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  1. In the case of Muv-Luv, they aren't releasing a brand new game from scratch, but are instead making an official English version of the game. However, the article raises some very good points about how unforeseen obstacles in development can completely throw off the development schedule. What some of you may not know is that the translation of Alternative had to modify the existing fan-TL far more than they originally expected, so the basic translation process ended up being far more extensive than they initially estimated. Additionally, it's been pretty well-documented how this campaign's been struggling to balance the multiple tasks of delivering backer rewards, porting the games to different platforms, and finishing up the localization of the core VNs. In the end, we can't really provide an accurate estimate on how hard the devs and translators have it because we're not in their shoes. But yes, whenever development doesn't go according to plan (which is often) these delays are inevitable.
  2. Diving Into Hell! A TSFIA Story

    Hi-res pics plz
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAtCE3lbvNo&ab_channel=jacksfilms
  4. "That" Scene (Possible spoilers)

    "What's up guys, Kouzuki Yuuko here, and today, we're gonna give these Cadets the scare of their lives! They think they're just here for a training exercise, but watch what happens when I release these strains of ACTUAL BETA on the training grounds! KEHEHEH!" "OMG, Shirogane's totally flipping out! He's firing paint pellets at those soldier class BETA! PAINT PELLETS! Where's your heroic resolve now, Takeru-chan! Thought you were going to save the world, did ya! HEHEHEH!" "Well, guys, it's been a blast teaching these scrubs a lesson in humility. You can never be too careful in a world like this. And...aw, Marimo's giving Shirogane a pep talk! That's so sweet of her! Yeah, we're going to come out of this stronger than ever. Now I'll just come out with my camera, and... NO MARIMO! MARIMOOOOOOOO! SHIT I didn't see that coming! Marimo's head is....AAAARGH! CODE 991 CODE 991!!!" "sniff this...wasn't....supposed...too.....happen! It was just a prank, bro! IT WAS JUST A PRAAANK!!!"
  5. 18+ Patch

    Stop bitchingand start levelling!
  6. 18+ Patch

    Patience, my child. All will be revealed in time. In time.
  7. Anime Expo 2016

    I knew it. I knew it would happen. KGNE is getting an official localization after over a decade of failed fan-translations (though the localized anime was really good)
  8. System Shock

    So, I know a lot of news on crowdfunding projects is shared here, but this is a big one for fans of old-school FPS games. A System Shock remake is being funded via Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1598858095/system-shock Now, I haven't backed it myself, but the sci-fi saga (and SHODAN) are pretty legendary in certain pockets of the gaming community, so if you want to see the original System Shock reborn with a streamlined, modernized design, this is a Kickstarter for you! There's even a playable demo you can download via the links on the project page.
  9. Alternative Radio Global Podcast

    It was a pleasure calling into your podcast today. Next time, try discussing your childhoods and how you got into anime and visual novels. Also, I sometimes personallyarrange voice chats on this Discord group (it's the gaming group founded by @Klashvorn)https://discordapp.com/channels/155969142715973635/155969142715973635
  10. Wait, is Muv-Luv hopping onto the Free-to-Play MMO bandwagon? And is someone planning to make a translation patch for this one like they did with Kancolle?
  11. Any word on the Steam Beta?

    Well, the BETA's officially not gonna happen, and the tentative month for the first VN release is July according to the latest update.https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muvluv/muv-luv-a-pretty-sweet-visual-novel-series/posts/1558462 To be honest, I kinda expected something like this to happen. Degica's earlier estimates were way too good to be true. But if people can wait three years for Muv-Luv Alternative and over 5 years for The Winds of Winter, I don't think we got a bad deal at all.
  12. Fun fact: The Muv-Luv Kickstarter officially announced that the new release would support Windows 10. Also, given how the English fan translation is only compatible with theDVD releases from 2004 and 2006, and not the Windows 7 re-releases, compatibility issues wouldn't surprise me at all. P.S I haven't gotten Windows 10 on my system despite having reserved it, and given the stability issues my laptop's been having of late, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.
  13. Quantum Break

    So Remedy Entertainment's new title Quantum Break just came out. Now, I'm not in any position to play it myself (don't have an Xbox One or an adequate PC, for starters) but I've been enthralled by its concept and presentation from the moment I first heard of it, and the let's plays I've seen of it have not disappointed me in the slightest. If there are any Remedy fans or Xbox gamers that have, or are planning to play this title, knock yourselves out. Oh, and feel free to discuss spoilers and lore, as far as I'm concerned. I've already seen the game's ending
  14. That's why I won't buy it right off the bat. Prices will stabilize over time, and you'll get access to a better model too. For now, let's sit back and let the early adopters take their shots.
  15. I remember stumbling upon something with Muv-Luv and Unreal Engine on YouTube, but I can't find it. In any case, VR will have to wait for me, but damn Degica's pulling out all the stops, aren't they? God bless 'em!