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  1. Ok. I am very confused. I have a decent speed squad all maxed, but it appears that they're dealing very little damage in the last two missions of the event. I never saw the enemy's life drop this slowly. is anyone else experiencing this? Also, is there a way to deactivate the little special attack "cutscenes" that now seem to trigger for everyone in the squad? They make missions much slower since there are too many.
  2. Since I'm getting close to 2,500 UN coins, which one of the two S pilots offered is the best? Tsukiyomi or the dude? MY S Squad is pretty weak, so I'm sure i can use some help there.
  3. Yeah. My secondary problem is that 3 of my SRR T TFS are rifle, so those pretty much work decently only with line attackers. For T only I have really mismatched TFS and pilots it seems >_> Tertiary problem, I have no healers besides a single P one. Edit: and now the game is timing out on startup. Not a good day.
  4. As usually, technique events are hard for me. I lack line attackers >_> I have the TFS for them, but even going down to HR, I don't have a single HR line attacker. I have a S one, but she doesn't deal enough damage.
  5. Oh you're right. I misread that. Also, I just got a SRR ticket from UN coins, and got a duplicate of one I had already maxed. Net loss of 750 coins, boy that hurt.
  6. It's really weird. It says that there was a bug in the drop rate of the Type 00A Technique rifle type and its XM3 version in the current event was bugged, and anyone that has one will receive a 100% stamina drink and 5 gems. The issue is that the Type 00A is not a drop from the event, and I didn't receive anything. They didn't say when those bonuses will be sent tho.
  7. Eh. If one wants to spend money, the paid daily bonuses are much more advantageous. You can get the first three for less than 15 bucks, and you get lots of crystals, stamina potions like it's raining, 1 HR ticket 1 SR ticket and THREE SSR tickets in 30 days.
  8. Did anyone manage to actually register for the google play version? When I try to register, it only asks between iOS and Android. Which is the same option it gave ages ago, I imagine. It actually accepted the mail I used for my DMM account, but It's hard to say if I'm registered for the right thing. I'd hate to miss on the registration rewards. Ok. I am now confused. Is there a way to actually buy the Type-00A? Because if there is, I can't find it.
  9. the Halloween event is a blessing since my team is crap at the Speed event. Anyone knows how long it'll run? I cannot find it.
  10. A mission marked at level 80 should be doable by a team at level 80 or over. My team is in average well over that. It's just game balancing common sense. No need to jump on the high horse, really.
  11. Unfortunately I can't. Or better. I survive to the end of the timer, but I rarely see the boss (when I find a strong linear sniper character that someone else is offering), and when I see it, I can't kill it. The result is that I don't get a shot at the TSF drop, and I get like 3500 points max. And that's with the new bonus Cryska in my roster. This is my team. It's crazy that they can't finish the level 80 mission really.
  12. Massively miffed right now. I basically spent all the upgrade materials I had to make what I thought was a strong T team, and it turns out that they're crap against the event.
  13. Ok that method doesn't work. I was lucky to get a SSR Cryska, but it isn't helping much. Here are all my T girls and TSF. can anyone advise a team setup or something I could do? I can't literally get more than a B at the 15 stamina mission.