedback, and address them to the developers. We hope for everyone's patience on the matter and a little bit of mercy will do... That's all we're asking for. Again, thank you for the feedback, and for backing our Kickstarter campaign : )