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  1. tsf forefront in 2017

    I think it's still dead.

    Mazinger ZERO Hype!

    Mazin Emperor G Hype!

    Villkiss Hype!

    Yamato Hype!

    Might Gaine Hype!

  3. Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

  4. Hello everyone!

    Hello! Welcome to the community!
  5. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Sorry if I missed this skimming through 10 pages, but during Tsukuyomi's raving about the Mitsurugi Financial Group, there are spaces missing in these sentences:
  6. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I'd like a screen that shows the keyboard controls. There doesn't seem to be a menu that shows the controls in the gameand there isn't a manual on the Steam page.
  7. 1- Hibiki 2- TDA Marimo 3- MLA Tsukuyomi
  8. Backer kit Making an Account

    I don't remember any trivia questions either. I think I just had to enter using the email associated with my kickstarter account and did the survey pertaining to what backer rewards andaddons I wanted. Even when getting the code, I just logged in and got the steam keys without any trouble or having to do some sort of trivia.
  9. I just havea couple of questions about the Master OST Collection reward. I hadn't given it much thought before (I thought it was just going to be a compilation of the CDs already available), but now that I'm playing through the game and noticing new bgm tracks anda new opening song, I just wanted to know if the collection is going to have all of the new tracks in it. Also, though I haven't finished the game yet, I've noticed one track, Warudakumi, is missing in places where it played in the original VNs and replaced with new tracks. If they were removed from this new version, are those tracks still going to be included in the Master OST Collection?
  10. It's out! I'm playing a localized Muv-Luv on Steam in America! My dreams may not be that big, but I'm glad they're coming true!


    5K7upFP (1).jpg

  11. Glad that there's going to be an official KimiNozo translation now. Jealous of those who are going to play that then Muv-Luv for the first time.

  12. Takemikazuchi Project

    That's coming along really well!
  13. Any word on the Steam Beta?

    They said in their last update that they were working towards early April.