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  1. Neither of the physical copies (Muv-luv and Alternative) have yet been finished. The first part (Muv luv Extra and Unlimited) is undergoing rating by the ESRB, so it would hopefully go gold relatively quickly. The vita version of Alternative is still quite a ways off: I don't think it will be finished until the end of 2017 at least. In both cases, physical versions are in theory only for the backers, but Degica has said some times that if there is any surplus they'll sell them off. The how is a bit of an enigma.
  2. Kickstarter Updates

    Seems they are sticking to updating once every two months lately. New update here TLDR: Progress continues, translation is mostly finished while editing is at ~50%. No mention of a release date, though given what they report expecting anything before late April/May would be fairly naive. Vita version (for MuvLuv, not Alternative) currently undergoing rating by the ESRB. The codex is being finished, and the various game boxes are looking fine. Personally, knowing how prone to problems with Q&A and porting these projects are, I wouldn't expect Alternative until June. Hopefully I'm proven wrong,
  3. 18+ Patch

    If you're a backer you should have received a link for Muvluv Extra and Unlimited long ago. If not, you can buy the patch from Denpasoft. In those two cases you will sent to a page to download 2 files; follow the instructions there and you should be able to apply the patch. If you have a problem we have a thread to ask for help. Even if the base game is on Steam, as the patch is obtained completely outside of it, Steam kinda tolerates it. For Alternative I suppose the same will be done.
  4. Kickstarter Updates

    It seems we've had a small misunderstanding and the updates are actually available to non-backers too. It's just that they don't receive an alert when there's a new update, and so unless they check periodically they don't know about it. Want me to continue the transcripts, or simply leave a link from now on?
  5. How can i get this game?

    Done. It's here
  6. So, it has come up in another thread that non-backers have no access to the MuvLuv KS updates, and thus they are pretty desperate for information. Therefore I decided to make this thread with a transcript for the November and December Update, and which I will update with every new update the KS gets, as long as my internet and computer allow it. On another note, the KS's updates are also normally accompanied by various MuvLuv art (normally for the characters which have had their birthday in that month), and shoutouts for another KSs. I might add the former later, while I will skip the shout-outs for this first two updates as of now it's obviously too late. November: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Director's Cut Patch is Released! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Director's Cut Patch is Released! You can now download the patch (NSFW) using your private BackerKit link. If you don't have your private BackerKit link yet or have forgotten it, please email us at muvluv@degica.comso we can provide it ASAP. Non-backers may purchase a copy on Denpasoft(NSFW) where it's on sale as well! Muv-Luv Steam Update, PS Vita porting started! The developers have been working hard to fix the bugs that were reported, and we’re ready to start porting Muv-Luv to PS Vita! We've fixed the following issues for Muv-Luv version 1.15: 1. Made all CGs available uncropped in the gallery. CGs larger than the screen can be scrolled. 2. Guaranteed that certain in-game animations will play at the correct speed. 3. Removed rain animation from one indoor scene. 4. Increased size of font in credits for fort-class sponsors. 5. Moved Steam notifications overlay to prevent it from covering important game elements. 6. Fixed bug that forced game text to be visible when taking a screenshot with F12. 7. Fixed a bug preventing the user’s clicks from registering immediately after toggling the display language. 8. Fixed a bug causing certain scenes to randomly trigger an error message when seen for the first time. 9. Fixed an error in the birthday CG. 10. Fixed one untranslated CG in Tama’s route. 11. Fixed a bug causing the wrong date to be displayed on save files under certain circumstances. 12. Fixed typo on the overwrite save prompt. Collector’s Box Cover Art Poll Results (Will put the images inside a spoiler) Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX Progress Report The pages of the book are being edited and formatted as we speak, and it will take around 3 months to complete work on it. Our friends at Print Ninja will be helping us out with the printing, and we’ll be showing a few sample pages in the next update. Please look forward to it Thank you very much for your patience, we'll continue to work on Photonflowers, CODEX, and the PS Vita port of Muv-Luv while translating Muv-Luv Alternative. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us. Cheers, The Muv-Luv Team December: Mini Christmas Update! Merry Christmas Everyone!! Here's a status report on some of our pending items: Muv-Luv PS Vita port has been ongoing since our previous update, and we may have some big news in a month or so from now. Please stay tuned PS Vita fans! Muv-Luv Alternative's retranslation might take the entire winter because of its enormous script length. Good news:Connor Krammer (aka Ambigravity)is now also part of the translation team as QA and Editor! He helped out with Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited's QA process, and now we've recruited him to make sure the scripts are totally refined before we produce the physical versions. He also volunteered as a moderator for both the Muv-Luv Community forums and Steam forums, so he'll be a familiar face to many of you Physical rewardswill be shipped as soon as possible once Muv-Luv Alternative is released on Steam. If you have pledged for PS Vita physical, your rewards will be reserved for a second batch of shipping which which will be a few months later—depending on how much time the following will take: 1. Muv-Luv Alternative porting 2. Cartridge production 3. Sony approval . To elaborate further, let's say the PC backer's physicals ship in June. Pledges containing a copy of the physical PS Vita version will likely be sent by September. This is still a rough (worst case) estimate, and rewards may ship early if everything goes well.. We'll keep everyone posted! Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX screenshots will be shown on the next update, as theartists involved are on vacation and won't be back for another week. We apologize to everyone who've been looking forward to it! Photonflowerswill be on hold until we finish PS Vita versions of both games. PS Vita for Muv-Luv Alternative will be our top priority after the PC release. Have a great Christmas and see you again next year! Cheers, The Muv-Luv Team
  7. How can i get this game?

