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  1. Youmacon 2017

    There'll be a Muv-Luv panel at Youmacon in Detroit this weekend. "Muv-Luv: Eight More Minutes of Death" is scheduled for Sunday, Nov 5, 12:30PM, in Cobo Hall room 142A-C. There will be smallswag for all attendees (Sumika and Meiya buttons).
  2. Crunchyroll Expo

    So, I submitted both a regular fan panel about Muv-Luv and one of these "CRX Talks", which are anime versions of the 15-minute TED talks. The con schedule just went up last night, and neither Muv-Luv talk is on there, sorry. The fan panel was actually wait-listed, so maybe I'd have been able to present it if someone got sick or something. Flat out never heard back about the TED talk, which is a pity because what I pitched was a thinky-think kind of rant about history, politics, and Muv-Luv, mostly about how ML is based in Cold War politics, but is also a product of its time andreflects the current era of "The Long Emergency". Next place I have a panel submission into is Youmacon in Detroit in November. That said, I actually will be at Crunchyroll Expo this coming weekend, so if you see an Alternative IV officer or Mitsuki in the Hakuryo summer fuku, come say hi.
  3. 3 months ago, it said "coming soon"

    With all the KS funds, they did a complete re-translation, rather than just tweak the fan translation as originally planned.Thistranslation work seems to be pretty much done. On August 1, koestl said on Twitter: Last nuggetI saw on the Discord was that the programmers were fixing bugs. All the programming work is being done by âge back in Japan, so there could be some slowdowns as communication goes back and forth across 10 time zones.
  4. Anime Expo 2017

    Just realized I never followed up with whether we got to do a Muv-Luv panel at AX, so here's my brain-dump of the whole experience of my first AX. (This is going to be long…) First, no, they didn't accept our panel. I didn't think they would when they only had like 12 fan panels last year. That kind of floored me when compared to my main con, Anime Central, which has almost 200 fan panels each year. Having been on-site, I now see why: AX prioritizes a small number of huge events over having many smaller events. AX has only like 4 panel rooms and 3 workshop rooms. By comparison, ACen has 15 panel rooms (some of which do double-duty as workshop rooms), and looking on Guidebook for similar-sized cons, I foundOtakon 2016 had 7 panel rooms and 3 workshop rooms (that may change with this year's move to Washington DC). So even though AX has three times the attendance of ACen or Otakon, it actually has far fewerslots on the schedule; it's just that each of these events is meant to have hundreds or thousands of attendees, not dozens. I remember being surprised that AX didn't provide a slot on the schedule for Koki and ixtl in AX 2016, but having now seen the layout there, I get it. Still, if ixtl wants to come over to North America and have more than a booth to work with, particularly if they want to make announcements and get noticed,it might make more sense to go to ACen, Otakon, or perhaps Anime North, rather than AX. You probably saw on ANN or elsewhere, but AX continued its tradition of dumb decisions on Day 1, with the classic "LineCon Line Is Line" maneuver. They insisted on doing metal detectors and bag checks coming into the con, with six stations for an expected attendance of 100,000. You can guess how well that turned out. It took me 90 minutes to get in (most of the way around Staples Center and four back-and-forths in front of the convention center), others later reported a three-hour wait. If you didn't already have your badge and had to wait two hours for that, your day was effectively ruined. AX gonna AX, I guess. A bunch of us ML fans used Discord to coordinate and meet up on the Exhibition Hall floor. After rendezvous'ing at the Degica booth (more about that in a bit), we wanted to get a group pic, particularly while @Discalibur was rocking the Takemikezuchi cosplay. So we worked our way to an empty booth and did a group pic there. That's @Aetherdeusas Yuuya, his wife as Yui, and me as summer-uniform Mitsuki. Sorry, I forget who was who on the right — tag yourself, guys. So then,yeah, Degicabooth. Um. Yeah. They had Alternative running, I guess that counts for something? I don't think it was a recent build — the intro movie still had the old Engrish speech. The booth staff pretty much ignored anyone who checked out Muv-Luv or wanted to engage with them about it at all. Except that by the second day, someone had managed to unlock pretty much the entire game, and a booth staffer complained to me about people "messing with our stuff". I thought that waspretty rich, given that they really didn't do anything but set up the game and leave it for people to plod through the first couple hours where nothing happens (a better VN demo was at the Sekai Project booth, where they had a 5-minute video loop ofFault: Silence The Pendantrunning, and they had clearly picked out a short sequence that showed the feel and charmof that game and how nice its engine is). On Day 3, I was back to my Alternative IV / Project Prominenceofficer uniform. I stopped by the booth three times that day in full cosplay of the game they were supposedly promoting, and nobody noticed or reached out to me. At one point, I spent 15 minutes demo'ing Alternative and explaining the franchise to passers-by. Um, Degica, isn't this your job? Over in the Entertainment Hall, they had some good cosplay setups. There was a company called Cospix doing free professional photos of cosplayers, so I met Mr. & Mrs.@Aetherdeusover there, who were cosplaying The Junker and Yumeni from Planetarian that day. AX also had these nicely built and well-lit cosplay sets, so we then didpost-apocalypitic set for Planetarian, and then had the silly inspiration for the following, which we called "Alternative V Officer: 'So long, suckers!'" We coordinated on Discord to find merch in the Exhibition Hall. There wasn't much, but RockmanDash did find Sumika and Cryska/Inia figures at the Anime Bento booth, and I found a Rumbling Hearts clear file somewhere along the way. So, that's my con wrap. I'm pretty disappointed in Degica's non-effort WRT Muv-Luv, but it was great to meet up with so many online friends of the series — in addition to friends mentioned above, I alsogot to meet @Hireiand @CUTYPUMPEXEfor the first time. So that totally made it worth it.
  5. Anime Central 2017

