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  1. Lack of transparency is a major concern through games on Kickstater where it has been well documented that during game production they run into concerns and abandon they project and take the money, which I have been a victim to. However, I do not think the Degica will do the same to run off with our money with the release of the first game but the lack of updates is not good for the moral of it's customers. The last update was on Feb 27, about 3 and a half months ago, and on April 19th on their twitter they said an update would be coming soon, that was just shy of a month ago. I dont know if they are busy with Anime Expo plans, working the logistics of the announced Kiminozo, or the games itself to be distracted from giving us news. I believe as a customer, I should be patient to get a quality game, which does take time, but they could release information of what they are doing and where they are at in the project to reassure customers and gave confidence in the company. I am not saying to hurry up the game project or anything like that but as a customer who paid $150, I would like to have confidence in this purchase than other failed Kickstarter fulfillment I have funded in the past, just simply give us an update.
  2. They sent out update #40 a few hours ago but it didnt specify a date or a rough timeframe for that. They also didnt specify MLA's release on steam, perhaps the most important piece of information we need to know at this point in time.
  3. All possible and good observation. Also, it seems many of the members of the project we got to know have left. Maybe thats why a lot of transparency and updates have gone as well, with them. Anyway, the point I was making is how important it is to have an updates and see what and where our funds are up to. I used a little customer scare tactics to inflate my concerns somewhat and exaggerate what maybe happening to get some responses but I have genuinely started to develop a concern none the less. Usually its a good sign when developers talk and interact with the public and customers but otherwise signals there maybe be problems in development. However I really hope my concerns turn out to be misguided and dont come to fruition.