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  1. I spent 150 g-ores and still no Yui, I hope they had her in the normal gatcha.
  2. Event with young Yui, YES! Just wasted 100 G-Ores and got nothing.
  3. With the SSR ticket, for normal gatcha i mean the one without time limit. She get some kind of long range skill, but i don't get how the debuff work.
  4. How work SSR Beatrix skill that they added in the normal Gatcha? Got two of them.
  5. They should add more rewards for this event... i already done everything.
  6. So for 25G you get only one item of the Bingo panel?
  7. BTW now limit break give lvl up on the card and skill, nice fix. At least one i use another card for doing it, still not tried doing it with items.
  8. Maybe speed one? I'm not using them. P.S. I still got 0 gold badge, and the first SSR TSF cost 1000, what da hell?
  9. I get the S rank at the first try, maybe you need a stronger team.
  10. How do they work the new items that you can buy for 50G?
  11. Muv-Luv Feedback

    This, some anti aliasing would be really good.
  12. Steam Charts

    10 hours isn't enough for a route, not even if you read at godlike speed.
  13. Anime Expo 2016