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  1. well damn thats not nice, hope meiya doesnt get one here fuck it, on another note what is the ability of haruka the one yout get on the rainbow chest
  2. what the fuck is that story, is it NTR season in Japan again
  3. this event is really great i had to spent 30+ g-ores on 40ap to farm enough gold to get takeru and then once i got him i can now use him to earn back the g-ores i use to complete 40ap, and also getting this support as a friend is a god send when i started playing muvluvsfon every event this guy changes his TSF and Pilot to those that give bonuses point, i was able to get a minimum of 9 gold chest to a maximum of 19 gold chest using this as a support
  4. Finally got takeru the walking G-Bomb, ans finaly able to S the 40ap mission wooh!, as For TSF with evasion skill i think marika(or something) CP will help greatly right since she has the skill which make your attacks a sure hit
  5. really!, damn didn't know that here i am using the silver and gold disc to level them up, thanks mate
  6. hey guys, what doesthe heart SR+1 do? does it add a heart or fills up a heart?
  7. @Nexivaare u sure the stealth feature in raptor is pink? mine is normal(mobile app) granted its the Technique raptor with the sub-machine guns. and freaking slot machine again.
  8. i support that EF-typhoon with great sword or the Support cannon or was it a gun, i like the Typhoon design than the other gen-3 TSFs
  9. hey guys, should i awaken ikaruga? since at the moment his my only SSR thats LB'ed that deals heavy damage aside from this event yuzuka and also what type of tsf is best suited for his skill, machine gun or rifle?
  10. Yup thats me, didnt know i added u a friend haha, since i just pretty much friend request people that have a iris with the flag as their leader and other people that have a pilot with a Nuke skill. Whats your user id aswell?
  11. well we have a humanity fuck yeah here in 30 years the beta kick humanity's ass and in just 48 years after kashgar, humanity kick the beta out of the solar system, thats a humanity fuck yeah in my book. so they are still continuing the alternative timeline didn't know last i checked it was stopped at the reconquest of eurasia.
  12. @Imabotthanks for explanation, i'll just look on the bright side at least i'll finally get a SSR Meiya. whats will be the difference ofthe IOS/Android version to the Phone app version? i've bee playing on the phone app version since it doesn't require any VPN while on the PC i need to have a VPN to play even the 18+ version of the game
  13. so how will we get this SSRs do we just recieve them or something? or do we need to do something special? also is that a good SSR Meiya because i'm really lacking in the AOE killer Pilot department been piggiybacking on those AOE Pilot on this event to clean out the mobs and using both ikaruga and yuzuka for the heavy damage to the boss
  14. thanks guys for the advice. this event net me in drops only 1 ikaruga and 12 Takes.
  15. Hi Guys, new guy here as well, just started playinglast month and i can confirm about cassandra result about it not being newbie friendly its on the red berkut event i had to spam the 6ap mission using level up stamina refill (since i didn't yet know about the stamina bug) just to get onered berkut, also only able to clear upto 18ap thanks to stasi Lise as support.Whileon this event i was only able to spam the 30ap one thanks to the blessing of last event iris which i got on the last day and my last roll. also have a question which do you think should i use as my CP? Sumika or the other one from an earlier event (don't know the name)