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  1. seems easier without the stupid ass destroyers but I think maybe I'm not doing so well cause I had stella in the phase 3 machine both unawakened so pretty horrid hp and defense. Shes dead in the first 20 seconds even though she seems to be the best candidate for the thing havingjust about average for all stats. The only other technique type girl I have with any skill upgrades is the red head with her aoe does does more dmg with full hp guess I should try putting her in one of those stealth machines so that full hp part might actually happen unless that results in her death because she got that ultra high attack power but no hp or defense similar to lise. It feels like to me these laser beta have more defense than the lasers from the last event and they spread them all out over this huge map so Ilosetime killing them. Its like they're the real bosses and the Big boss is just there as a distraction.
  2. nooo makes me feel like I wasted the selection ticket almost oh well hopefully they do it again eventually and put someone else OP in it like that girl with her 2000% dmg giant laser Btw should I awaken this Ef-2000 machine I'm not sure if that says 80% dmg up sounds too good to be true or do you guys think this sketchy plan of using the box gacha maid with this other machine might be worth it? I think it said reflect by a probability maybe this will mean all the shit she aggros with her skill will then kill itself? I only got her at skill lvl 1 right now 40% reduce dmg and attract for 10 seconds she seemed to actually be able to tank all the hits briefly and then suddenly dead idk I guess aggro doesnt drop when her skill ends that or she got hit by multiple lasers and died like a dbz villian. Her base defense also isnt that great but it seemed like I actually got closer to clearing the 40 stamina with her equiped vs the event Blondie(stella?). Doesn't make much since considering I'd gotten like 3 limit breaks on her so her skill fires at 900%so I guess could of been a fluke. Maybe I should do more testing to be sure.
  3. I'm just realizing how much of a trap using lise against these destroyer is. I thought it was my technique type pilot aoe not doing enough dmg to 1 shot them cause shes only at about 500% right now but its lise and the lise helpers I use randomly hitting them and then 3-4 of them will run at the rest of my team while I'm trying to get rid of the lasers. I cant really not use lise andthe other bonus helpers dont seem to exist in my list except the girl that attacks in a straight line which seems rather useless. They conveniently place all of the lasers near the walls so if those destroyers charge they usually pin 2-3 ppl against the wall and instant kill them, itsso fucking cheap. I hate seeing these retarded things running back and forth across the map so much makes me wish I could set bear traps to dismember their legs so they can never run again. Actually this would be perfect make one of thosedumb ass premium scam units lay minefields all across the map or something I would pay money to seethose things dead. but yeahI dont have it in me to put up with this anymore once I hit enough gold for 1 machine I think I'm done with this. That SSR ticket for 30k silver will just have to eat a dick.
  4. the rate isnt a solid 4% it goes up for however many R/SR fodder were takenoutofbox and I wasn't expecting 4/100 if it were a solid 4% chance I was basically expecting it to not take 300 to get 4 which is a better comparison to what I did taking about 38 to finally see any SSR Btw anyone know around how much it cost for lvl 30+ building upgrades thinking about spamming that gold daily
  5. Well I'm learning not to bother too much with chance up for certain girls in these gacha games because half the time they only boost the rate enough to be say 1 out of3SSR that you do actually get will be the chance up girl. Stack that with the SSR ratebeing probably not higher than 3% and you can roll hundreds of times and not get the chance up girls. Really cruel process in my opinion its like their selling you a product with a hidden flaw that causes it to fail without a warranty and no return, shit should be illegal especially not even listing what the chance up rate is. I suppose the only way to sanely gacha in thisgame is wait for them to do high rate ones with crystals if they ever do anything besides dmm point only gacha again or only go for the cheap dmm point ones if its guaranteed new girls. Screw this crapIf this is how they're gonna do with box gachas they basically made me roll the equivalent of 30 times for a 10% chancewhich should only take ~10 rolls thats what really makes me rage. I expected at least something close to that average not triple the fucking numbers. I might have to abandon getting any of the Un coin girls at this rate probably a hit I will feel for a long time because I have no decenttechniquetype cp character and I definitely could of use the healing of that miko outfit girl. Having 2 healers for these missions seems to be a legit strategy for noobs.
