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  1. @haloff1 Thanks. Well after venting it out I'm ok now. Well I have accept how things are and just go with it. I hope there will be next time were I can try to get her. Just like usual. I have to be patient and wait for another occasion. I believe that having only week long limited characters will be rotated and returning from time to time. Some maybe even put in normal gatcha. Maybe I'll have my chance at 1st year anniversary of this game launch? Who knows. For now I'll do what I can do.
  2. Young Yui is in the gatcha. Just when I have spend all of my gems on SF heroines and didn't get a single one of them....the fucking next event give Young Yui that is also something I really really want. Fuck my life. Edit. Oh great. and SSR Minori, SSR Akaru and Sr Misaki were put into normal gatcha. This is sweet feeling when you know I can alway have a chance to get them now is crushed by bitters ness I wasted HUNDREDS OF GEMS I COULD USE TO GET YOUNG YUI!
  3. I'm also leaning toward TDA. @shinnarika I hope that your waifu will not be behind pay wall if our predictions come true. Anyway. Back to farming G elements for months until another SF heroines even or otjer release happens. Sillently I hope that soon they release one or two exchange tickets that will let us obtain many characters that were only on limited release durring events.
  4. Well Itried to roll this event girls. And as you might guess. No such luck. Not even SR Misaki. Oh well. Im a litte disapointed but Ill not dwell on I have reason toward I'll farm gems. Maybe next time SF girls show up I'll have more luck.
  5. What I can say. Congratulations. And I'm happy for you. And congratulations on getting Rinka drop. In this event Gold chest could be Rainbow ones they are almost impossible to get. Even on Inferno. Never got even one.
  6. Yes. Some of them are in regular gatcha. ATMThose are SSR Katia, SSR Beatrix, SR Pham, SR Sylwia and HR Anette. You just need enough luck to get them.
  7. Make sense. But to be honest I dislike this Shop and Drop Mix event. I prefer they stick to one type. In pure shop least it was guaranteed to collect enough points to buy fully limit broken character. Instead here they replace getting single card by achievement you just buy and then pray to god to collect enough to LB them. For me this looks like Devs wanted to find a way to limit amount of Free gatcha tickets you can get. Previously with doing Inferno 30times and ultimate 50 times you could get 3 SR Tickets.
  8. I was just about post same strategy. Turn off AUTO and go kill bosses Clockwise, leaving Destroyer for the last. You can archive S rank without SSR Iyo, but I really suggest any of never use any Kirke, Instead helar or other Buff character for ATK or DEF are good option. But someone with high ATK and damage skill are also valid options. And just like you I still didn't ger another Gold chest drop since that single SR Iyo. To change a topic a little bit. What are you feeling on that they longer add Awakening and XM3 material in the shop. ALo they removed event achievements. I wonder why they did this.
  9. Another hospital is Misaki and she's in the Box gatcha.
  10. Yes. It was from 30ap Mission and It was SR Iyo. SR Rinka is also possible to drop from them.
  11. Speaking of Multiplayer. I don't play to much of it. Getting connected to other parties is quite faulty and my game often freezes during loading. Only time I can play this mode without relatively any problems is going solo.
  12. Google translated it into <No Bust, No Life> and besides being attack skill it increases her skill damage for every female in the team.
  13. I don't think 40 app have BETA reinforcement. You have to face all 6 Boss types almost at the same time. that difficult enough. And 6 bosses mean 6 chances for gold chest drop with SR Misaki or SR Iyo instead one drop form any other mission. But man This Destroyer boss is annoying as hell. If you let is start ramming attack you pretty much goner. Only way to stop it is Iso skill. Problems is that I have same one as you. Running out of time. Damm I could use pilot with a big DEF buff...sigh. I guess It isgood time as any to spend some of my tickets. Maybe I'll get lucky and get something of use. I'm waiting for mid event update to see what they might add before stating to roll that Box gatcha. But this SSR Minori looks useful. Her skill is team ATK and Speed buff that increase this bonus by half if she's piloting Technique type TSF.
  14. Ok so bad news everyone. In this quest BETA are immune to Kirke Debuffs. However Ayu skill is100% working.