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  1. Got Inia with the first try. If anyone want her bonus add me, my id 17277524
  2. That isn't the kind of bikini i was expecting in summer.
  3. God bless thisevent, i got SSR Latrova with a HR ticket.
  4. *this, i got 5 yellow zuikakuand still only one red (that's the most i wanted, i have 0 shield speed SSR tsf)
  5. I still have to see a single rainbow chest... and i'm 24th
  6. Shit and way more hardcore than Strike Frontier.
  7. the 40 AP mission is super hard. Edit Done, just bad luck at the first try and i had to put Minori in the team.
  8. Used2 SSR ticket, got 2 TSF that already had. Kill me!
  9. I dobut they are going to release a new one soon, with age standard maybe if we are lucky in two years will get Eurofront, but they'll start release SF event releated to them when they announce the new game. They did the same with SM in the old Muv Luv mobage.
  10. They are going to wait for the new VN to be announced.