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  1. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    I'm both a french and spanish native speaker, thanks to my parents, and I'm thus proeficientat all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). I'm also fluent at English, though I use an "international" english, the style taught outside anglophone communities, that weird mix between american and brittanic english, with that accent that anyone in the world understands but doesn't belong in either the USA or the UK. Trying to learn japanese, but at most I can identify kana, and I can guesstimate a spoken line's meaning. So 3 languages.
  2. Spanish and Latin American Union

    Pienso que simplemente es una cuestion de que es dificil respresentar el mundo entero en una obra de ficcion debido a lo extenso y variado que es. Los intentos de lograr eso tienden acaerrapidamente en los estereotipos nacionales. Junto a que para un japonés probablemente no es interesante saciar el ego de gente de paises que no son directamente importantes para la trama. ;-)
  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    Given that the few (about 25) fan-translated ones are rather short, this actually seems feasible. It would be nice to get to see the Eurofront stories, given that we're getting Aspiration and Rain Dancers. Withthe Schwarzesmarken anime incoming, it might even build up momentum for an eventual Schwarzesmarken VN kickstarter.
  4. I can't help but shiver at the thought. Gouda is way too close to Jiro Yamada Gai Dagoujifrom Nadesico for confort. He lived his super robot dream in a real robot setting and was... Spoilered for anyone who wishes to watch Nadesico.
  5. 300k $ surplus theories

    They could also do a shorter OVA (less than 30 min), maybe released as an ONA, along the lines of TSFiA, with either a full-episode story a la Gundam IGLOO or multiple ~5minshorts like Gundam Evolve. Both formats would be good for showcasing obscure TSFs or fan-favorites. They could also save the money to pay for the next kickstarter's fees.
  6. 300k $ surplus theories

    Madoka fandom is ridiculously twisted. Speaking seriously, though, I think that digital goodies are preferable to physical ones, as there is a non-negligible portion of backers on digital-only tiers, and and adding physical rewards might make them feel forgotten. It's not just a question of digital tiers being cheaper, the digital collector's was only $25 cheaper than the physical. In some countries customs fees can be unforgiving.
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    I will probably get Death Sentence by TSF assault cannon for this, but what a Marimo version of this? (CHOMP warning)
  8. Funny images

    While reading some of the first X-Men issues, I stumbled across this pannel. Parody ensued.
  9. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    Assault Suits Leynos II for Sega Saturn is merciless. It's a great experience and I was actually recalled of my own experience with the game while I read Muv-Luv (-cough- Low life expectancy -cough-). Those might be the greatest news I've heard since the million pledged in the name of Luv, topping customization in Project Nimbus. Just hoping it also gets localized to english andported to PC.
  10. Atten-SHUN! - The military personnel thread

    @Karolus I'm just a spanish civvie, but you forget a couple sore spots on the spanish Armed Forces: -Diplomas for the military are invalid in civilian life. You cannot get a civilian equivalent without going through instruction from scratch. For example, if you get a flight control qualification in the Air Force and you wish to go civilian, you will have to go over the civilian (private business based) qualifications from scratch, no matter the experience you have. -Due to legal hijinks, some promotions of sub-officers have been prevented from advancing to officers for decades, which sometimes creates unpleasant relationships between the young and often inexperienced officers fresh off the academy and the experienced sub-officers which deserve to be officiers, even if only by sheer length of service. As you know, this is also a question of salary.
  11. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    @JakatoX I can't believe I forgot about Astebreed. I remember my main complain about the previous game released by Edelweiss, the developpers, Ether Vapor, had a storyline full of plot holes, though it was an outstanding story, as far as shoot'em ups go. Well, Astebreed is as crammed with bullets as it is with dialogue. It might not be the mecha experience most are looking for, but as a shoot'em up fan since I discovered Gradius and R-Type, I highly recommend it. Though it's closer to CAVE-style danmaku.
  12. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    @Kiyotaka If it's bellow 50%, I would also recommend Front Mission Evolved. Beware, as the game has it's flaws.It's good as an arcade experience and some levels are great for shreeding through enemies on later playthroughs.It features customization, however it is a boring linear progression, defeating the purpose of customization (which is my biggest complaint tbh). It's multiplayer is mostly dead, though I don't personally care about that. Also on Steam is Armored Hunter Gunhound EX, a PC port of a PSP doujin game. It plays like Assault Suits Valken / Cybernator and it's ridiculously addictive. Very much recomended if you enjoy platformer/shooter hybrids. Another similar game is Gigantic Army, which I haven't played myself. @JakatoX I feel that even if that was all the customization we were gonna get, it's going to be great. HYPE.
  13. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    @JakatoX I loved the three axis of freedom too. Such ZoE memories. Was customization officially confirmed? Last news I had, those were just fans wishing for that feature. I'm kinda hyped towards the storyline update, were charcters will be displayed when they talk. Hope they fix subs when two conversations overlap.
  14. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    @Kiyotaka Project Nimbus is great. It's in Early Access, but the missions that are already available are challenging and generally fun. The storyline is kinda Gundam-ish and the gameplay is somewere between ZoE and Armored Core 4 and Armored Core For Answer in that it's mostly about insane dodging skills (especially in the survival mode) and limitless flying. I only remember there being few directed energy weapons, most weapons being realistic, and the design aesthetic is generallyin the real robot zone.
  15. 300k $ surplus theories

    He wasn't unnamed, he was the almighty Rebel Eishi 3! ;-)