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  1. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    Necroooo.. necrooo...necroooo
  2. Story arc names

    After the Comprehensive Combat Skills Evaluation, I've referred to the unlimited story segments as the Mock Battles, the HSST incident, and the Volcano arc. Beyond that, I can't think of anything long enough to be considered an arc.
  3. Kickstarter Updates

    Then you're obviously not who this post is for.
  4. Anime Expo 2017

    The hotel block available for the premier members is separate from the general attendee block. The Marriott and L.A. Courtyard are gone pretty much instantly once the hotel scramble goes live, but you can usually get a sub $200 hotel within a mile if you book within 10 minutes.
  5. Anime Expo 2017

    I picked up my badge first thing Friday morning and it was about 45 minutes in line. Not sure how busy next year will be since they'll be having events day 0.
  6. Anime Expo 2017

    It's best to book your hotel through AX when they release the hotel blocks, the hotels in the area set aside a certain number of rooms specifically for congoers which go for a much lower rate than normal. Last year I booked a hotel fairly close for $204 a night plus complementary shuttle services. Last year they released the blocks around March but I don't remeber if you needed to have a badge purchased already.
  7. Anime Expo 2017

    AX badges are going on sale next week for anyone who's committed on going. We had a really good turnout this year and had some good sessions with Koki and rienee With Alternative coming out, hopefully we can raise the Muv-Luv flag for another year.
  8. Question about priorities

    The tweet before that stated that they will make the Vita release first priority, it makes more sense to get the actual game out to the Vita owners first since they won't even have the first game yet when Alternative releases.
  9. great cosplay!

    Natsuki / @krotonut is a pretty good Muv-Luv and Visual Novel cosplayer. She's made some pretty nice fortified suitshttps://twitter.com/krotonut.
  10. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I made a pollway back about preferred openingsand there was only one person (out of 60) whovoted for Metamorphose. The PS3 opening was based on the 360 opening which released a year before, and improved a good bit of visuals, particularly the CG animation on the Takemikazuchi.
  11. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    It's officially Muv-Luv with a hyphen. To be fair, Degica themselves have spelled it Muv Luv a few times.
  12. Steam Charts

    Clannad actually sold very well in it's first week, it was in the top 5 spot for a couple of days. Comparing sales of Nekopara/Sakura titles to story driven VNsare apples to oranges, it's a different demographic and has a widergeneral appeal, cause well, sex. If pricing is a factor for more skeptical buyers, then they'll just be waiting for a steam sale, but it'd be detrimental to undersell a title as big as Muv Luv.
  13. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    Quite frankly Mkilbride you already have a reputation of bringing negativity to the Steam forums so I'd appreciate it if you kept it off these forums. Especially with your accusations of our forum admins. I'm speaking for myself, but this community is much better off without these recent toxic attitudes. If you have any complaints, present them with due respect as the people who staff this community are incredibly dedicated individuals and fans of the series, and quite honestly shouldn't be spending any time responding to this level of immaturity.
  14. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    Do you seriously thinkthe Muv Luvteam has the resources to spend negotiating for a single BGM? Just because the kickstarter made a large sum of money doesn't mean they're swimming in funds to throw around, a huge chunk of the money made is already going back to the backers in physical rewards. I don't know why people keep bringing up this issue, there's a risk of a lawsuit and it's honestly trivial to potentially delay the game and put extra work on the team for A SINGLE TRACK. Stop beating a dead horse, if it bothers you that much then gopurchase the rights for the song yourself.
  15. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I'd personally prefer not to have the option available at the start and not show the Unlimited UI until completion.It's less freedom, but it was part of the experience for me when I first played since I was unaware unlimited even existed. Even though most people know it exists, i'd like to see it attempt to preserve that illusion.