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  1. You mean Shiranui Second Phase I, Phase II and Phase III? Yeah they areexeption from the rule so far if we talk about custom/uniqueTSF. And I guess F-14AN3 Mindseeker and other SovietTSF repurposed for special use byEspers can qualify as special custom units.
  2. Well I don't see much logical option for custom TSF outside all canon units but with unique/signature colors of elite formationslike 666th, Wardogs or Cerberus used for recognition and prestige. Like it os in real life. TSF are not Gundams. They are mass-produced millitary equipment.
  3. SSR Ellen skill is Healing over Time for entire squad.
  4. None really. In Shizuku you can get either her or Yuzuka that have rate ups. Each 5 roll is guaranteed SSR and instead awakening items you'll get XM3 items. ps. Is it just me of that newevent mission is easier? I guess now that boss spawn right at the beginning gives more time to kill it. Anyways a chance of getting already XM3 SSR TSF from rainbow drop is soooo tempting to try untill it drops of end of event.
  5. Getting back to the exchange tickets. I still have two of them and wonder what tospend them on. Maybe you guys have some advice? Here iswhar the first ticket offers for exchange.  Just to be clear. This selection wasn't updated since the day one. Now here is what Second tickets have for me. I'm thinking off taking one of the SSR CP characters.
  6. Bad news it that I noticed that there are way less valuable prizes to buy in the event shop. Only 1 SR and HR ticket no R tickets to buy... just 30 Gold and Silver disks, no bronze ones... Yep. They removed all bronze items keeping only silver and gold rank and those are in very small quantity to what we got usually and they increases their price on top of that.
  7. Good luck @shinnarika. I really mean it. I hope your beloved will fall into your arms! P.S Share CG when you get her and after you unlock them, ok?
  8. I'm level 120. I have Cost 91, 106 Stamina and 98 Friends.
  9. Maybe suggesting lawsuit was a little to harsh from their POV and considered as violation of some community rules? At least they could use this reasoning to delete this post. Still This matter should be brought to attention of everyone involved and Devs must address this issue.
  10. Well getting Pham is not bad result. She will use her Onee-san charm to ease pain of disappointment.
  11. Actually this new custom TSF in America F*** Yeah! color is Type-87 Kagerou. Why Did she did this to a Japanese TSF and not give her F-15? I don't know. Some japanese Eishi might think this is some kind of mockery of thier Engineering archivements.
  12. Yeah I think is is All Ages version getting a mobile release after looking closer at it. Will be nice if like with Web Browser version we can freely switch between both versions using same account but int the end there will no significant differences in the content besides card scenarios.
  13. Wh...What? Are They restarting the game? Preparing major update? Game wasn't event out for a year and something like this comes out of nowhere unannounced and hinted at. They should explain fisrt what it is all about before starting a pre registration campaign.
  14. Okay. Since when CP have both charged up skill and passive skill. Did they always had it or was it added recently? Because I didn't notice this till today.
  15. Just Translations are fine. No editing is necessary, It's not really hard to follow scrips on those 4 panels strips. That's how I came by when they were still posted on 4chan.