    Sorry folks, panel is cancelled. Family medical emergency prevents me from attending ACen this year.
  6. Anime Central 2017

    Reminder that the Anime Central panel Muv-Luv: Eight More Minutes Of Deathis happening next Saturday night (May 20) at 7:30 PM, in Panel Room 8. If you have set up Guidebook for ACen, here's a link to the session.
  7. Crunchyroll Expo

    Registration is now open for Crunchyroll Expo in Santa Clara, Aug 25-27. They also are accepting fan panel applications. I don't plan to be there, but maybe some West Coast fans could do a Muv-Luv panel for CR Expo? Since Crunchyroll streams the two big ML anime, Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken, it seems like they might appreciate a fan panel playing those up. EDIT: Actually, I might be able to schedule a business trip out there that week, but I can't count on it. So if anyone does get a Muv-Luv panel approved for CR Expo, I'd be happy to help if I end up being there.
  8. Anime Expo 2017

    The panel info page says they're doing programming on Day 0 (Friday) night from 6 to 10, so maybe that's a hint to put in for that time, though I think there's also supposed to be a concert that night, and I'd hate to miss out on the Anime Song Matsuri that brought over Minami and JAM Project last year. I really wish we could just say "any damn time" instead of getting fussy; maybe I'll put that in the extra info field.
  9. Anime Expo 2017

    Fan panel application for AX is now up. I'm going to put in for a Muv-Luv panel, even though they run so few panels at AX there's very little chance it will be approved (this is why you should all come to the Muv-Luv panel at Anime Central in Chicago instead). A couple thoughts I'll put out to the community: Rating? G, PG, or R? I've always tried to go PG to get more flexibility in scheduling, although I got in trouble at AWA for accidentally leaving a "f---ing" subtitle in one of my video clips. Preferred date and time? This is my first AX, so I don't know what the general flow is like… would it make more sense to do a late-night panel that stays out of the way of industry panels? Middle of Saturday so it's more convenient and people actually show up? Monday morning to increase our chances of actually getting approved? Minimum estimated attendance is 200. That's like 10 times what I've gotten before. No problem getting 200 people at a con of 100,000 to turn out for the Luv, right? I can have two co-panelists. I'll save @Aetherdeusa seat because I paneled with him last year at ACen and he's entertaining and knows his shit (DM me to coordinate if you're interested, dude). Who wants to be / should be the third seat? —invalidname
  10. Muv-Luv fan podcast

    @Discalibur: Which Discord channel should I be looking for? I've kind of avoided the Discord, because at first it seemed primarily a place for people to fight about stupid stuff (I mean, c'mon, "discord" is in the name of the product). Speaking of, I started a weekly livestream a few weeks back where I teach iOS development (my main gig), do Let's plays of iOS & Mac games, and then finish with a half-hour or so of annotated Muv-Luv read through. Over the first half-dozen episodes, I've been working through the second half of Unlimited, and just wrapped up the Volcano arc last week. Videos are on invalidstream, or my Vimeo channel. Of course, everyone here knows all about Unlimited… really this segment is part of my scheme to trick the normals into getting into Muv-Luv.
  11. 18+ Patch

    Are you sure? I'm running the director's cut, and I definitely got that scene (looking through my screenshots on OneDrive, it looks like I screenshotted the very next line after that)
  12. Anime Central 2017

    Provisional ACen schedule has usSaturday mid-evening, which would be the best time we've ever gotten. Last year, we were on at 11:30PM Friday (next door to a rowdy dubbed hentai panel room), year before was 10AM Sunday. I should probably start filling out theslide deck, and finalizingco-panelists. Also, looking at my message at the beginning of the thread, my optimism about the timing of backer rewards and the release date of Alternative may turn out to have been overly optimistic. Maybe BETA hoodie meetup will have to wait forACen 2018.
  13. Question

    To say nothing of the fact that the first game has already been delivered via Steam.
  14. Anime Central 2017

    And we are… approved!
  15. Story arc names

    HSST is before Mock Battles (which I've been calling "Paintball"). And I'm considering the events around Christmas and to the end of the gameto be their own arc, post-Volcano.