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  1. Muv-Luv Feedback

    This may sound off-topic but hear me out: where can I contact age soft about giving feedback? It must be an English website of age soft. I have some ideas for Muv-Luv but want to let them know my thoughts.
  2. Question

    This may sound off-topic but why isn't Muv-Luv and Alt on steam available for Mac OS? What's Degica/ixtl thinking not making them accessible for Mac users that happen to play VN? Can someone please (NO TROLLING NOR hate) tell me how I can make Degica/ixtl make it so that they can be on the Mac OS just in US, doesn't have to be Japan.
  3. Please cancel my account but before you do that, can you please unban vhk38a's account and cancel their account too?

  4. this is going to be off-topic but bear with me: do you see this pic in Mikoto's/Normal Ed 1Extra route or non-Mikoto Extra routes?I only saw this at Mikoto's gallery.
  5. 18+ Patch

    What do you mean? How do you know that ayamine scene is the all-ages replacement scene?
  6. How come this scene doesn't show up in Extra Normal ending 1 route? And how come this scene doesn't show up in Extra Ayamine route? FYI I use Director's Cut Patch in Steam version. I seriously think this is a better way to reach someone who has the "most experience" in Muv-Luv community.



  7. 18+ Patch

    Invalidname, I don't see that scene you posted in the "CG Gallery" nor when I rerun Ayamine's Extra route, I don't see that scene.
  8. 18+ Patch

    I played the director's cut patch on steam and when I didboth normal endings 1 or 2, I don't see this scene.
  9. 18+ Patch

    How come I don't see this scene in her route in Extra Director's Cut Patch? Is Degica/ixtl "trolling" me? I think I wasted $34.99 on something that misses ALL the scenes from the original 2003 version.
  10. Can you please make PS Vita English sub available on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and etc for the non-backers? I think that is a good way to make the fan base at ease. I hope Degica/ixtl/Sekai Projects doesn't reject this otherwise there will be a lot of issues. And worse off, the fan base will HATE THIS! I'm don't mean to be extreme, but just saying there are ways to make the fan base "happy".
  11. Changed ost

    How come Briefing theme is not in the jukebox? For counteroffensive theme, I can't find it on youtube!If you call yourselves Degica/ixtl, then prove it to me by following my recommendations above! Anyone ignore my recommendations or even criticize me is biased against me no offense!
  12. I'm hoping that Altered Fable gets included as part of Alternative just as Unlimited was with Extra on Steam. Degica/ixtl should make it happen. Because Altered Fable picks up where Alternative left off. Oh and btw, do NOTtake out the original op and ed of Altered Fable. They are catchy songs! And please don't take out the original op and ed of Alternative! Pretty please?!
  13. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I'm wondering if Muv-Luv Extra, Unlimited, Alternative, Altered Fable, Photon Melodies, other Muv-Luv VN Steam will work on MacBook. Is it only exclusive to Windows? It CANNOT WORK ON MAC OR LINUX? No trolling!
  14. How can i get this game?

    When are you going to release Alternative for Steam? I hope its by end of January. I really want to read it so bad! Just don't censor anything like you did with Extra/Unlimited. Degica/ixtl better not axe out the 2006 original Alternative OP. Because it feels natural to keep the original. Please make the Alternative cheaper than $34.99. Oh and do me a favor and create a Director's Cut Patch for it. Release it on denpasoft just as you did with Extra/Unlimited back in Thanksgiving with a $4.99 discount.
  15. 18+ Patch

    Wait, so your saying only backers have access to "2003" OP? Non-backers don't have any of that?