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  1. Anime Expo 2017

    And my reservations for AX at the JW are set and done for the full duration of the con! Once again another battle of the website to get all the daysneeded. In past years, I would call the housing line because everyone else wasbattling the website. Now it appears the phone lines were jammed up since that secret is out.
  2. Collector's Corner

    I pulled Vol 2 from AGE's shop and pulled Vol 1 from Rinkya/Yahoo Japan Auctions. Vol 3 is appearing to be more elusive.
  3. Collector's Corner

    AGE online shop has the C91 bundle and Daki's. Buy it through your favorite proxy (probably cheaper than what I did) https://www.ec-order.com/age/shop/catalog/110/MCG0000051/SCG0000008
  4. Winter comiket 2016

    I saw some C91 items on Yahoo Japan Auctions via Rinkya. I got this set coming to me.
  5. Collector's Corner

    Ah yes, it was vol 2 I ordered. I stand corrected!
  6. Anime Expo 2017

    Got my Premium Fan badge!Hotels are alwaysa battle to get even with priority. This is especially true of the JW, Court Yard or Residence Inn closest to LA Live. I would like to see the MuvLuv crew again. Hopefully I have more time to try to meet you guys. I am looking forward seriously to Ani-song World Matsuri 2017. Its as close to Animelo as we can get here.
  7. Collector's Corner

    Those Next Answer Artbooks are hard to find. I just put in a proxy order for Vol 3 since it was the only one on Age's shop. I was in Osaka and Tokyo in October and did not see any of those around the shops. I will keep an eye on them when I hit Anime Japan 2017.
  8. Collector's Corner

    Just got her! One more non-MuvLuv sketch for the year. Miki Hoshii by Lunatic Joker
  9. Collector's Corner

    Just got a commission I have beenwaiting on since AX. So I figured I would post it and a few others I have. Artist - Hare Konatsu:Selphine Shirahane Nao drawings of Eri and Max. Best known for her work on Danny Choo's characters. From the Director and Mecha Designer:Shinji Aramaki (Mosepeda) Guitly Gear Akihiro Kanayama (Animation Director):Atashi no Joe Izumi Matsumoto (Creator Kimagure Orange Road): Madoka
  10. Collector's Corner

    Love your shikishi's! Never pass up the opportunity to get a drawing from an original artist!If you have not looked, go to page 2 and page 3 (non muvluv)and you can see some of the ones others and I havecollected as well.
  11. Collector's Corner

    OWEE!Well I am not one to talk, I have spend much on drawings myself. Although I don't collect dika's but I love the art used on them.
  12. Anime Expo 2016

    Yea, the longest I ever stayed out for an autograph was back in AX 2007 with the whole Harui-hi Debacle. I think I was out at 0200-0300 waiting for an autograph that would occur around 1000. So around that time, my friends and I were like 15-20 in line. Before the session, we were like 70 back. Oh yea we were pissed. Also in the end, the Harui-hi crew did not even do autographs and the staff were handing out signed posters. And I was the last one to be cut off. If there was ever a time I wanted to start a riot, it was that time. It got better when they started the autograph ticket system. But then they put it in the dealers room and began issuing at first opening which gave exhibitors and premier the first crack. Even then it was a mess with everyone running for it. Also there were no ticket limits at the time. So I think there were like 2 years were I all did was spend time moving from one autograph line to the next through out the day. The current autograph policy is more or less an evolution of that entire mess over the years. Although your chances arestill dictated by how early one wants to be in line,I think it is more fair because it gives a shot at one guest per line up, which spreads the chances and the autograph load among the attendees. At this point, I prioritize guests, then have backups if they run out. This year it was the music guests because they were pretty well only doing one session. Everyone else was gravy.
  13. Anime Expo 2016

    For some reason, I can never come out of AX without doing a ton of damage. This is already besides, travel, hotel and premier passes. Then you add VIP ticketed events, and the other stuff that cost extra at the con... yea, big bills to pay this month... Here are some of Shirahane Nao (Dmyo) commissions done at AX. My brother got the one of Eri next to mine. https://www.facebook.com/Dmyo.ShirahaneNao/
  14. Anime Expo 2016

    I had saw the initial line "formation" as my friend described it but walked away from it.But from what he told me, there were allot of confused staffers and arguments as to where the line will start. Good thing I waited.
  15. Anime Expo 2016

    Number 61. I was ways back. Yea getting in that line was a spur of the moment thing. I was trying to get through the Artist Ally, but I was physically getting sick from the lack of ventilation in the area so I found my friends right at the end of this que and stood behind them.