    The KS is the main way through which news of the project is given, with all the updates in the link @Tits_Mcgruff gave. We soon should have one this January. I do admit however, I'm not sure if non-backers can see them. Twitter seems to be mostly informal, and this forums is thought more for the community, and probably to report bugs and the like once the release is done (with the release of Extra and Unlimited there was a burst of activity of the admin, which had remained very inactive for a time). If non-backers want it, I could post transcripts of them on a new thread, but honestly, there's not that much in them.
  8. The original translation was rushed out of the door by Ixrec, without proper editing or much of anything else really. It was okay for a fan-translation, but most certainly not for an official release as of now. Ixrec is basically very fast as a translator, but in exchange he translates most of his stuff extremely literally, losing almost all the nuance or characteristics of each character. Not to mention he isn't the best writer too, so his prose is average at best and a total mess at worst. Thus, all the muvluv games are being re-translated, using Ixrec's script as a base. Extra and Unlimited have already been re-translated, and the reaction has been so far very positive (there are a few people who prefer the older one, though with the nostalgia factor is difficult to see how much it is actually due to the new translation or simply due to "changing something").
  9. About Physical Rewards...

    From what I remember all the physical rewards include Alternative, so until Alternative is released on STEAM they won't ship it. They said they'll try to release it for this Spring, but from experience I would say it probably won't be out until June
  10. 18+ Patch

    How do you manage to get that from what I've written? The project was made with the backers in mind and communicating with them, that's why I say it was a compromise with them, but we got the same OP you have, which is 90% of the 2003 visuals with the Unlimited PS3 song, for the reason I said above.
  11. 18+ Patch

    The visuals of the new op are basically 90% from the original 2003 version, added with the theme from the PS3 version. I say compromise because it's pretty clear Ages wanted Unlimited to have its own opening song different from Extra given that is what they've done since (and the enormous problems they had with Muvluv's original production), and this way the backers have most of the old OP for nostalgia while still having what the developers think is their best version. I do agree the lack of original in the theatre is an oversight by Degica, I didn't even realize it wasn't there.
  12. 18+ Patch

    To uninstall the patch you simply need to tell Steam to restore the files, or in case that doesn't work you simply need to uninstall and install again from Steam. After that, as long as you still have the exe of the patch you can apply it as many times as you want. Saves might go wonky (there is no other way to know that to test it), but I think it's unlikely for them to completely disappear (as long as you preserve them when uninstalling). And the change of the OP was in the end a compromise between the old OP and the new one in the PS3 version; in the gallery there should still be the original Unlimited OP.
  13. How can i get this game?

    Not to mention the original game crashes on anything above Windows XP (I think some people managed to make it work on windows 7, but it was an ordeal), and the new release has both a better translation and upgraded art.
  14. Dies irae VN Kickstarter

    To add, here's the translation of the prologue (which does a good show of what the VN will be about), and here a promotion movie if you have far less time. I already backed. Besides that, perhaps add that Dies Irae has planned an anime adaptation for 2017, and that the VN itself is renowned as being possibly the hardest one to translate from the whole spectrum of Japanese Visual novels. If we manage to get it, we can get anything!
  15. Question about priorities

    Honestly, I feel that at this point this is simply becoming a discussion between @Scars Unseen and me, and not about the main matter on point. He does seem to argue that the I'm being entitled and that invalidates the whole argument (which, BTW, is an ad hominem). So I'll make this my last reply to him in order to not bloat the thread even more, and let others decide. There are several problems with this. First, Update #33 specifies that: " As for PS Vita, we will begin the porting process once the PC version’s finalized, probably within the following month. We'll keep you posted!". Not only that forgoes any release date ("starting the porting"; porting it is not an easy and quick process), it also specifies the PC version being finalized. Now, you seem to think that this means July 15th, but to a lot of people "finalized" does not mean censored, riddled with bugs and with cropped art. This people have had to wait 4 months for something they constantly said was coming soon. Yes, we waited 4 months and now we may have to wait the same time. That's completely meeting our expectations to reach another nebulous deadline that they may not even fail in the first place. Yes, in this I agree, delays are painful. Which is why the point was never on the delays but instead on priorities. We had to wait 4 months while we expected 2 weeks. I hope the VITA users don't have the same treatment and have to wait 1 year and a half while they expected 3 months. Surely, if the VITA version reaches their users by 2020 then at that time they must be perfectly happy even after the constant delays! Selfish VITA users, daring to make their voice heard instead of allowing Degica to spend resources to make the Android port! Pardon my sarcasm, but this was never about the present or me. I haven't played the game nor will until at least a year. I'm arguing that changing priorities mid-project will inevitably shaft one group of users. There is nothing more to it. Again, exactly the same can be repeated at you. You seem to also think that what I'm arguing is exactly what I want; which again is wrong (even if the uncensored version reached earlier I probably won't be able to play it until 2018) , but you don't seem to care much about making assumptions. My idea of fairness is exactly what was on the original KS, because that was what we all agreed on when funding it; the closest to a signed contract we have. Changing priorities on that must forcibly shaft one group, by definition, just like it will help another. Sometimes it is justified, because that one group has already taken the blunt of all the problems. In this case a group that has constantly been forgotten and ignored (lack of updates for 2 months for the first time in the whole KS after releasing the game!? Surely coincidence!) will be shafted in exchange of a group which has suffered some nebulous delays of which we aren't even sure. Sure, if Degica comes and says to me "We messed up and if we don't change priorities the VITA version won't be out until winter next year!" I'll accept it. But there's been nothing to make it like that, while we've just had a precedent of waiting 4 months in theory while we had "high priority"; how much it will be while in "low priority"?