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  1. Besides Walken is married and have a kid. He dosen't look like a guy who would cheat his wife.
  2. Oh it is bugged. But I can deal with disconection errors. Somethies it works sometimes it dosen't. However my problem is that numberIt was locked 3 before I even did a single mission. And I made room few times since. It didn't rise a single digit. I hopee It will move evetually or it will reset once I start pkaying mutli but nothing happened. Deleting game and instaling it again or login in the browser instead phone didn't help either.I guess I can do is towait and hope it will be fixed one day.
  3. I have some glitch with my Multiplayer. Some progress number to obtain awakening gem starts at 3 out of 50 even when i didn't play any missions before and no matter how many times I finish first mission whatever I join or make my own game it does not change and no new missions are unlocked.
  4. It's half year already? Time sure flies by. Curios what otherevent they planned for this occasion. I finished my 100th mission yesterday. Only one Walked drop and one as achievement reward. To be honest this how It always end up forme when SSR drops from rainbow chests. I've done some skill ups missions. Rhey were easy but I noticed that Iyo skill was more a hindrance than help in this mission for me. Running all over the map was annoying and I didn't kill many enemies, I barely got 5-6 drops per run. I switched her with SR Izumi for her Taunt skill that made every TSF on map flock to me like flies to a honey. One character withAOE damage skill in the team was whipping them in dozens every few seconds. Now I get over 10 gold chests per run.
  5. She permanent. I don't see any end date for that normal gem gatcha.
  6. I'm glad regular gatcha returned. It is convenient to see what cards you can get from tickets. And great to see that some SM are in this pool. There is no Iyo rate up. She's just promoted there. I guess Devs try to suggest witch cards will be most useful. And with Walken card I try to that. Either get him tough drop or from finishing 100 missions. After that I'll be farming for skill up items and silver logs. I have almost 300 000 friend points I need to spend them. Hope to get many R and HR characters so I can farm gems.
  7. Hallof1 translated it. You can see it in opening post of this thread.
  8. I never bough any of those sets so I can't confirm it. Sorry to hear what happened to you. Losing 50 Gems like this is unpleasant.
  9. And so releasing SSR rank Character had begun. It was only matter of time really. Now when they going to give us SSR Minori, Rinka and Akaru?
  10. Well I'm not really concerned about it. I'm one of the few people that actually LIKE Fubuki. So if I get SSR ranked one that will see action instad collecting dust in my collection then I'm cool with that. Actully recently I even accepted existance SSR ranked 1st gen TSF for same reasons. I like to see these 1st and 2dn generation models in action more often but they are not very usefull because of how weak they are to be sortied. Hmm. Now a thought occurs to me. With devs giving SSR event TSF I start to hope that one day they also might releasea new SSR rank custom Fubuki of Strike Frontier OG Heroines. That would be awesome. A New upgraded Golden Fubuki for my SSR Ayu, a Pink one for Minori etc.
  11. A new SSR TSF in the gatcha is Fubuki. How do you like it @Reis ? That Step Up gatcha is nowhere saying that we will ger that Exchange Ticket. It just giving us increased chance of rolling SSR. About event. Pretty normal Point farming for event shop. SSR UN Colors Takemikazuchi Type 00C with shield is today offer. First SSR rank TSF with a shield since game started. No Event SR card in sight. Maybe they will add it Mid event?
  12. My schedule is changing depending on my shifts at my job. Butshouldn't have any problems with being availablearound that time.
  13. I don't know. But she is not on the list ofcardsin bingo gatcha. Anr there is no other gatcha available outside povetry one or ticets. Maybeshe can be obtained trough tickets. But like hell I'll even dare to risk wasting my SSR or any other of tickets to see if it is true.
  14. You know. I realized that for the last months since SM event they didn't add a single new SSR card to regular gatcha. You can only get them trought event or those special offers. Hell that special gatcha REMOVED some of SSR and SR cards that were in regular gatchapool like Imperial UnformYui or Marimo. Did same happened to Ticket pool? And and I still can't understand why take away normal Regular gatcha? What the hell devs are thinking? They should add features not take them away for no reasonable explanation and shaft thier players. Anyone knows how didjapanese community reacted to this?
  15. Welp. Good news. They didn't remove Shiranui from the shop. Bad news. They didn't add any new cards to the shop. no SR this week. Ugly news. There is new SSR Tarisa card in thar bingo gatcha. You just need 775 gems to get her. ( dream on devs) Oh and they removed regular/rate up gatcha again. This is getting annoying.