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  1. All chrismass girls do. Including your Rinka.
  2. Oh come on. I used 100 and didn't get any SSR. I'll be farming some gems maybe try one more time and give up. BTW. I don't know If you guys noticed but Chrimsas Swimsuits also increase Drop rate of boxes.
  3. Me too. Kinda tempted to try roll for some of them. Rinka and Minori are really cute in this. BTW. I don't see any difference in roll rates.
  4. Well I still haven't got Love Nukelyet. But man do I roll many SR cards so I ain't even mad. Besides I also have both welfare Shiranius. AndIn just 24h I collected 30 Gems.And I was at the very busy time when I couldn't farm a lot. But now my next 2 days are free. Man I alreadu starting to droll when I think of all this sweet loot from this event.
  5. I wonder how he will fair against TSF enemies that have evasion.
  6. Oh. You don't know about this? They improved fussing to make more usefull. Now fusing character is Giving more Exp, It adds +5 to character skill AND automatically fills up one of the affection heart. It is still giving you rewards for filling it.
  7. Don't scare me like that. I just tested it and they didn't patch it. I already had a SR Tsukiji from past event so I just now LB a new one and fed her one Heart to max her affection and got 3 gems in my box. I can assure you that we can still farm Gems from the SR character cards more than once.
  8. I already have over 30 of those. This event is looking better and better. And not even 24 hours had passed. Even HR is valuable for it Disc and Gem farming.
  9. Yes. It does exactly this for any SR character you'll feed it too.
  10. You know with rates of getting SR character being so hight and Affection hearts also being in the slot gatcha this event is perfect for farming a large amount of golden disks and gems from filling their affection meter.
  11. Ffrom what is see Slot Machine gatcha is a little bit more fair I guess. There are less rewards and all of them are separated into 5 sets. Depending what Medals you use Slot machine will roll for reward only from certain sets. Sets are as follow: Set 1( SSR Takeru, and 3 SSR TSF - Two UN Shiranuis and one UN Takemikazuch Type-00C with shield), Set 2 ( 3 SR characters Touko, Munakata and Tsukiji,) Set 3 ( HR ticket, Skill up and Heart), Set 4( ATK and DEF up boost items), Set 5 ( Purple EXP) Bronze will roll and give you random reward from set 5, 4 and 3. Silver are sets 4,3 and 2. and finally Gold are sets 1,2 and 3. And Now also it kinda works like Gem Gatcha. If you have 300 medals you will roll for 11 items not just 10 like last time when we scould roll for only for 10x items making it that there were no difference between making ten single rolls or bigger set.
  12. You don't want Red Baron of Muv-Luv? Hmmm. If we talk about TE then maybe helping Argos fighting against Refugee Liberation Front?But would it be more interesting if they start having entirely own orginal scenarios.
  13. I'm not sure if @haloff1 will agree with you if they put on Swimsuit Yui.
  14. Wasn't previous Swimsuit event about ATL? this time it will provably focus on Total Ecplipse girls. They even had a beach episode in a canon haven't they?