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  1. Nobody's. It's just standard SSR version of it. Only custom TSF is that Shiranui drooping from rainbow chest that belongs to Haruko. If you put a technique or power Haruko into it it will switch it type to one of its pilot. For everyone else it will always be a power type. And Yes, that Takemikazuchi is giving a drop boost but it's not unit benefiting from that attribute change. Thank god that at least this is Type-00A it is technique so it will not be getting extra damage from this event enemies.
  2. . Well I don't know how many of you know this but I'll publish small a useful tip here. All persona customl TSF have this nice feature that they they gain type attribute of their named pilot. So for example if we put a Speed Minori into her Power Pink colored Shiranui then TSF will be treated like it is Speed type.
  3. I'm seriously not enjoying hating devs but sadly today they give me another reason to do so. Look at the shop. They removed gatcha tickets. All of them. No SSR ticket or even R ticket.
  4. Any you can. For Power. Get Iris. Her Skill is just brutal. It is a Squad buff that adds x% to attack AND your team will be dealing a 2x damage bonus to enemies that you have advantage over instead usual 1.5x. Technique - Beatrix or Akane. Beato have very hight attack and her Skill is AoE damage dealer with temporary debuff that disable enemies healing. But it is skill with a quite long cooldown. Akane skill is, i believe, Squad Buff that increases rate you pilots fill their skill gauge.
  5. Mid event Update. We have rerun of Halloween event! Also they screwed something up with that update. Gold medal no longer drop from gold chests. I tried 20AP mission 4 times. Only bronze and silver medals.
  6. Well. At least it is balanced with that now humanity have 3 functional Susano-O.
  7. Man I just hate this event final mission for all the reason neviva said. And My Speed Team is my weakest one. I can't even beat it with wasting tons of items for each run...I guess I'll stick to farmin 15AP. It's so easy my team finishes it on auto without any items. It might take a while But I'll try to farm enough emblems to buy both welfares from the shop.
  8. @Universal98 I just want to say thank you for translating Episode 2 of chapter one. Can't wait to see more of it sometime in the future. And if we talking about event. Nothing interesting. Kill BETA get Emblems hope to farm enough to buy what you want and pray to RNG gods for SSR TSF drops.
  9. Can you manage to do at least 15AP Mission that is ranked at 80? When i was beginning ( and I play this game from day 1) I could not manage to do RANK 80 that was highest difficulty because Rank 100 wasn't added for few more months, for couple first events i required help of some high level aid and wasting a gem to resurrect my team to do that. It was months of gradually gathering stronger pilots and TSF and upgrading them before I finally got to point I can do RANK 100 on Auto battle. My advice for you is to sadly give up for now on higher level missions. Do easier ones. Gather points and buy SSR rank TSF and characters and tickets from the shop you can. Limit Brake them when you get a chance and eventually you'll get strong enough to do all missions easily.
  10. I Love You. Dude you're the best. I don't know what to say about translation but looks solid.
  11. Well that Techniqe SSR Beatrix have skill that hits enemies AOE and disable their health regeneration and healing for short time. Otherwise your only hope is to experiment with your team and get one that can damage them faster they heal.
  12. Sight. Not that I would roll for anyone in this current gatcha. But It is greedy and unfair as hell they abandoned step up gatcha for gems and only use them for DMM Points. Gem gatcha doset't even have a rate up. They just put inside these new SSR and tell you Good luck on hitting taht 0.0000001% mark of getting any of them.
  13. I'm farming this event like crazy. I have Tsukuyomi so I have a bonus 100% of the time.90% of the time I have 2 two character with a bonus. It is just frustrating how RNGis really not in my favor right now... BTW I tested whole fusion thing and getting UN coins from it isin't restricted to just welfare TSF but it is working for all. I got one coin from fusing R rarity TSF and 2 from fusing HR character. So I guess you get same ammout of coins from fusingjust as much you would get fromburning them.
  14. Oh come on!. You got 11 of these?! I Had drop only one of each of this event welfare. Sight. Well at least I finished max LB and awakening all of my SSR Characters today.
  15. You were doing event missions? Then you go to a gatcha section, find the tab were you make rolls with them, and hope for the best. Edit. Oh look a new story chapter. Ok lets see waht happnes in it. * few minutes later* Y-..Yuuu-...Yuuko she... Master made appearance and... and and ...Just see. Okay. Yeah. Now I'm pretty sure that SF storyline will from now on really deviate from MLA timeline.