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  1. They announced a new campaign, i'm not sure how it work. I just pre-registred and retweeted.
  2. Since they added multiplayer, passive skill work only there.
  3. I feeld bad for you, yesterday i played until late night for get my last 50 gems for SM gatcha and i got only one SR with... I would feel devastated if i was you. I still don't believe how some guy is so lucky to get multiple SSR in one try. Believe it or not, but SSR Irisdina is really strong.
  4. What about the gatcha that cost 5 g-ores?
  5. Yeah. shield Mig-21 and Mig-23 are really good, since theyare cheap and have really good stats.
  6. Got SSR Gretel, that 3x chance for SSR is really nice.
  7. No, but if it's a good TSF at least have another copy isn't that bad.
  8. So sad, that SSR Lise is really strong and with a really nice art.
  9. Someone can explain to me how the Lise gatcha work? In the Box i see only Beatrix and Katia SSR.
  10. S ranked the new mission rank 120. I had to use a lot of gold item, like atk bonus defense debuff and 100% heal on everyone. Obliviously without Minori.
  11. Sword TSF with AoE Pilot skill as captain, Sword tsf are faster and i can kill easely the small beta so i don't waste many time with them. Then i'm using 3 rifle and 1 missile tsf and 4 long range skill pilots
  12. Already got her with my first 40 AP mission.