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  1. Well.I bought that 10 000 points gatcha.Rollwas pretty good.Got one SSR out of it. It is Speed type Mig 21. And Looking at what yoy can pick from ticket options there are lot of characters. Even knes that previously were available for very limited time Like Trainee Yui or Werewolf Lise even Stella and some others. Oh and @shinnarika Your waifu is there.
  2. Oh look. They finally updated gatcha with one were you can get a roll of 20 and also extra reward of set of materials to XM3 one TSF, Awaken one Character and in addition an Exchange ticket. It's only 10 000 DMM points.
  3. Event updated and...and...Widow. THEY Released Black Widow and put it rate up behind pay wall. Oh and we have a Eurofighter is a Rainbow Drop. With that big signature rifle as it weapon. Neat. Anyway what should i do? i made promise to drop this game is they put Widow behing pay wall. Well it's not entirely there but Normal limited event gatcha dosen't have rate up and there are many many other Characters and TSF in the way of getting it. So? What are the chances that it will stay in the gatcha after event is over? I see zero chances because it isin't in a normal regular gatcha. Looking at it stats they aren't insanely big. And it is Power with machine guns. I have like 5 of these at SSR rank. Ok I'll try rolling 3 times. Wish me luck. because I have like 0.0000001% of getting it.
  4. Not really. It makesense. Like @Reissaid. These guys are onesthat interact with them the most. It also serves as fufuling some shipping fantasies etc. Butif our hero would inyeract with them more and had a lewd scenario withthem I whon't mind. Acually he already kinda had one with Kasumi (school swimsuit edition) were she build sand castle on the beach after sqiad B and C finished thierComprehensive Skills Exam.
  5. A Skill name: Poker Face Effect: Characters Restore X% of thier health over 10 seconds. They decrease thier DEF by 30%.
  6. They do. What I wanted to say is that Google Play Store version will be a SFWalso have this feature were one accput will dhare it progress between browser and android version. Well it suposed to have it.That's what they promise. How this will turn out we don't know for sure. So if we have Google Play release this means new players that never had a chance to collect old cards. So they will for sure return to releasing someold gatchas and events.
  7. Well a SFW version will be released soon for Google store that will also use same server as DMM one. So I suppose they already have plans to revisit old events and rerelease previous limited gatchas.
  8. Venting of some frustration about this event: I really hate devs right now. They make this event suck. 1sr year anniversary and how they reward thier loyal players? Puting Bonus giving TSF behing pay wall were you have 5 times bigger chance of pulling them. Otherwise good luck getting it from a event gem gatcha were they do not have a rate up. On top of this you have zero chance of obtaning every reward from one girl without them. That bonus these TSF provide is insane. Its not 50% or double points. But like 4 times the amput of points. The fuck. Overall recently they use pay wall way to often. It's pissing me off. I swear if Widow II will also be put behind pay wall I'm droping this game.
  9. I mustadmit that I'm reallysuprised that Minori is leading in the pool. Not that I don't like it. She is my favorite SF heroine.
  10. And Only timeline Yuuko had brough various women into Yokohama base are only grom TE and SM. And new CG? Well I remember that during SM event there was new CG or Lise that was assumed to be SR card. We still didn't get it released. At best I think that new Yuzuka card will be released AFTER anniversary event.
  11. TDA character haven't shoved up in Event story. Only ones are ones from times that Squad C had meet personally. So only TE, SM and obviously MLA characters will make appearance..
  12. I have to share opinion about those new TSF from Event Gatcha. I don't like them. Outside recoloring they are really not that unique or interesting. Even their victory pose is generic and normal. Disappointing. At least TSF from Idol Event had silly look but they also had unique victory dance animation that added to their identity.
  13. Anniversary event is a 3 parter lasting whole month. I wouldn't lose hope for them to release Exchange ticket at some point.
  14. Ok 3645 points! Man sometimes I forget that in addsion to abusing stamina bug you also never sleep ;). Next event: Well I would love so see more SF girls. But I think that we will have something TE related.
  15. I've already got two A-10 from 40 Stamina and with quite substantial amount of points from 50 Stamina I'll be able to buy 3 from the shop to max LB it. And man These drops are really nice. I did the mission 8 times and so far I got 3 rainbow drops and 6 SR MiG-21.