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  1. oh I thought you meantthe typhoonsdidnt work on her skill with them shes probably good but someone like me that doesn't have those machines probably worthless the girl on your team with the hat would probably be more useful to me she has a 360 aoe
  2. No No I think your misunderstanding what I meant by them not killing anything I'm talking about the rest of my team the 360 aoe's are the main killers of course due to the aoe hitting sometimes ~10 targets at once There's no way that little machine gun triangle even with a 30% range boost can compete with a 360 aoe probably twice its base size. Maybe if was a 200-300% increase itd be nice would probably be about the same size or larger at thatpoint except directed in front.
  3. nah the stupid machine gun radius makes her not a good aoe event lise trumps her easily being that her aoe is 360 and it also heals. probably some premium gacha speed unit that has 360 aoe also but yeah speed aoes are kind of scarce. I would only gacha for dat ass or if you seriously care about stats only if you have some plans to massively increase her range so its equal or better than a 360 aoe. Only way to effectively clear the events in thisgame is the biggest aoe with the most stats so things either don't hurt you or die before they get the chance. So this string of events without any SSR characters other than that stingy ass halloween event is pretty lame.I feel like they'rejust trying to push us to gacha for aoe characters. I don't have that girl btw just comparing some other characters I'm forced to use that also have that "attack is the range of the weapon" type skill.They kill 1-3 monsters maybe with machine guns equipped so I doubt that 30% increased range will help much by itself. My Stasi lise on a speed machine and getting a helper with the event lise are the only things letting my team auto the 30 map with some close calls. the rest of the team are just fluffers for those 2 basically cause they dont kill anything
  4. idk about stats but omg dat ass they really know how to make these girls look good in those suits,but in all seriousness her skill is crap probably unless you have that attack range boosting machine which I dont because Ihad to study. She just does dmg in the range of her weapon with a 30% boost to machineguns andthenew CPjust heals for 20%
  5. whats the xm3 effect on the blue event machine is it any good?
  6. I wonder if the sudden shift in greedy cash only gacha means we will see service termination message soon and they're just try to desperately soak up all they can before they kill the game.
  7. I think most of the line attackers are really narrow excluding this one purple hair loli and that limited blue hair girl that had a giant laser other than those I think I would prefer just all aoe attackers. Only problem is if the aoe doesnt one shot the lasers they dont move and group around you like other monsters so kinda makes killing them a bit of a pain if they keep getting knocked back and away from each other
  8. I meant to get at leastone of those tsf but was busy/forgot ended at 400k points. I guess I just gotta face it no 40 stamina maps with easy rainbows unless its a short fight or some helper with a bonus SSR is a hard carry. It's just too many mobs with too much defense/ attack power they shred my hp so fast 2x healers can barely keep up. Not gonna be able to clear these 40 maps reliably until I get like a full team of aoes with 40k+ attack power and attack or dmg xm3 bonuses seems like anything below 30k results in chip dmg in the high difficulty maps. I did get the rail cannon purple hair loli with my last SSR ticket doing a nice job of auto clearing the 30 stamina maps for me in a xm3 machine evenat skill lvl1.
  9. would any of you that have me added mind putting sword power types on your lead that technique bonus tsf ppl keep using just dies on me and also ruins the awakening skill of my mech 20% bonus dmg to everyoneif only sword types
  10. taken from twitter not sure if that means they bugged the drop rate too high or too low but if its the former might want to spam before they do their so called fix .
  11. maybe if your strong enough to kill them in one hit I adamantly despise rifles like why do they even have the effect bonus dmg to structures when none of the events ever have us destroy building's it useless. Since most of the enemies I fight seem to just mob up and surround me its better to use splash dmg, missiles being the best. Its like pretty much everyone except lise or some helper with 40k+attack power does chip dmg with basic attacks and it ends up just being the skills firing that actually kill the mobs these 30-40 stamina missions recently have all trebs and lasers and the delay from firing guns gets my ppl wiped from the lasers or giant fart explosions from the trebs because their too busy aiming/ juggling their useless rifle to run. probably part of the reason I haven't completed these last few events
  12. oops guess I vanished for too long any luck with the halloween this time around or they still left the rate so low that it was a waste of time?
  13. so these are both rifle SSRs from the event? if so I may pass on them
  14. I'd prefer medal farming because its definite compared to rng farming these dumb ass tickets that give nothing. While it would be nice to have them reduce the number of medals so its doesn't for sure require stamina refill itemsand or playing everyday of the event non stop.
  15. seems like even the jp are complaining about getting 2000 tickets and no SSR ticket and saying stuff like shitty management.I briefly looked at the community dmm part with my vpn. I guess they just like making events where no one gets anything and don't care who they piss off.