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  1. Yes that wasexactly what I wanted to know, sorry for themisspelled words, didn't notice and thank you for the answers.
  2. Hello, I'm currently playing Muv Luv and really enjoing it so i wanted to buy Muv Luv Alternative as well but I have some questions regarding the steam version that i can't seem to find an answer to anywhere, was hoping here maybe someone could be of help. The things that i would like to ask are the following: 1) I know that the game got censured regarding the H content for steam policies and whatnot and that is okay, what i don't understand is (without getting spoilers if possible) if anything else got censured, to be more specific, if any gore/violent scenes got any censor at alland i don't mean only the speach/ text but the images/ CGs themselves (like blurring, cropped black lines or whatver type of censor exists)since i heard really god things about the game and would like to get as close as possible to the experience that most people got out of it palying the fan translated version. 2) Would also like to know if there are any "enchantments" to the steam version since i can't really find anytghin about this either. Thank you in advance and sorry if this has been asked anywhere else but i couldn't find anything, been 2 days straight that i've been searching for info about this trying to not get spoiled on anything about the tory per se and sorry if this is also the wrong section to ask about this stuff, new to the forum so not sure.