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  1. Huh... Apparently I did get 2 XM3 drops. Whoops. Didn't notice them because they didn't show up next to the Type-94 I bought with points, and instead at the bottom of the SSR TSF list.
  2. Not to mention the slot rates for Awakening and XM3 materials are horseshit as well. I've spent around 1500 character tokens and don't have enough for a SSR Awakening yet.
  3. Kay, well that's fucking horseshit. Maintenance an hour before the event finishes up, fucking brilliant.
  4. WHAT THE FUCK GAME. Edit: I hate this. I hate this so much. I should have just rolled twice for SRs and SSRs instead.
  5. 70+ runs have passed, but there are nodrops. G-Crystal usage has lost its effect on me. Yet the suffering continues. RNJesus' grasp chokes the past, present, and future.
  6. Is there some hidden condition to getting this damn thing to drop? Do I have to be using the non-XM3'd version on my team? Holy shit, I've spent too many damn G-Crystals.
  7. Fuuuuuuck. Where the fuck is my drop?! Already emptied out the damn shop.
  8. How much gems are you using on stamina to have 20 drops...
  9. What. Did the event just end for maintenance?
  10. What? They won't rerun the events in the R-18 version.
  11. RIP, didn't notice the stamina cost. Error 1003 please fuck off. Been running into it for like the last hour.