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  1. Of course not. The Artbook is part of the the Limited Collector's Box, which is included in the 300$ tier. If you pledge 300$ you have everything from the 150$ tier + the plushie, the bag, the physical codex,the TSF Model Kit and the decal sheet.
  2. 300k $ surplus theories

  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    This thread is almost 3 months old. Wow. In any case, January is almost over. I NEED TO KNOW.
  4. Backed it. I hate myself for backing a sekai project kickstarter, but I just could not give up on a Nakazawa game.
  5. Just a little correction: Sumika loses the ability to reset Takeru after having sex with him,not after her death. That's because her wish was finally granted.
  6. Happy Birthday, Yoshimune-san!

    So yeah, the title it's kinda self-explanatory. Just like the Muv-Luv team pointed out on Facebook, today we celebrate the birth of the creator of this wonderful series, the man who brought every single people here. I would like to make a more complex post, and to express how much I love this man and at the same time how much I hate him. But english is not my native language and really, I'm pretty sure it would be pretty difficult even in italian. So I'll keep it simple and leave the rest to you, my comrades: Thank you Yoshimune-san, I wish you the best and I hope that you'll keep spreading the Luv for many many years to come. This burning passion, this indescribable feelings I have torwards this series, are all a fruit of your wonderful mind. And please, stop chomping our feelings, I beg you.
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    TDA 04 english release + the translation of 00, 01, 02 and 03 too? That would be pretty neat. EDIT: But that's not even closely "bigger than SCHW", so I'm not really sure.
  8. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    Just like most people here, I have no problem with the old art style, but TDA style art would be pretty neat.
  9. In the end, I think it's still pretty tragic. I mean, even if there is Final Extra and everything, it's just another timeline. So all the girls we see, even if happy and everything, are not the same ones of Alt, and Takeru does not remember anything.Andmost are still dead in the Alternative timeline, so... I think that final extra was just a sweet addition to not end the whole trilogy on such a heavy note.
  10. Nope, I already have Steins;Gate for the PSVita.
  11. Favorite Muv Luv Opening

    Asu e No Houkou, like for most people-
  12. [RESOLVED] Collectors Box Digital rewards

    I agree with Orion. I think we'll get the codes for our favorite digital platfom via e-mail, when the game comes out (so March for ML and August for MLA). It would be pretty ridiculous to make us wait tbh.
  13. 300k $ surplus theories

    I think I'll just join the "give us a Meiya figma too" club.
  14. Jilpoong17's Memorial Thread

    EDIT: My computer derped and it ended up in the wrong section, can any mod move the thread? Almost one year ago, on the 21st of November, 2014, Jilpoong17, one of the most well known artist of the Muv-Luv fanbase passed away. Many of you probably saw more than once his awesome drawings of the Muv-Luv girls. Unfortunately, he didn't live to see this day, and it's almost heartbreaking. So let's honor a fallen comrade in this night of joy, and let's remember him byposting his beautiful art. " We’ll see you in another time, when it’s our time to loop. Until then, my friend "
  15. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    I know it's pretty emberassing, but after we surpassed the 900k mark, I just opened the Narcissu KS page and literally started to smash my dick on it.