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  1. What? They won't rerun the events in the R-18 version.
  2. RIP, didn't notice the stamina cost. Error 1003 please fuck off. Been running into it for like the last hour.
  3. Anyone know what the rankings on the event page mean? Does Cryska being first mean anything?
  4. Don't suppose you could link where you found this out?
  5. Well I suppose the only response is... fuck my liiiiife~
  6. Is it better to just use materials to limit break Rs and HRs, or should I feed copies?
  7. Fug. Healer and attack buffer for team apparently.
  8. Oh fucking shit. 1 hour left on event, panic.
  9. Fuck. Maintenance happens on Fridays 10am JST?
  10. Thanks. Also is there anything to do with extra TSF copies once you've fully limit broke one (4 times)?
  11. What does Minori look like anyways? Is she the childhood friend?
  12. Is there anything that increases move speed? I just can't seem to move fast enough between the enemies to get the 40 second time limit for S rank on this mission.