  6. nah it should of taken only 20 rolls to get a SSR maybe 30 if I was unlucky but 40? each time you roll the SSR rate increases cause your remove possibilities out of the box it went from 4% to 6 and I think 8 then 10%. Im sure the game just shafted me because it felt like it and unrealistic failures mean we have to spend more to get what we want and thats what they want. hard to prove they do this so we can't complain most likely
  7. Son of a bich! why did it take 40 rolls to get 1 damn SSR out of this fucking box that 4% -10% SSR rate is a lie and they didn't even give me the event maid outfit version. I was thinking hey maybe I'll get something in the first 10 but noo fucking fake gacha rates. I wish there was some way to prove that they manipulate the rates to fail like this in gacha games far too often and complain somewhere to make them fix it cause this is bs. I'm sure they just do this on purpose in the code somewhere set certain people to have to clear the entire box to get the SSRs when the chance of that happening should be near impossible. I really wanna see that maids cgs but now I'm probably gonna be too broke to buy anything else and I'm sure at least 1-2 of those newupcoming dmm games will be worth buying starter packs for.Damn my impulse control.
  8. I think having multiple does boost does give more striker seems to have alot and he said he gets like 250 per run earlier I guess I can only expect to be able to sometimes get 1 machine from these events at this rate. The Anniversary event was the only time I really ever made off with a bandit getting 6-7 machines from a single event usually its 0 or 1 because cant clear 40 stamina without hard carry and or resurrection with crystals. @Nexiva gonna try and make room now lise is the only aoe person I have maxed I choose her with the SSR selection ticket I'm probably only going to get the machine gun SSR got 2 rifle SSR already and the low defense and hp willmake them unusable to me anyway
  9. I think I got a semi stable team once I swapped out the SR and Beatrix for both versions of that red head I posted earlier. probably that girls 20% attack buff combined with the machines attack buff for everyone using swords ensures the rammers get 1 shotted. I really like thebonus girl that does aoe+healing tempted to roll for her is she limited time only?
  10. seems it doesnt matter how many of those 5% skill ups I pack together i did 3 packs of 20 all failed before I figured out they dont add the percents together.... what a waste of time making us put them in 1 by 1 to do 5% each time for the event machine that raises 20% attack and speed if the team is all sword type will bringing a helper that isnt sword type ruin it or does it only count my team? and can I stack this ability twice if the helper has the machine also?
  11. I hope the drop rate is high so I can just res myself in it a few timesseems I can't keep my pilots from hitting the ram things not sure I have the dmg to one shot them either
  12. Any advice on what I should do with this teamto try and clear the 40 stamina map? I'm willing to resort to crystal spamming to res myself just to get one copy of the girl from this bs. I maxed Lise aoe shes the only decent one I have but she might hurt one of the rammer betas too much with berserk I mayhave enough skill upgrades to max someone else now this is the current team Ive been trying to win with and these are my options.I think I've got like 150 gold disk and 11 xm3 disk and 10-15 blue awaken thingies.I also have the other sword SSR machine from the last event but not enough cost to equip another SSR because of that missile machine. I was thinking its between Beatrix and that red hair loli she shoots in a straight line not sure how wide it is but maybe that might work as an aoe? Any skill ups left Id probably want touse on that blonde girl shes got some kind of really huge scaling on her heal starts out kind of weak at 25% but max skill lvl is 75% over 10 seconds. I will mostlikelywait till the 13th to make a final decision just in case the new gacha girl isn't a scam fest and is really useful for this.
  13. am I correct in assuming I need rifles or machinegunsto stop those ramming units before they touch my team and do practically instant kill dmg and that the past event power machines are useless because their swords?
  14. what unit do we put up as a helper the leader of the first party or leader of the party last used? Btw those limited UN SSR are a bit pricey dont really seem all that useful either other than maybe the cp unit because it heals+buffs. At leastif it doesn't have a horrible start up time like that girl from the last event that heals 100% Damn guess this is gonna be another beginner cock block mission can't clear the 40 stamina map for the girl because the ramming things just murder everyone with the lasers to just assist.Im not sure if the lasers at the boss just respawn when their killed. I hate them so much for this crap.
  15. Dammit I dont wanna awaken for this,this is like barely useful maybe 10% ofthe games content. Says it refills self gauge a large amount when used to kill with single target skills. I want a refund for my time getting 300k points I mean it has good base stats for someone likeLise withhorrible defense but think I'd rather go with the other machine that had less attack but some sort of 20% attack buff with the awaken ability. Only way I could see this being useful is in a mission with only a small number of bosses that are too strong to be killed by aoes but a really powerful single hit would do the job. I'm not even sure if their are any really strong single hits I was thinking maybe the christmas girl that throws christmas trees on people.